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Chapter 26


Darc and Kharg were quiet for a while. Both were thinking about what to do next. Kharg was the first to speak. "Let's help them on this one attack then we'll decide what to do."

Darc muttered something then nodded. "I want to see that miserable bastard dead anyway, including his second in command."

Kharg nodded then frowned. "What about the first in command...Erik?"

Darc shrugged. "Not so eager to kill him, at least he didn't torture anyone just for the hell of it, but we'll probably have to. I doubt he'll stand by and let us kill his boss."

Kharg laughed suddenly.

Darc gave him a sharp look. "What?"

"Nice to know you're not the vicious killer you pretend to be, otherwise you'd simply kill anyone in your way."

Darc shook his head. "Don't believe that, before I would have gladly killed anyone in my path to destroy the Humans. Don't think I'm not a killer. I am, many times over."

Kharg stared intensely at Darc. "Really? You didn't kill Lilia and you also protected her."

Darc snorted. "She was of no use to me dead. She had information I needed."

Kharg laughed again. "Plus you owed her your life after what happened and you were curious because of what she did." He neatly ducked the new pillow Darc threw at his head.

"That's not why!" Darc snapped.

Kharg smiled slyly. "Isn't it?"

Darc opened his mouth to retort then closed it again, realizing he had nothing to say.

Kharg grinned, "I think I won that round."

Darc scowled. "Oh, shut up."

Now it was Kharg's turn to smirk. "Sore loser, eh?"

Darc gave Kharg a glare that would have sent a wyvern running for cover. "Shut up or you're gong to get another set of scars to match the others." He got up and began to pace.

Kharg stayed sitting on the bed and watched Darc pace with amusement. "Why does it bother you so much that you can actually care about someone? It's only Human."

Darc stopped pacing suddenly and whirled.

Kharg managed to keep from flinching at the sudden movement. "Well, it is. It's good to have someone you care about and cares about you."

Darc crossed his arms over his chest. "It's more likely to get you killed among Deimos."

Kharg pounced. "So why do you care if the Deimos are united or not? Why not let them wipe themselves out if they're stupid enough to do it? Because you do care, you just don't want to admit it, not to anyone, not even to yourself." He stood up and took a step towards his twin.

Darc cursed, realizing Kharg had cornered him a second time. "Enough, Kharg."

Kharg sensed his brother's turmoil and confusion. He decided to let it go for now. "Fine, but we aren't so different. We care so our lives aren't empty." He headed for the door then paused to look back at Darc. "By the way Darc, if killing makes you a killer then we're both one many times over. There's s big difference between wanton killing and killing to protect others." He left, closing the door.

Darc glared after his twin then plopped down in a chair and rubbing his temple where a throbbing headache had developed.

Finally they received word from the Deimos watching that Devon had returned. That was what they had been waiting for, immediately plans started to be made for the attack.


The last few days had been hard on the rest of the group. Ganz, as usual, had fixed a delicious supper, but none of them really felt like eating except for Bebedora. The rest of them just picked aimlessly at their food.

Delma finally dropped her fork on her plate with a frustrated curse. "I can't stand just sitting around doing nothing! Darc might need us!"

Camellia looked up from her barely touched meal. "What do you propose we do about it? The dragon spirit is the only one who knows where they are and it won't tell us."

Delma's tail twitched agitatedly. "I don't know, but there must be something we can do."

Maru nodded eagerly. "Maybe that Pyron could take us to them."

Volk shook his head. "Unfortunately it can't, we have to tell it where we want it to go."

Maru's shoulders slumped in disappointment. "Oh."

Paulette sighed as disappointed as Maru. "It was a good idea though, Maru."

Maru was silent for a long time then brightened. "We could go talk to the dragon again, maybe it'd change its mind if we explained how worried we are about them."

Ganz pushed his plate aside. "I doubt it. It already knows and it wouldn't relent then."

"I guess you're right." Maru sighed and went back to his food.

Delma thumped the table with her fist. "Damn it! I don't like just sitting here!"

Paulette nodded. "Neither do I, but what choice do we have? We have no idea where Kharg and Darc are."

Delma sighed and slumped, leaning against the table. "Damned dragon, it had no right to take them away like this."

Tatjana put down her fork. "I think this spirit does whatever it wants. We have to wait, it's all we can do."

Delma scowled at her plate as if it had offended her.

Camellia tittered suddenly. "Don't fret, Delma dear, your intended mate will be just fine."

"You rotten hag!" Delma pitched her plate at the sage before getting up and storming from the room.

Camellia wrinkled her nose delicately. She returned the plate to the table then carefully brushed bits of food from her gown . "That girl has such a nasty temper."

Paulette stood and began gathering plates to take them to the kitchen. "You shouldn't taunt her when she's so worried. It's unkind and doesn't help matters any."

Camellia started to answer then seemed to think it over. "I guess you're right, dear." She stood and began helping gather the plates. "Let me help you clean up." She followed Paulette to the kitchen with her burden.

Volk stared after the sage then turned to Ganz. "You'd better check Camellia over, she might be sick."

