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Chapter 31

Kharg took Paulette's hand. "There's a clearing not to far from here next to a river. I thought we could go there."

Paulette nodded. "That sounds like it'd be pretty." She was delighted that Kharg had taken her hand. When they reached the clearing Paulette smiled in pleasure. The moonlight gave everything a silvery glow and the reflections of the stars sparkled in the slow moving water of the river. "It is pretty here."

Kharg smiled at that. "I'm glad you like it. Want to sit down for a while?"

Paulette nodded. "Sure." She found a spot near the water and did so.

Kharg sat down next to her. "I wanted to talk to you about what happened when Darc and I left for the Dragon Bone Valley."

Paulette felt her heart sink. She was afraid of what he was going to say. "Kharg....I...that kiss..."

Kharg took both Paulette's hands and squeezed gently. "It's alright, Paulette. There's something I didn't get to do." With that Kharg kissed her.

When Paulette felt Kharg pull away she sighed and opened her eyes. She hadn't even realized she'd closed them. She found herself staring directly into Kharg's face. Her face burned and she realized she was blushing. Paulette, the only woman warrior in Yewbell's defense corps, was actually blushing! It helped when she noticed Kharg was blushing too.

Kharg used his grip on Paulette's hands to pull her closer. "Paulette, I....I love you."

Paulette burst out laughing. Pulling her hands free, she flung her arms around Kharg's neck and hugged him. "I love you too!"

Kharg laughed and hugged her back. "Glad to hear it."

They sat by the river for a long time just talking and it was the best time either of them ever had.

Finally Kharg sighed. "As much as I hate to say it I think we should go back. It's getting late." He stood and helped Paulette to her feet. They returned to Alisha's house, hand in hand.

The others at the house had been content to talk among themselves though Darc had said little. He gazed into the fire like he was in a trance. A thump sounded against the door, finally drawing his attention. He glanced over at it.

Frowning, Alisha rose and opened the door. It revealed Paulette and Kharg locked in a rather enthusiastic kiss.

Maru whooped. "Get a room, you two!"

Tatjana gave Maru a look that clearly said she'd like to swat him again, but he was out of her reach.

However Maru wasn't out of Darc's reach. Leaning over a bit, Darc smacked Maru on the back of the head.

"Oww! That hurt!" Maru pouted, rubbing his head.

Tatjana nodded at Darc with a grin. "Thanks."

Darc smirked. "Welcome."

Blushing furiously, Kharg and Paulette pulled apart hastily.

Lilia's eyes sparkled with mischief. "I trust you had a nice walk."

Paulette nodded, eager to divert everyone's attention. "It was very nice."

Delma leered. "Makes you wonder how much walking they really did."

Darc snickered. "Not much I'd bet."

Paulette and Kharg's blushing deepened several shades and everyone laughed.

Maru scowled. "Not fair, I would have been swatted for remarks like that! Why isn't someone swatting one of them?"

Tatjana smirked. "They don't do it so often that it gets on everyone's nerves."

Darc smiled at Maru and leaned slightly towards him, fangs exposed. "Do you want to swat me?"

Maru gulped. ", thanks."

Darc smirked and leaned back again. "I didn't think so."

Tatjana didn't bother to hide her smirk. "Finally we've found someone capable of quelling Maru."

Kharg grinned, recovering from his embarrassment. "Maybe we should give him a medal."

Everyone burst out laughing all over again, even Bebedora.

Maru looked around at the group, trying hard to hold on to his pout, but finally ended up laughing with the others.

After the laughter died down a bit, Alisha stood up. "It's getting late, so I think I'll turn in, good night."

Everyone followed her example after a few minutes and for a while all was peaceful.

Darc was awoken by someone pounding on the door. Startled out of the first deep sleep he'd had in a long while, he toppled out of bed with a loud thud. "Oww! Damnation!"

Kharg leaped out of bed and headed for the door. "Something's wrong."

Rubbing his head, Darc sat up. "Something damn well better be wrong." He was sure that he felt a lump forming.

Ignoring his twin's grumbling, Kharg hurried to the door and opened it

It was Paulette. "Hurry, scouts saw a band of guards headed directly this way! They'll be here before long. We have to be ready to fight!"

"Damn it!" Kharg ran to get ready. Fully dressed in minutes, he grabbed his sword and ran back out the door, following Paulette. "You heard her Darc, come on!"

Cursing, Darc got up, grabbed his sword and followed.

Paulette led the twins out of the house where their friends and the villagers were already hard at work.

Lilia and Camellia were helping gather the Deimos children together that were to young to fight.

Lilia looked up as Paulette, Kharg, and Darc came out of the house. She managed to smile at them.

Darc snorted a bit. That woman would smile if the end of the world was tomorrow.

Camellia came up to Darc, holding a small Lupine cub in her arms. "Lilia and I are going with some of the older children and taking the small ones."

The cub looked around with white ears perked and brown eyes wide, to young to know the danger. He looked at Darc.

