Arc The Lad Fan Fiction ❯ Aftermath ❯ Chapter 2 ( Chapter 2 )

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Chapter 2


Delma returned to her place by the fire just as Volk came out of the forest with a gutted deer slung over his shoulder. He dumped it on the ground. "Dinner's served and there is plenty for all," he said. He peered over towards the Humans. "Humans and Deimos," he added a little louder which ensured they heard him.

Ganz walked over to look at the deer. "A fine buck, you caught it, so I'll cook it," he offered.

Volk made a face. "You can cook your portion if you wish. I could never understand why Humans sear their meat with fire. The blood in flesh is what makes it good," he growled.

Ganz smiled. "We could eat it raw, but I doubt you'd like the aftermath," he said.

Volk grinned. "I have to agree," he said.

"So a compromise, I'll skin the deer and you may claim your portion before I cook it," Ganz said.

"Agreed," Volk said. He looked around. "Where's Darc? He is my alpha and by pack law he has the right to eat first."

Delma scowled. "You and your dumb old pack laws," she groused.

"Deimos laws aren't smart either," Volk retorted, "besides they aren't so different from Lupine ways. I'll find Darc myself." He sniffed the air then walked off.

Darc heard the Lupine's footsteps and turned. "What is it, Volk?" he asked.

"My alpha, I have brought fresh venison, it's your right to eat first," Volk said.

"Will you please stop calling me that," Darc said.

Volk blinked. "Stop calling you what?" he asked.

"Alpha, there's no need out here. You told me in the Drakyr city that you considered me a friend. Friends use each others names, not titles," Darc said.

Volk studied him then smiled. "Alright, Darc, ready to join the others?" he asked.

Darc sighed. "Yeah, came out here to think, but it isn't working anyway," he said. He started walking towards the light of the fire.

Volk stopped him by placing his hand on his shoulder. "We are all here to support you even now, Darc," he said.

"I know, and I'm going to need all the support I can get," Darc said.

"You think there will be trouble?" Volk asked, "with the Humans?"

"No...with the Deimos, think about it. Their magic is gone and it was there before I started this little plan to annihilate the Humans, so who will they blame?" Darc asked.

"But it isn't your fault. How would you or any of us know that the spirits would have to leave this world and take their power with them to truly destroy the lord of the abyss ?" Volk asked.

"How many Deimos do you know will think of that or even consider it?" Darc asked with a smirk.

Volk frowned thoughtfully. "Damn, none that I know of," he said.

"Exactly," Darc said. He pulled some spirit stones out of his bag and studied them. "This should be enough to do my air blade spell, but I couldn't even make a simple cure spell work. They're nothing but a handful of pretty pebbles now."

Volk took his hand from Darc's shoulder and plucked one of the stones from his hand and studied it. "You're right, I feel nothing from it," he said.

"It gets worse, know how to tend wounds, sickness or poison without magic? I don't," Darc said.

"Neither do I," Volk frowned. His brow creased with worry.

"I think now you know how much trouble we're really in," Darc said. "Our very survival depends on us being able to work together and pooling our strengths. Deimos haven't done that in centuries. Worse, not just pooling our strengths, like it or not we will have to find some way to get along with the Humans." He dropped the stones back into the bag.

Volk could think of nothing to say, so he said nothing. They walked back to the group without speaking again.

The smell of roasting venison filled the air as they reached the fire. Volk shook his head and looked at Ganz questioningly.

“I didn’t forget,” Ganz said. He gestured to a more than generous chuck of raw meat that had been put aside.

“Go ahead and eat, Volk, no sense in you waiting. It will take time for the meat to cook,” Darc said.

“Very well, Darc,” Volk said. He picked up the meat and began to devour it, getting several faintly disgusted looks from the Humans and from Camellia as well.

Darc glanced at Delma then walked off towards the beach. Noticing Maru and Bebedora, he veered in their direction. “Bebedora, what are you doing?” he asked.

“Maru is teaching me how to build a sand house,” Bebedora said, pointing to the pile of sand.

“Not sand house, sand castle,” Maru corrected, laughing.

Darc studied the mound of sand doubtfully. “Doesn’t look like a castle to me,” he snorted.

“It’s not done yet, you want to help?” Maru asked.

Darc snorted. “I have more important things to do then dig holes and stack sand,” he said.

Maru grinned mischievously up at him. “Yeah? Name one,” he said.

Darc started to answer then realized he didn’t have one. Growling, he turned and stalked the other way. Great, cornered by a foolish child, a Human one at that, he thought then Lilia walked up to him. “What?” Darc demanded crossly.

“Easy Darc, I don’t bite,” Lilia said.

“Right now I can’t promise that I won’t,” Darc warned.

“I’ll risk it,” Lilia smiled. “Are you all right?”

“Oh sure, I’m fine,” Darc snorted.

Lilia laid a hand on his scaled arm. “I know how you feel and it’s only Human to be a little worried and scared,” she said.

Darc pulled away. “I’m not worried and I’m not scared. I have no reason to be!” he said. Liar! He thought. “Go comfort Kharg or something. I’m busy,” he added.

“If you want me to leave you alone just say so,” Lilia said, “politely.”

“Fine…whatever….leave me alone…please,” Darc said.

“See? That didn’t hurt,” Lilia said. She walked off towards the fire, leaving Darc staring after her.


I thought about this a lot. It isn’t just the loss of all magic that’s the problem, it’s that the Deimos depended on it for so much. It’s the same for Humans who are dependant on machines. Both Humans and Deimos are going to need to help each other if they want to live. R/R please!