Arc The Lad Fan Fiction ❯ Aftermath ❯ Chapter 4 ( Chapter 4 )

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Chapter 4


The group around the fire couldn't hear everything that was being said, but they did see Darc lash out at Kharg.

Lilia looked concerned and got up, she started when Ganz caught her wrist before she could walk off. She looked at him questioningly.

"Don't," Ganz said. "They'll never settle things between them if you keep interrupting each time."

"But you don't know how Darc can get when he's angry, he nearly hurt Kharg just now!" Lilia protested.

Ganz peered towards the twins. "Darc isn't trying to hit him now and Kharg can take care of himself. Leave them be, Lilia," he said. "Sit down, please."

Lilia looked towards Darc and Kharg again, clearly uncertain.

"Ganz is right, Lilia, you can't follow them around for the rest of their lives," Paulette said.

Lilia sighed and pulled away from Ganz. "You're both right. I won't interfere," she said and sat back down.

Delma snorted indelicately. "You shouldn't interfere with anything Darc is doing at any time, all you'll do is make him angry. He'll ask if he wants you to do something," she said.

"Heh, don't you mean order you?" Volk asked. "He is the alpha after all. he doesn't have to ask."

"He's not my alpha. I don't have to blindly follow his orders like...a...a...puppy," Delma said.

"Watch it," Volk growled. “I’m no puppy, She-Orc.”

"Vivid red of anger and orange streaks of annoyance," Bebedora said.

"You be quiet," Volk snorted.

"Besides I've known Darc longer than any of you," Delma said.

"Why did you stab him in the back that day?" Lilia asked suddenly.

That question silenced everyone and they all stared at Delma.

Delma fidgeted. "I had my reasons and Darc and I already discussed it. That's all I'm going to say about it."

Volk snickered. "I'm sure it is. You failed miserably when you tried it," he said.

Camellia giggled.

"Oh, shut the hell up. Neither of you know anything," Delma snapped.

"Acid red of anger, yellow of of attraction," Bebedora said.

"Shut up! You annoying little pest! Stop reading me, I hate it and none of this is anyone‘s business! " Delma snapped. She felt her cheeks burning. She leaped to her feet, snatching another piece of meat before stalking off.

Tatjana frowned. "What's wrong with the Orcon girl?" she asked, speaking for the time.

"Colors of confusion, uncertainly, swirling, chaotic, head saying one thing, heart saying another...attraction, hate, fear," Bebedora said.

Paulette frowned thoughtfully and looked towards Darc and Kharg then in the direction the Orcon had went. She stood. “I think I’ll take a walk,” she said. Standing, she walked off.

Delma stood knee deep in water, fuming silently. She’d blushed! Actually blushed! She was acting like a silly Human girl! Footsteps sounded to her left and stopped next to her. It was the Human girl, Paulette if she remembered correctly. “What do you want?” she demanded.

“Delma, right?” Paulette asked.

“Yeah, so?” Delma demanded.

Paulette sighed. “It’s hard when your head tells you one thing and your heart another, isn’t it? Especially when you love someone that has no idea how you feel about them,” she said.

“Love,” Delma scoffed. “That’s a Human emotion, Deimos don’t love.”

Paulette turned her head and looked Delma straight in the eye. “Don’t they?” she asked.

Delma flushed. "No, they don't. Deimos don't feel those sort of emotions," she said.

"Everyone has those feelings if they aren't animals," Paulette said. "Maybe the Deimos hide and deny them, but they do have them."

Delma snorted. ”Emotions are for weaklings and idiots," she said.

"Emotions make us strong," Paulette said. "I love Kharg, we grew up together. I'm just a year older than him, but he doesn't see it."

“Which only proves how stupid Humans are,” Delma growled.

“Perhaps, but I add to the stupidity by being afraid to admit how I feel because I’m afraid he won’t feel the same and it will crush me or ruin our friendship as well,” Paulette said. “I don’t expect you to bare your heart to me, but if you love Darc and I think you do, don’t be a coward like me and refuse to admit it or to tell him. You might be surprised.” She walked away before Delma could answer.

Delma was left alone to stare out over the ocean and think. “Damn it,” she muttered.


I figured if anyone would see and understand how Delma felt it would be Paulette, don’t you agree? They sort of have the same problem. This chapter’s shorter than the others, but I felt it was the perfect way to end it. Thanks to Dark Drow, Firble and Sponge for their reviews. Also thanks to my silent readers. R/R please.