Despite the situation, Darc felt a reluctant smile form. The tiny Lupine was sort of cute. He reached out and gently rubbed between the cub's ears. "Keep them safe, Camellia, now hurry and get them out of here. I'm depending on you ."

Camellia nodded, eyes filled with resolve. "I'll not fail, but you be careful as well." She turned and hurried off.

Alisha hurried up to them with Delma. "We need a couple extra scouts to track the soldiers in case they make better time then we estimated. Delma said she'll go. She says you’re good at this, Darc. Will you go too?"

Darc glanced at Delma then nodded. He moved to Delma's side. "Let's go." They headed off towards the forest.

Kharg took a step forward. "Darc!"

Darc stopped and looked over his shoulder.

Kharg scowled menacingly at him. "Watch your ass, so you don't get killed. We haven't settled things between us yet."

Darc snorted. "Same thing goes for you." He disappeared into the woods with Delma.

Kharg stared after his twin, eyes filled with concern.

Paulette touched his arm. "Darc will be alright Kharg. He's strong and so is Delma. She'll watch his back."

Kharg took a deep breath then let it out with a sigh. "I know. Come on, let's see what we can do to help."

They moved off to join in preparing for the attack Both of them were worried, but neither of them were willing to voice their fears.

It didn't take long for Delma and Darc to fall into a rhythm as they looked for the guards. They moved away from each other while still staying in each other's range of sight.

They took turns moving forward first then the other would follow after a suitable pause. This insured that one was always watching the other's back.

A twig snapped and they both froze, looking around warily. There was a shout and four guards charged out at them, weapons drawn.

"Shit!" Delma leaped forward, reaching Darc just as the guards did.

Darc drew his sword and lunged at one of the guards. The guard parried, but missed and Darc ran him through.

Delma dodged a thrust and slashed the guard across the face. The guard fell screaming and Delma stabbed him through the heart.

The last two guards hesitated then, no longer so eager to fight.

Delma gave the guards a come and get me gesture. "What's wrong, Humans? Lose your nerve?"

The guards glanced nervously at each other, but didn't move.

Darc smirked. "Don't want to come to us? Fine, we'll come to you." He lunged at them.

Delma let out a shout and followed.

The guards moved in to fight back, though they didn't seem happy about it.

The fight was over in a disappointingly short time. Delma scowled in disgust as she cleaned off her claws on one of the dead man's clothes. "I would think guards would be better fighters."

"Seems like it." Darc cleaned his own blade and sheathed it. He turned to scan the forest. He listened for any suspicious sounds..

Delma moved to his side. "Anything?"

Darc shook his head. "No, let's get moving."

Delma grinned. "Alright, you can even go first."

Darc smirked. "I'm flattered." He moved forward.

Delma laughed and followed, eager for another fight.

An hour passed then another without any more encounters. Darc and Delma both knew better than to let their guard down. They stayed alert for an attack.

Darc stopped abruptly an hour later when a familiar figure flanked by three guards stepped out in front of him. "You."

Erik smiled coldly. "I still have my duty, even though my Lord is dead. I didn't have this last fight, but I do now." Smirking, he took out a strange device.

Darc eyed it suspiciously, not liking the smirk either.

"It's very useful." He pressed a button.

Pain seared through Darc's right leg like fire and he crumpled to the ground.

Delma glared and moved between Darc and the guards. "Bastard! What did you do to him?"

Erik studied her. "No permanent harm has been done. It's just a harmless device that's inserted under the skin. It's small, so the incision is small as well. When the button is pressed it delivers a shock just strong enough to immobilize the victim."

Delma aimed her claws directly at Erik's throat. "You and your friends get away from him or I'll kill you!"

Erik smiled and calmly turned a knob on the device. "I've turned up the power, if I hit the button now then it will kill him this time. Surrender or I'll do it."

Delma hesitated. The guy might be lying, but if he wasn't then Darc could die.

Darc managed to push himself up on to one knee. A spasm went through his leg and he toppled to the ground with a hiss of pain.

Erik looked at Darc and then Delma. "So Deimos, do you surrender?"

Delma looked helplessly over her shoulder at Darc.

Darc shook his head. "No, we killed Humans and that marks us for death."

Delma stared into Darc's eyes, seeing acceptance of his fate then nodded. She turned back to Erik. "No surrender, we'd rather die here and now then have our deaths used as a free show for Humans."

Erik's features hardened with rage. "Stupid bitch!" He started to press the button.

Suddenly a gunshot rang out and the device shattered to pieces. Erik yelled in pain and shook his stinging hand.

Delma let out a startled shriek herself and leaped back. She tripped over Darc and landed hard on her tail. "Oww! Damn it!"

A man stepped out of the cover of the trees with a rifle trained on the guards and Erik. "I think that's enough. Get lost before I put a few bullets in your ass."

Erik's hand clenched into a fist. "You're breaking the law by defending these beasts!"

The man shrugged with a smile, not in the least worried. "No matter, I've broken a lot of laws. So one more hardly matters. Now leave."

Cursing, Erik gestured to the guards and they hurried off as fast as they could.

The man watched them go with a faint, sardonic smile then turned to look at Delma and Darc.


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