Arc The Lad Fan Fiction ❯ Aftermath ❯ Chapter 1 ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Well, I neatly slammed myself into a wall with my other fiction and I just finished playing Twilight of the Spirits and the characters were interesting, so I decided to try a fan fiction. Perhaps it will help me continue Out of the Darkness as well. Haven’t really decided if this is worth it or not, but I’ll try. Hmmm, warning for foul language.

Pairings: Derc, meaning Delma/Darc, thanks to Sponge of Horrors for letting me use her term for the pairing, and perhaps some Kharg/Paulette…Kharglette? That’s really bad!

Disclaimer: Twilight of the Spirits belongs to Cattle call and I’m making no profit from this story.




Chapter 1


Delma sat by the campfire she'd started, gazing into the flames. After the flying castle had sank into the ocean Humans and Deimos had split off to ponder all that had happened.

Volk had disappeared into the forest, muttering something about bringing fresh game back for dinner.

Delma's stomach growled at the thought. She was ravenous, hopefully it wouldn't take him to long. Laughter got her attention and she peered towards the water. It was that boy..Maru...if she remembered correctly. He was pushing sand into a big pile and packing it down while Bebedora watched in puzzlement. Now there's an odd pair, like me and Darc...She frowned. Where had that thought come from? Darc was nothing to her. She'd sworn to kill him to avenge her brother and they sure as hell weren't a pair!

It was then that Camellia walked over and sat down next to her. "It is so very peaceful here. It is hard to believe that there is chaos all over now that the magic of the Deimos and the machines of the Humans are lost forever," the sage said.

Delma was surprised the sage would even talk to her. They had argued from the very first time they'd met. "We'll find a way to survive and become even stronger than before," she shrugged.

"Perhaps, but loss of all my magic makes me feel...empty," Camellia said.

Delma opened her mouth to say something snide, but for some reason she changed her mind. "I think we all feel that way," she mumbled, stabbing her katar's tips into the sand absently. She looked around and spotted Lilia talking to Paulette. "Is Darc still with Kharg?"

"I think so and why not? They have much to discuss I'm sure," Camellia said.

Delma smirked. "I bet they're to busy trying to kill each other to discuss anything," she said.

Camellia giggled. "Going to rush off to your mate's rescue, Delma, dear?" she asked.

"Ha, if anyone needs rescuing it's that stupid Human...Hey! Darc is NOT my mate!" Delma retorted.

Camellia studied her. "Whatever you say," she said.

Delma scowled. "Darc can take care of himself anyway," she grumbled.

Camellia laughed softly and patted Delma's arm. "Deny your feelings all you wish. You and Darc are alike in more ways than you know," she said. She stood once again and glided off.

Delma glared after the smug sage then looked for something to throw at her, but there was nothing handy. “I hate that weed brained hag,” she muttered. She glanced around and spotted Kharg as he walked up to Lilia and Paulette. She frowned and stood looking for Darc. Not seeing him, she hesitated then walked slowly over to Kharg.

Kharg turned towards her as she approached. "Can I help you with something?" he asked.

"Where's Darc?" Delma asked.

Kharg sighed and gestured in the proper direction. "He's not in the best of moods," he warned.

"Doesn't matter, he rarely is," Delma said and headed the direction he'd indicated. Soon she found him on a hill staring out over the ocean. She walked slowly towards him.

"What?" Darc asked without turning.

Delma kicked at the ground. "Just wondering if..." she began.

Darc turned to look at her. "If?" he asked.

Delma stomped her foot. "Damn it, Darc, do you have to be such a jackass?" she demanded.

Darc sighed. "Sorry," he muttered, turning away again. His hand moved to cover his birthmark.

Delma blinked a little, startled. He'd never apologized to her before. He sounded like he had before he'd killed Geedo...and Densimo. Before she even knew what she was doing she was standing beside him. "Kind of reminds me of home. I like the ocean," she said.

"Yes, we'll be returning to Orcoth soon. We have a lot of work there," Darc said. "Better hurry and kill me before we get there."

Delma scowled. "You're acting like an ass again," she pointed out.

Darc snorted and turned to face her directly. "Do you still want to kill me? Tell me the truth, Delma," he demanded.

"I...don't know. I should, but...oh damn it, Darc. I hate you!" Delma fumed. She whirled and stormed off. “Volk went hunting for dinner. He should be back soon if you’re hungry!” she called over her shoulder.

Darc watched until Delma was out of sight then returned to his thoughts.


So is it terrible? I know there isn’t a lot of people reading this fandom but I was ready for something new. R/R please!