Arc The Lad Fan Fiction ❯ Aftermath ❯ Chapter 9 ( Chapter 9 )

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Chapter 9

Darc glanced over at Delma again then he saw Volk cautiously approaching.

The Lupine stopped in front of him. "Are you still planning to skin me?" he asked.

Darc shrugged. "I suppose not, I'll settle for punching you," he said.

Volk grinned. "Fair payment, a punch for a punch," he agreed. "Are you alright?"

Darc gave him a look that clearly asked if he was stupid.

"I didn't actually mean the wounds. I know they hurt. You seem....troubled," Volk said.

Darc started to deny it then sighed. "I suppose I am, I keep trying to figure out where to go from here, but I have no idea," he complained. He peered towards the Owl. "And my so-called brother is driving me crazy."

Volk sat down on the rock next to Darc. "Why?" he asked simply.

Darc frowned thoughtfully. "I don't know how to explain it," he said. "I can his emotions and sometimes I could finish his sentences if I chose to. I've never felt this kind of connection to another bothers me," he said slowly. He laughed, but there was little humor in it. "I'm not making sense."

"Perhaps you are," Volk offered.

"What?" Darc asked.

"Twins are very rare in my pack, but there one set that was born about the same time as I. They felt each other's pains, feelings, could read each other's very thoughts," Volk explained. "My pack believes that twins are somehow two bodies that share a single spirit, a single soul, perhaps that is what you're feeling."

Any other time Darc would have sneered, but somehow he couldn’t, not this time. "Perhaps." He saw Kharg come out of the airship and head towards them. "Damn, here we go again."

"Did the potion stop some of the pain?" Kharg inquired as he came up to them. "Ganz is ready to tend your leg now."

"He already tended it once, isn't that enough?" Darc complained.

"Obviously not, so are you ready?" Kharg asked.

"No," Darc groused, "but I guess I might as well get it over with."

Kharg looked at Volk. "Since you're here would you help me? I won't have to sling him over my shoulder then," he grinned.

"Gladly," Volk said.

Between them they got Darc into the airship and to the small infirmary.

Ganz gestured to a cot. "Over there, I'm almost ready," he directed.

Volk and Kharg set Darc on the edge of the cot. "Alright?" Kharg asked. "Are you in pain?"

"No, the potion did what it was supposed to do," Darc replied. He looked around the room. He eyed several strange machines warily. They looked more like instruments of torture then of healing.

Ganz came over to the cot, carrying a bowl and a thick roll of cloth. He calmly removed the splint he'd put on at the island. Once he'd finished he began covering the leg with a thick, grayish paste.

"What the hell is that?" Darc growled.

"It's plaster," Kharg explained.

"Which tells me absolutely nothing," Darc informed him.

"It's a kind of like the clay used to make pottery, after it hardens it will make sure the bone stays in place so it heals right," Kharg explained, trying to keep it as simple for his twin as possible.

Darc snorted, obviously not impressed or amused.

"Don't you two start again," Ganz said, sternly. He frowned at both of them. "I swear I'm tempted to drug both of you just for some peace and quiet. Shut up, both of you.”

Kharg started to retort despite the warnings, but Ganz jabbed a finger at him, like a mother to a child. "I said shut up!" He turned his attention to Darc, looking at both of them like they were misbehaving children. "That goes for you too, Deimos." He slapped on some more plaster.

Volk had to turn his back to hide his smirk at the Human scolding his alpha and his brother like they were naughty cubs.

Darc and Kharg scowled at each other, but kept quiet the rest of the time Ganz was working.

"Finished, that should take care of it," Ganz said, wiping his hands clean on a towel. “Luckily we have enough stored power that the ship can make it to Yewbell easily. Why don’t you go get the others on board?” he suggested to Kharg.

Kharg shrugged. "Right, I'll get them," he agreed and left.

Ganz went back to a shelf and picked up a small brown jar. “One more thing, might as well check your arm too.” He returned to Darc and removed the bandages.

When Darc saw the wound his eyes widened then narrowed. Scales were missing and scabs had formed where they’d been, not to mention an ugly burn. “What did you do?” he snarled, giving Ganz a deadly look.

Ganz completely ignored the look. “I had to burn the wound shut. It was deep and bleeding badly, but the scales were in the way, so I had to cut them away from the wound. That’s why I had Volk knock you out,” he explained, opening the jar.

Darc turned his attention to Volk. “Remember what I said about settling for punching you back….forget it, I am going to skin you!” he hissed. He flinched when Ganz began covering the wound with dark brown salve from the jar. It was freezing and stung.

"Volk, help me get Darc fully onto the cot, he should be laying down,” Ganz directed when he‘d finished applying the salve and wrapped the wound with clean bandages.

Volk nodded and helped Ganz move Darc fully onto the cot.

"This is humiliating," Darc complained, his eyes narrowed in annoyance.

"So don't get in the way of the sea life next time," Ganz said. "Stay there."

Darc glared at the cast as if it were all it's fault that he was stuck. It came from his ankle to just over his knee. "Where do you think I'm going to go?" he sneered.

Ganz gave him a rather unsettling smile. "I don't think you're going anywhere because if you try anything that foolish I'll strap you down."

"You wouldn't dare!" Darc snarled.

"Want to bet?" Ganz retorted. He put everything away. "Let's go, Volk, he should try to get some sleep anyway."

Volk looked at Darc with some amusement then followed Ganz from the infirmary.

Ten minutes the engines started with a low rumble of power and the Owl lifted off.



Darc and Kharg have met their match in Ganz! He won’t put up with any nonsense from either of them! R/R please!







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