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Chapter 6

Ganz finished tending Darc and sat back with a weary sigh. "Done," he said.

"So what's the final diagnosis?" Tatjana asked.

"Not good, the cut, a dislocated right shoulder, assorted scrapes and cuts, bruised ribs and a broken left leg," Ganz said.

Tatjana let out a low whistle. "He took a hell of a beating," she said.

"Lucky you were here, but how'd his shoulder get dislocated and his leg broken?" Paulette asked.

"The shoulder was probably from the tug of war to pull him free, I'm not sure about the leg, a submerged rock most likely. That's probably how the ribs got bruised too," Ganz said.

Lilia winced. "Ouch, now what do we do?" she asked.

"We should move him closer to the fire, so he can get dried off," Ganz said.

"How do we move him without hurting him?" Kharg frowned.

"We won't be able to, there will be some pain no matter how we do it," Ganz sighed.

"I'll do it," Volk said. He scooped Darc up as carefully as he could, but a grimace of pain still crossed Darc's face, he carried him to the fire.

Lilia darted ahead and laid out some blankets, making a thick bedroll. "Here," she said.

Volk carefully put Darc down and with Kharg’s help removed Darc’s armor and sword. Lilia covered him with another blanket.

The group settled around the fire for awhile longer before settling down to sleep. No watch seemed necessary since they were away from the water and Cragh Island was a peaceful place.

Lilia opened her eyes and frowned. The sun was barely up. She sat up and looked around, wondering why she had woken up so early. A soft moan got her attention and it came from Darc's direction. She stood and walked over to check on him. She knelt beside him just as he tried to change position. She pushed gently on his left shoulder to try to stop him.

Darc muttered something then his eyes opened. "What are you doing?" he grumbled.

"Sorry, I didn't know you were awake. I was trying to make you lay still, so you wouldn't make your injuries worse," Lilia said.

Darc frowned. "What sort of injuries?" he asked. When Lilia told him he was shocked by the length of the list. "Damn...where's Volk?"

"Still asleep I guess," Lilia replied.

"I'm going to skin him," Darc growled.

Lilia just laughed. “it’s still very early. Try to get some more sleep, good night, Darc” she advised and moved away.

Darc sighed and closed his eyes, even though he knew he wouldn’t sleep anymore that night.

A couple hours later everyone was awake. Everyone had to be satisfied with cold venison for breakfast, except for Volk who declined a share and went out to hunt his own.

Kharg brought a portion over to Darc. "How are you feeling?" he asked.

"Three guesses," Darc groused. He tried to sit up, but changed his mind when a sharp pain shot through his ribs.

Kharg shook his head and offered a piece of meat. "Here," he said.

"What are you doing?" Darc demanded.

Kharg smirked. "Three guesses," he said, imitating Darc's voice.

Darc glared for a minute then sighed and took the meat.

"You need to stay down if you want those ribs to heal," Kharg said, "so don't be stubborn about accepting help." Once the food was gone Kharg set the plate aside. "I was thinking..." he began.

"Better stop, in your case that could be fatal," Darc sneered.

Kharg blinked, not sure if the comment was a joke or an insult. "I want you and the others to come to Yewbell at least until your wounds heal," he continued.

"You must not have been thinking after all. There's no way in hell I'm going into any Human village again and I'd say the others will feel the same way," Darc said.

"Look, it wasn't just Humans who saved this world from destruction, it was Deimos too. I intend to make sure you and the others get equal credit," Kharg said.

"How generous of you to show pity to us poor Deimos...the answer is still no!" Darc snapped.

"Don't force me to kidnap you," Kharg said, only half jokingly.

"Like you could," Darc scoffed.

"I daresay it would be easy, considering you have a broken leg, that makes it hard to fight," Kharg pointed out.

"Volk and Delma would never let you," Darc said.

"Really? Volk was willing to knock you out," Kharg said.

"That was different!" Darc snapped.

Kharg just stared at him with one brow raised. "Was it?" he asked.

"Damn it, Kharg, just go away, you're giving me a headache,” Darc said crossly.

Kharg shrugged. "As you wish, but consider this….your injuries make you vulnerable and I'm sure the Deimos will think of that too," he said. With that he stood and walked away.

Much to Darc's annoyance, he knew his twin was right. "Damn it," he muttered. “Now what the hell do I do?”

After breakfast Ganz came over and knelt beside Darc. “Are you in a lot of pain? I have things that will dull it,” he offered.

“I’m fine, it’d take more than these to stop me….” Darc hesitated. “Thank you for tending my injuries.”

The thanks had been said so softly that Ganz just heard it. “You’re welcome, if you need something after all let me know,” he said.

“You could drown Kharg in the ocean for me,” Darc suggested.

“I wouldn’t want to deny you the pleasure of doing that yourself,” Ganz said with a grin.

He looked Darc in the eyes. “Kharg sat up with you half the night, you know. He was worried about you,” he added softly, so no one could hear him. He got up and left.

After everyone, including Volk was there Kharg cleared his throat. “Well, we need to decide where we’re all going from here,” he said.

“We already know where we’re going…home to Orcoth. We have a lot of work to there after those damn soldiers attacked it,” Delma said.

“Actually I wanted to invite you all to come to Yewbell,” Kharg said.

“As prisoners?” Volk growled suspiciously.

“Never,” Kharg said adamantly, “as guests and allies. You helped save this world at our side and like I told Darc I want to make sure you get thanks for it.”

The Deimos looked at each other uncertainly.

“I swear to you that no harm will come to you as long as there is breath in my body and blood in my veins. If you find that I lied to you than you can kill me yourselves,” Kharg vowed.

“I did say for all species all over the world, that includes Humans. A new world needs a new start and I suppose it’s up to us to begin it,” Volk said.

“Well……I’m not to sure about this…but I guess so,” Camellia said. She glanced over at Tatjana. “You showed sorrow when we thought Bebedora was dead and joy when we discovered she lived. Hate nearly destroyed us and our world. It would be foolish to repeat those mistakes.”

“I am free now so I may experience and learn, I wish to go to this Yewbell if Maru is going too,” Bebedora said. She looked at Maru.

“Of course I’m going!” Maru said.

Delma frowned, looking from one person to the next then she looked at Darc. “Alright,” she said.

“Wait a damn minute here, I have a say in this,” Darc protested.

“You already had a say, and you’ve lost. Now I know I can carry you to the airship slung over my shoulder like a grain sack and no one will stop me,” Kharg said without looking at him.

Delma took one look at the expression on Darc’s face and burst out laughing. “Heh, heh, you should see your expression right now, Darc,” she sniggered.

Volk looked and started laughing too.

“Oh, shut up and don’t think I’ve forgotten Volk, I owe you,” Darc growled.

It was then that everyone started laughing, except Bebedora who looked confused by the whole business.

Darc just scowled, certain he was surrounded by lunatics. Suddenly he smiled. “I haven’t lost, your airship runs on power from the spirit stones and they no longer have power,” he said.

That stopped the laughter like it was cut by a knife.

Darc smirked.


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