Arc The Lad Fan Fiction ❯ Aftermath ❯ Chapter 27 ( Chapter 27 )

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Chapter 27

Kharg stopped short when he saw the group. "How'd you get here?"

Paulette glanced over at Delma and Darc who were being very careful not to look at each other then rushed past them to hug Kharg. "The dragon spirit sent us. I'm glad you're okay."

Kharg hugged Paulette back, not nearly as disturbed by it as his twin, but of course he was used to being hugged. "So am I, it was getting pretty ugly. We intended to make an attack on someone tonight."

Paulette pulled back.. "Who and why?"

"Long story, come on, I'll explain it all." He started to lead Paulette downstairs. He paused to study Darc. "Are you alright? You look flushed."

Darc scowled. "I'm fine." He quickly stomped downstairs.

Kharg gave Darc a puzzled look then turned to Paulette. "I wonder what's got into him."

Paulette, Delma, and Kharg followed Darc and after introductions were made they got settled comfortably and were given privacy to talk.

Taking turns, Kharg and Darc explained everything that had happened while they’d been separated.

Delma's tail began twitching again. "Sounds like this Devon bastard deserves a one way ticket to hell."

Volk smiled at the thought of a fight. "Seems like old times."

Stalker entered the room. "Dusk has fallen. We're ready to leave."

That reminded Delma. "I brought you something, Darc." She offered him her pack.

Darc took the pack and pulled out his armor along with his kilt and sandals. He looked questioningly at Delma.

Delma shrugged, looking slightly uncomfortable. "I thought you might want them."

"Thanks." Darc returned the kilt and sandals to the pack then strapped on his armor. "Ready, Kharg?"

Kharg nodded grimly. "Let's go get the bastard."

Delma punched a fist into the air. "Yeah, let's go kick some ass!"

Stalker led the group outside where the rest of the raiders waited. "It's not a large group, but we figured it would be enough. A smaller group has more of a chance to not be noticed."

Kharg nodded in agreement. "That's true, we have to be cautious and watch each others back."

Delma shifted from one foot to the other. "We're wasting time, we want to strike while it's still dark, so let's go."

Darc shook his head at her. "Easy, Delma, we're going, but we have to do this right."

Delma pouted a bit, but she nodded. "Alright, Darc."

Darc turned to Camellia. "You're staying here with Lilia."

Camellia looked puzzled. "But why, Darc?"

"You have no magic and you aren't a fighter. I don't want you to get yourself killed."

Camellia didn't seem to be to upset at being ordered to stay behind. She smiled sweetly at Darc. "Thank you for caring"

Darc snorted. "That's not why I'm making you stay. I just don't want everyone thinking I'm a jackass for putting you in danger."

Delma smirked and then snickered at the look on Camellia's face.

Camellia pouted then childishly stuck her tongue out at Darc before turning and flouncing back into the house.

Kharg turned to hide a smile, despite how Darc had said it he cared enough to keep the unskilled fighters out of danger.

It didn't take long for them to get to the road that led to Duncan's manor.

"Wait!" Stalker frowned.

Adrienne moved to her mate's side. "What's the matter?"

Stalker growled softly. "There's no guards here and there should be."

Miko gulped and looked around. "It's to quiet. Something isn't right."

Darc felt the same way. Drawing his sword, he moved to Kharg's side.

Kharg glanced over at his twin then drew his sword as well. "Stalker, I think we'd better get out of here."

Stalker nodded. "I think you're right." He gestured. "Back home!"

Suddenly the silence was shattered by a gun going off. A Deimos directly next to Darc cried out then fell, shot right between the eyes.

Guards armed to the teeth emerged from the forest, guns aimed at the startled Deimos. It was a trap!

One of the guards moved to stand in front of Stalker. "Surrender now or you all die."

Darc recognized Erik right away. "Damn!"

Stalker glanced around at the grim faced guards. "How did you know about this?"

Erik shrugged. "We had an inside informant."

Miko frowned "But who?"

Farin stepped forward, giving Miko a sad look. "I am sorry, beautiful one, but I had no other choice." He turned to Erik. "My family will be released now?"

