Arc The Lad Fan Fiction ❯ Aftermath ❯ Chapter 32 ( Chapter 32 )

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Chapter 32

Delma picked herself up, eying the Human warily. "Thanks for the help. Who
are you?"

The man holstered the gun.. "Name's Teir." He studied them, seeming like he
was waiting for something. After a period of silence he laughed. "Good manners
would mean telling me your names." He smirked. "Or would Pinky and Scales suit

"Hey!" Delma's tail twitched indignantly.

Darc rolled his eyes. This was starting to sound like the first conversation
he'd had with Lilia at Crossell Springs. "I'm Darc, and she's Delma."

"Well, at least one of you has some manners." Teir knelt beside Darc, drawing
a knife.

Darc scowled. "What're you planning to do with that knife?"

Teir studied Darc coolly. "You want that device left in or would you rather
get it out?"

Darc snorted. "I don't want it out badly enough to let some stranger take a
knife to me."

Teir chuckled. "Knowing that louse it will be where you can't get it out
unless some one else does it."

Delma came up on the other side. "I'll do it."

Darc wasn't sure he wanted Delma taking a knife to him either. He pushed
himself to his feet. "No time for it now. We have more important concerns." He
gave Delma a pointed look.

Delma understood. "You're right." She looked at the man. "Thanks for the
help, but we have to go."

Teir smirked. "I'm no fool. I know you're tracking a troop of soldiers. I
even know why. Let's go."

Darc scowled. "Neither of us asked you to come."

Teir shrugged. "But I'm still coming. If it wasn't for me you'd be dead now.
You can't stop me unless you kill me."

Delma cracked her knuckles, eying him. "We could do that."

Darc turned decisively and headed off in the direction Erik had went. "If you
want to kill him then go ahead. We don't have time to waste."

Delma glared at the impertinent Human then followed Darc.

Teir chuckled, sheathed his knife and followed.

Darc really didn't want the stranger around, but he had to admit that Teir
was skilled in the forest. He moved as quietly as they did.

Delma stayed close to Teir instead of moving up beside Darc. She would watch
the Human carefully. If he tried anything she'd kill him.

It wasn't long before Darc found the tracks of the army. Frowning, he knelt
to study them.

Delma threw Teir a warning glance then stepped up beside Darc. "What is

Darc didn't answer her immediately. Pushing himself to his feet, he walked to
the left, studying the ground again. "Shit!"

Delma hurried over to Darc's side. "What? What's wrong?"

Darc cursed again. "A group slit off, and I don't like these markings, they
look like wheel tracks."

Delma frowned. "You mean from a wagon, but why would they bring a wagon out
here? It must be hard to get it through the forest."

"I don't know, but I don't like it. Come on!" Darc broke into a run.

Delma didn't waste anymore time with questions, she followed. She could hear
the Human following as well. Suddenly she stopped and whirled then lashed out
with a punch. Her aim and timing was perfect. She knocked the Human out cold.
Turning, she caught up to Darc.

Darc glanced at her without slowing down. "Where were you?"

Delma shrugged.

Darc didn't press for an answer.

They were almost back to the village when there was a terrible explosion that
rocked the very ground and sent them both tumbling. Something whistled through
the air, two minutes another explosion that made their ears ring.

When the ringing stopped Delma cursed. "Spirits! What was that?" She looked
towards the village and her eyes widened in worry. "Darc, there's smoke."

Faint screams came from the direction of the village. They exchanged worried
glances. Darc got to his feet and pulled Delma up as well. "Come on, slow and

Together the Deimos crept towards the village, but before they reached it
they found a group of soldiers surrounding what looked like a giant metal
cylinder on wheels. It had a large hole in one end.

Delma studied the thing then looked at Darc. "What the hell is that?"

Darc scowled. "Your guess is as good as mine." He looked over his shoulder.
"Where'd that Human go?"

Delma looked innocently around as if just noticing Teir was missing. "Don't
know, he was right behind me."

The act didn't fool Darc for a minute. He let out a frustrated hiss. "Damn
it, Delma, he might have been able to tell us what that thing is!"

Delma had the grace to look ashamed. "Sorry, Darc."

Darc took a deep breath then let it out again. "Forget it, it's done.

Delma was very glad to hear that. She knew Darc's temper he could have given
her a swat.

Darc pushed the undergrowth gently out of his way and peered towards the
soldiers. "The hell?"

Delma peered in the same direction and frowned. "What are they doing?"