Ganz frowned. "Why would you think that?"

Volk grinned. "She's actually volunteering to do menial labor." He began laughing and so did Ganz.

Meanwhile Delma stormed into the room she'd been using and slammed the door behind her with a satisfyingly loud crash. She flung herself onto the bed. "Stupid, stupid, stupid. I should have never went near Darc. He was just a worthless slave, a half-breed. I was the sister of the Orcon leader. I had standing and rank, but I diminished it by associating with that bastard!"

'Bastard, is it? You mean the bastard that spared your life after you stabbed him in the back? The bastard that could have killed you there and then in Orcoth for betraying him?' a voice asked.

Delma sat up fast with a gasp. She knew that voice! "What the hell? What are you doing in my head?"

The dragon spirit chuckled. 'Yours is as good as any and you don't have to answer out loud. It would be best if you didn't in fact or the others will think you insane.'

Delma wasn't amused. 'I don't care, you scaly bastard! Where's Darc? Tell me or get the hell out! If he's in danger we need to be there!'

The dragon spirit sighed. 'Such a foul temper, that can get you in trouble, but since you love young Darc I suppose you can't be blamed.'

'I DON'T love him!' Delma clenched her fists. 'Stop changing the subject! Where's Darc?'

The spirit chuckled again. 'You wish to run to his rescue? You think he can't take care of himself? If he can't then he's a weakling so he deserves to die. Is that not the Deimos way?'

Delma sat up. 'Not anymore, things have to change, do we can survive.' She sighed in weary frustration. 'Tell me where Darc is.....please.'

The dragon spirit was silent for a long time. 'Come to the cave tomorrow. I'll send you and the others to the children of the wind.' The spirit's presence faded.

Delma was startled the spirit had relented. She leaped up and rushed downstairs to tell the others. Finding everyone at the table, she told them what had happened.

Tatjana frowned. "It just changed its mind all the sudden. Why would it do that?"

Delma snorted. "Who cares? All that matters is that it did. We'll be able to help now."

Bebedora studied Delma. "Rose pink of affection, sky blue of relief."

Delma scowled at her. "Oh, shut up! "

Maru nodded eagerly. "That's right, they'll be glad to see us. They need us."

Ganz shrugged. "I guess Delma's right. We'll gather supplies tonight and leave first thing in the morning."

Morning seemed to take a long time to come, but finally it did. After a quick breakfast, they set out for Dragon Bone valley. They arrived in record time and entered the cave where the spirit waited.

Delma marched boldly up to stand in front of the carving. "Wake up, we're here."

The single blue eye lit up and studied her and the rest of the group. "So you are, I trust that you are all ready to go."

Ganz stepped forward. "We're ready."

"Very well," the spirit said.

Suddenly they were standing on a road lined with forest.

Camellia looked around then smiled. "This forest is very old, ancient in fact. I do wish I could spend some time here."

Delma looked around then headed purposely forward. "No time for that, we have to find Darc. This is the way we need to go."

Tatjana frowned. "Wait just a minute, how do you know."

Delma shrugged. "I just do."

Paulette frowned thoughtfully. "So do I somehow. She's right, it's that way."

"See, I told you, maybe scaly is guiding us." Delma began walking forward again and the others followed.

After two hours of walking they found their way to a small village. Deimos and Humans mingled freely.

When the group was noticed the villagers stopped what they were doing to stare. Finally a Deimos separated from the crowd and came over to them warily. It was a silver furred Lupine. "What do you want here?" he asked.

Delma faced him boldly. "We're looking for our friend, his name's Darc. Where is he?"

The Lupine frowned. He eyed Delma with displeasure and some scorn.

Sensing trouble, Volk stepped in front of Delma quickly. "Darc is my alpha, he would be with his twin brother, a Human called Kharg."

The Lupine nodded slowly. "Follow me, I will take you to Adrienne and Stalker, they are of the council here." He led them to a house and knocked on the door. It opened to reveal a black furred Lupine.

Their guide inclined his head. "These visitors seek their friends, Darc and Kharg, Stalker."

Stalker studied then nodded. "Thank you, Scouter, you may go."

The other Lupine nodded and left.

Stalker stepped back. "Please come in."

They exchanged looks then entered the house. Stalker closed the door behind them.

Delma’s tail twitched violently. " Are Kharg and Darc here?"

Stalker didn't get a chance to answer Delma.

Delma saw a familiar person coming down the stairs. She ran to meet Darc as he reached the bottom of the stairs. Her next action startled everyone, herself most of all. Delma flung herself into Darc's arms, almost knocking him off his feet. "Darc! We were worried about you!"

Darc staggered backwards, arms automatically going around Delma's waist. He managed to catch his balance before they both fell.

Delma ended up looping her arms around Darc's neck to balance herself as well.

There was a stunned silence for several minutes then Maru let out a whoop of laughter. "Whoa, getting kind of cozy aren't you guys?"

Camellia giggled. "You two could at least get a room."

Both Delma and Darc blushed though it was harder to tell on Delma. They hastily let go of each other and backed away just as Kharg came downstairs behind them.

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