Devon stepped out from behind the guards. "Ah, yes, your wife and son."

Farin took another step forward, eyes filled with desperation and pleading. "You promised if I lured the rebels out that you would free them."

Devon smiled cruelly. "I fear that won't be possible. The pleasure house paid a fortune for the female and the merchant that purchased the boy is long gone."

Erik looked uncomfortable and upset, but he didn't say anything.

Farin blanched and shook his head. "No! You promised me, you promised!"

Devon sneered nastily. "I lied."

Farin's lip curled away from his teeth in a feral snarl. "Bastard!" He lunged at Devon.

The guard raised his gun and fired a shot directly into Farin's chest.

Shot in the heart, Farin staggered back. He clutched at his chest, blood seeping from between his fingers. He collapsed, dead before he hit the ground.

Miko covered her mouth, backing away from Farin's corpse. She bumped into Darc.

Darc moved her aside, so she was out of his way.

Unfortunately the movement caught Devon's attention. He turned towards them. "Well, well, how fortunate, I've reclaimed my two most valuable properties."

Miko glared, eyes defiant. "I would rather die than end up in your hands!"

Darc felt the same way as she did, but he doubted they'd get that option.

Devon smirked. His gaze swept over the group. "You were told to drop your weapons. Do it and your lives will be spared."

Stalker growled. "As slaves? We might be spared death, but we all know what the fate of our Human companions will be."

Devon smiled coldly. "They knew they would be executed if they sided with Deimos.

Kharg glanced at Paulette, sickened at the thought of her death, their friends' deaths. The fact he would die with them because he looked fully Human never crossed his mind.

Stalker knew what would happen if they fought, many would die, but slavery meant a life of misery. He looked around and saw many of the fighters were tense, hands hovering over weapons. The decision had already been made. There would be no surrender.

Devon grew impatient. "Choose, Deimos, serve a master and live or resist and die!"

"The Deimos will no longer cringe at a Human's feet like a beaten cur!" Stalker drew his sword and struck, to swiftly for the guards to react.

Devon's head was severed in one blow and went flying to fall at Erik's feet.

"Fight!" Stalker howled. "Or spend your life in a slave's collar!' An instant later his body jerked at the impact of bullets as the guards opened fire on him. His bloody body fell across Devon’s.

Adrienne screamed. "Stalker!" She lunged towards her dead mate. Bullets pelted her and she went down.

Delma twisted and plunged her katar into a guard's stomach, nearly gutting him.

Tatjana shot a guard between the eyes as he tried to shoot Ganz in the back.

Ganz nodded his thanks and moved to engage another guard.

Volk stayed close to Darc, guarding his back while Delma stayed close to his left.

The Deimos fought bravely, but for each guard that fell, so did two Deimos. They were being slowly overpowered.

Darc hissed in pain as a sword slashed his right arm. He turned to face his attacker. "You!"

Jared smiled cruelly. "Time for you to die."

Darc bared his teeth. "You're the one that's going to die." He turned towards Jared. Raising his sword, he barely hid a grimace of pain.

"Half-breed freak!" Jared swung his sword at Darc's head.

Darc managed to parry the blow, but it sent pain shooting through his arm. "Bastard!"

Jared smirked cruelly. "What's wrong, Half-Breed? Arm hurt?" It was obvious he knew exactly what he'd done. He thrust for Darc's stomach.

Darc parried the blow again, but numbness was spreading through his arm and he almost lost the sword.

Laughing, Jared struck again.

"Damn!" Darc's sword was knocked from his numb hand. He managed to avoid the next slash, but he was cornered.

Volk and Delma were hard pressed and had no time to help.

Jared moved in, aiming for Darc's stomach. "I'm going to gut you like a pig and watch you bleed." Just as Jared brought his sword back to strike.

Suddenly Miko leaped on Jared's back from behind. "I won't let you hurt Darc again, you sick bastard." Miko raked long, sharp claws across his face.

"Ahh! Get the hell off me! Deimos bitch! " He snatched at her arm.

Miko tightened her grip. "Damn straight!" she hissed then sank her fangs into Jared's ear.