Two of the soldiers were lifting a round metal sphere into the cylinder. They
put it in then backed off to the other end of the cylinder. There were two other
soldiers there. One held a lit torch.

Delma shook her head in confusion. "I don't get it, what is going on?"

The Human with the torch lit what looked like a piece of rope sticking out of
the cylinder. The rope burned rapidly, throwing off sparks.


The ground rocked once again. Darc wobbled, but didn't fall. Delma staggered,
but managed to keep her footing as well.

An explosion sounded from the village and dirt was thrown up in a cloud.
Faint screams sounded from that direction.

"Darc! They're shooting those metal balls into the village!" Delma's eyes
were filled with fury. "We have to do something."

Darc looked towards the village then turned his attention to the soldiers.
There was only four of them, but he could see they all had guns. That made it a
little more tricky.

Delma seemed to understand what he was thinking. "Maybe we could sneak up on

Darc glanced at her then studied the area around the soldiers. The
undergrowth around them wasn't as thick as it was elsewhere. Darc thought what
there was would provide enough cover for them to creep up on Humans though. He
looked at Delma and nodded.

Delma grinned and began creeping that way with Darc close behind her.

The Human soldiers never noticed their approach, two were already busy
reloading the cylinder with another metal sphere while the other two

Darc drew his sword and edged closer to the nearest soldier, ready to

Delma copied him, katar ready and aimed at the other soldier's neck.

Darc lunged from cover and thrust at the soldier, stabbing him through the
heart before he could turn.

Delma's target did manage to turn, but it did him little good. Delma's katar
stabbed him messily in the throat.

The soldier collapsed, blood spraying from his neck.

Darc wasted no time, lunging for the remaining two soldiers.

The soldiers dropped the metal ball to fumble for their guns. Unfortunately
for one soldier the ball landed on his foot.

There was a gruesome sounding crunch and the soldier screamed in pain then
collapsed, cursing and yelling in pain. His foot was more than broken, it was
most likely crushed.

Not that Darc gave a damn either way, he ignored the fallen enemy, Delma
could take care of him. Darc lunged at the other one.

The uninjured soldier stumbled back from the Deimos’ charge and managed to
get out his gun. Aiming at Darc, he pulled the trigger.

Darc grunted in pain as the bullet struck him in the left shoulder. With a
quick swing, he sheared off the Human’s head. A gurgling scream sounded behind
Darc as Delma finished off the other soldier.

Delma hurried to Darc's side. Her eyes widened as she took in the blood and
the nasty hole in Darc's shoulder. "You're shot!"

Darc snorted. "So I noticed."

Delma scowled. "Ass, come on, we should get to the village, I think the
soldiers are there already!"

Darc nodded and started to follow. Suddenly he stopped and studied the
opening in the cylinder.

Delma frowned. "What the hell are you doing? Let's go!"

Darc glared at her. "You want them to be able to use this on us again? I've
got to put it out of commission."

Delma planted her fists on her hips. "Fine, just how do you plan to do

Darc snarled at her. "How the hell should I know? Give me a minute, damn it!"
His eyes fell on the opening. That was where they had been loading it and there
seemed to be no other way. An idea struck and he searched around until he found
a suitable rock. Finding one, he shoved it into the opening, making sure it was
tightly jammed in. "That will have to do it for now, let's go."

Delma nodded and they hurried towards the village as fast as they could run,
hoping they wouldn't be to late.

When they entered the village it seemed the fight was over. Triumphant Deimos
stood guard over captured soldiers.

Darc winced as his injured shoulder sent waves of pain down his arm, but he
ignored it. He'd had far worse. "Come on, we need to find the others."

Delma followed close behind Darc, brow furrowed with worry. The wound looked
bad and it had to hurt like hell. It needed to be tended, but she knew better
than to try to stop Darc right now.

Darc winced at the many dead Deimos laid out for burial. it seemed victory
had once again demanded a terrible price. Finally after what seemed like a long
time Darc spotted a familiar face. "Miko!"

Miko whirled and her eyes filled with relief and joy. She ran over to Darc
and threw her arms around him in a joyous hug.

Darc tried, but failed to suppress a hiss of pain.

Miko let him go immediately, stepping back. "Oh Darc, your shoulder! That
needs to be cleaned and bandaged!"

Darc waved her concern aside. "Forget the damned shoulder. Where are the
others? Are they alright?"

Miko led the way back to Alisha's house. "Everyone's fine, but they're
worried about you two." Reaching the house, Miko led them inside.