Arc The Lad Fan Fiction ❯ Aftermath ❯ Chapter 5 ( Chapter 5 )

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Chapter 5


Darc was about to respond to Kharg's last remark when they were rudely interrupted. Two tentacles shot out of the water straight at them. Darc managed to duck in time, but the other hit Kharg in the chest and knocked him sprawling.

Darc cursed, drawing his sword. Suddenly another tentacle wrapped around his left leg and yanked. He landed hard on his back. The sword flew out of his grasp. The next thing Darc knew he was yanked into the water.

Kharg scrambled to his feet just as his twin was pulled underwater. "Darc!" he shouted

and lunged forward. More by luck than anything he managed to grab Darc's right arm with both hands. "Help Everyone!" Running footsteps told him that help was on the way. He let go with one hand and tried to grab his sword. The thing yanked hard, pulling Kharg forward and he nearly lost his grip, forcing him to use both hands again.

The tentacle that Darc had avoided waved menacingly in the air then plunged down at Kharg. Weaponless and unable to dodge, Kharg gritted his teeth and braced himself the best he could.

Someone leaped between him and the tentacle. It was Delma, she slashed viciously at it. The severed half fell to the beach, twitching.

The thing pulled again, now Kharg was nearly waist deep in the cold water. He was worried more for Darc than himself. The Deimos was in worse states than he was. He'd drown if they didn't free him soon.

A strong, blue-furred arm wrapped around his waist, preventing him from sliding any deeper into the water and even pulled him back a bit. "I have you, don't let go," Volk growled.

Ganz came up Kharg with Bebedora, Tatjana, Camellia and Paulette. "Where?" Ganz asked.

"It pulled him under, got a hold of his leg!" Kharg panted.

Ganz waded into the water. He only went about seven feet before he stopped abruptly. "There's a drop off and it's deep!" he said.

"What the hell are we going to do?" Delma demanded, slashing at another tentacle.

Maru took in the situation and quickly removed all his gear. He was left only with a well-crafted knife. He waded into the water then took several deep breaths. Putting the knife between his teeth, he dove.

"Maru!" Paulette yelled, but he was already gone.

Ganz cursed. He waded to Kharg's side and took hold of Darc's arm as well.

Suddenly the water foamed and blackish blood welled up.

The pull on Darc stopped and immediately they hauled Darc and Kharg out of the water and to safety.

"He's not breathing!" Kharg said.

Move!" Ganz yelled. Hauling Darc roughly up so the Deimos' back was to his chest, he enfolded him into his arms and squeezed.

"Hey! What the hell are you doing?" Delma demanded.

Ganz ignored the Orcon and did it again.

Suddenly Darc coughed up water and gasped for breath, choking and sputtering.

Ganz lowered him back to the ground on his side, so he wouldn't choke on any seawater that might still be in his lungs. "Tatjana, I have a medic kit in my gear, can you get it for me?" he asked.

"Right away," Tatjana said and hurried off.

Maru came to the surface of the water and sloshed ashore, still clutching the knife which dripped black blood.

“Maru, what did you do?” Paulette asked.

“It was a big squid, we eat them at home. I stabbed it in the eye and it took off. It won’t be back,” Maru said. “Is Darc alright?”

“Yeah, thanks to Ganz,” Kharg said.

Tatjana returned and shoved the medic kit into his hands. “He’s bleeding,” she said, pointing.

Blood pooled on the ground around Darc’s scaled arm. Ganz moved Darc into a better position . He quickly pulled out a cloth and tied it around Darc’s arm above the wound, twisting it tight until the blood stopped. “Delma, hold this tight,” Ganz said. “Don’t let go or the bleeding will start again.”

Delma scowled, but moved into position and obeyed.

Opening the kit, Ganz dug around and pulled out some needles and thick thread. He examined the wound then shook his head with a frown and put both back. Taking out two knives, he handed them to Tatjana.

Tatjana knew exactly what to do. She hurried back over to the fire.

Darc groaned and opened his eyes. “What happened?” he asked groggily. “I feel like I was pummeled.”

“You were, some Deimos, letting yourself almost be drowned by a dumb animal after surviving all we’ve went through,” Delma snorted.

“I can always depend on you to make sure I don’t get over confident,” Darc smirked.

Delma glared. “Oh, shut up,” she said.

Ganz stood up suddenly after examining the cut more closely. “I’ll be right back, just keep that tight,” he directed Delma. “Kharg, Volk, come over here. I need to have a word with you.” He led them far enough away so they wouldn’t be overheard.

“What’s wrong, Ganz?” Kharg asked.

“It’s that cut. It’s a lot deeper than I thought, to the bone. None of my needles will pierce those scales and because of the scales I can’t cauterize the wound,” Ganz said.

“I don’t recognize that word. What’s cauterize?” Volk asked.

“Basically it’s burning the wound shut with a hot knife to stop bleeding,” Kharg said, “but why can’t you do it?”

“The scales, I can’t get the knife hot enough, which brings up the next problem,” Ganz said.

“Well?” Volk asked.

“I’m going to have to cut the scales away from around the wound, so I can,” Ganz said.

Volk winced. “That will hurt like hell and Darc will never allow it,” he said.

“That’s the final point. It will hurt like hell, but I’ve got to do it, so he’s going have to be knocked out and you’ll have to do it, Volk,” Ganz said.

“Are you insane? Darc will have my pelt for a rug if I do that!” Volk growled.

“Would you rather let the wound get infected and perhaps let gangrene set in? How do you think he’ll react if that happens and we end up having to cut off his arm before the infection kills him?” Ganz asked.

Volk growled, knowing the answer. “Alright, I’ll do it,” he muttered, “but he’s going to be furious with me.”

They returned to Darc and Volk knelt beside him. “I apologize for this, Darc,” he said. He didn’t wait for the Drakyr to respond. He slugged him solidly in the jaw.

Delma felt Darc go limp. “Damn you, Volk! What the hell was that for?” she yelled.

“His own good, now I’ll get started,” Ganz said, taking the sterilized knife Tatjana offered him.


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