Jared howled in pain and rage.

Darc didn't waste the chance Miko had given him. He lunged forward and slashed open Jared's throat with his claws.

Blood sprayed everywhere. Miko leaped clear as Jared collapsed.

Kharg stumbled forward as something fell into him from behind. Turning, Kharg saw a body lying on it's face with one of Maru's arrows in his back.

Bebedora stayed close to Maru, smacking with her stuffed rabbit, a rather amusing sight, but the dead guards in front of her clearly showed it's effectiveness.

Ganz waded through the guards, axe swinging. Tatjana guarded his back with her own gun.

Paulette stayed beside Kharg, throwing out her whip to keep the guards from overwhelming him by sheer numbers.

Darc didn't bother trying to pick up his sword. He'd lost feeling in his right hand and he couldn't use it effectively in his left, so he used his claws instead.

Delma ducked a blow, actually laughing a little. "This seems familiar!"

Volk growled, cleaving a guard's skull with his axe. "And we're doing the same as always."

Darc snorted. "That bad, huh?" He peered towards Kharg. "Let's try to reach the others."

Volk nodded. "We're being over run, we won't win." He looked at Darc.

Darc smiled grimly. "No, but we'll die fighting."

They began making their way towards Kharg, fighting every step of the way.

Kharg and Darc's eyes met and they shared grim smiles. Both knew they wouldn't survive and neither of them really wanted to with the fate they would suffer.

Erik moved forward to engage Kharg then. "Surrender, boy or you'll all die."

Kharg raised his own sword defensively. "The Humans in this group will die anyway from what I've heard. We might as well die now, instead of later."

Erik winced then shrugged. "Very well, if that is what you prefer." He struck.

Kharg was caught off guard by how quick Erik was, but he managed to parry the blow then made an attack himself.

Erik easily parried the blow aside. "You aren't going to win, boy. I'm the best there is."

Kharg kept trying to land a blow, only to have them parried aside each time. He winced as another blow connected.

"Ready to surrender now?" Erik moved closer. "it would be easier on you."

Darc made his move then. He lunged at Erik with all his strength, slamming into him.

Erik didn't expect that and was knocked sprawling. His sword went flying from his hand.

Darc quickly rolled clear and the minute he was out of the way Kharg put his sword to Erik's throat.

Erik froze. "Well, what are you waiting for? Kill me and be done with it."

Kharg pressed down on the blade. "Call off the! Tell them to drop their weapons."

Erik hesitated.

Kharg pressed down on the blade until he drew blood. "Now!"

Erik scowled. It took several tries, but finally the guards obeyed.

Ganz holstered his axe and picked up a gun. "Tatjana and I will keep them covered, Kharg."

Darc got up, wincing slightly at a twinge of pain in his right arm, which he'd landed on.

Kharg moved his sword away from Erik's throat. "Get up, but do it slowly.”

Erik stood slowly and faced his captor proudly, waiting to find out his fate.

"Kharg didn't take his eyes off him. "Darc, you alright?"

Darc growled. "Just wonderful."

With a wail Alisha threw herself down next to the bodies of her parents. "Mother! Father! No! Please no!" She began to weep.

Tears filling her eyes, Miko knelt beside Alisha, trying to comfort her.

Darc turned away. "Damn it." He gestured towards the dropped guns. "Gather them up. We're taking them with us."

The Deimos began to do so. Others went to make sure there were no slaves in the compound. They brought Tara back with them after they set all the buildings on fire.

Delma brought Darc's sword. "Here you go."

Darc took it and managed to sheath it using his left hand. "Thanks."

Delma frowned. "You're cut. It needs tending"

Darc snorted. "It will have to wait until we get out of here."

They had no place to keep prisoners so the guards were bound securely and left by the road. There would be help coming to tend the fire.

The dead Deimos were gathered.

Turk, a Lupine, and Stalker's second in command, looked at Erik. "We won't stand by and let you enslave and kill Deimos anymore. We will fight you and win or die trying."

They left and headed silently back towards the small village. None of the Deimos cheered or enjoyed their victory. The price had been much to high. There would be many more graves dug in the small hidden village.