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The Song That Never Ends:
A Fullmetal Alchemist Fanfiction

Robots and Aliens and High School, Oh My!

Within the watercolour world the sun shined brightly upon the land. The images were blurry and lightly coloured to give it a soft dream effect. It was the first day of summer. It was a blessing that the heat wouldn't rise to suffocating temperatures until August. When the air would become hot she would retreat herself to spending time outdoors when the stars were high. Until then, she would enjoy the time she could spend long hours outside.

Infront of a blossoming tree stood a girl. All that could be seen was the back of her shimmering locks of light pink. Hearing someone call out for her, she turned around and revealed natural spectacles of lavender. She lifted her hand and pushed some of the hair behind her ear. She appeared to be only fourteen years old. It could not only be told by the youth in her face but the uniform she wore as well.

Turning a little bit more she faced the person that was approaching her. The folds in her white dress shirt moved with the contours of her body. Along with that, she wore an old fashioned pleated skirt. A dull grey it was and its waist was all the way up to her belly button. Underneath the collar of her shirt, lying just above her bosom, was a single piece of ribbon tied into a bow. It matched her skirt in colour.

She squinted her eyes to see who was running toward her from the distance. The field of flowers was the purest of greens she'd ever seen. Though she couldn't hear his voice, she could feel him yelling out her name. He was calling for her. A burst of joy filled the cavern of her heart once she recognized who it was. Leaping into a sprint, she dropped her bookbag, heading toward her beloved. Specks of twinkle filled the air around her as she ran. Time slowed down just for her so that the moment could be captured and stowed away.

Across the field was a man that ran toward her, an air of love surrounding him. One boot met the ground, its toe forming into a point and curling upward. Time on his end slowed down as well. The camera went up from his foot revealing an all black attire. His pants were leather. The sleevless muscle shirt was that of cotton. Ontop of that was a vest that swung around his form with the momentum of his treading. It had a collar of white fur.

The closer they got, the thicker the mist of bubbles became. A string of violins played in the background. Her arms were held outward as she ran, ready to receive him.

“Oh~!” She cried out with joy.

But before her arms could reach him he took his hand and shoved her to the side.

“Move, bitch!”

The girl fell to the ground at his side as he steadily slowed down. She looked up from her spot seeing him embrace a woman she'd never seen before. The hussy whom he was standing with had blonde hair with the shortest cut she'd ever seen on a woman. A single strand of hair poked from her head which could probably be called a bang.

Her eye twitched as it looked over the body of her competition. The object of his affection had these huge, pouty lips and a red tattoo down the side of her face and over her shoulder and arm. She had a lithe, fit body. Perfect for use in the military.

The older woman noticed the girl, her arms now around the man's neck holding him against her, and said to the girl:


Which by any logical explaination would be the one thing to set the student off into an emotional breakdown.


The scream could be heard not only across the plain which they were located but also outside of the bedroom and down the street. She sat in her spot ontop of the grass, her surroundings changing from that of the great outdoors to that of a teenager's bedroom. Her eyes were wide. Her chest moved quickly as to keep up with her hyperventilating. No longer was she wearing her school uniform but she was wearing light blue pajamas.

“It's about damn time you woke up,” A familiar voice said. She looked over and saw who it was.

“C'mon, get dressed. We're going to be late for the first day of school!”

Chapter One:

The Super Strong, the Super Cute, and the Super Genius

Throwing the covers off of her, she firmly planted her feet into the soles of a pair of rose coloured bunny slippers. Standing, she held her arms up above her head and gave a stretch. A tear formed in the corner of her eye as she yawned. With that over, she slouched a little, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

“That was one hell of a dream,” She stated outloud.

“No time to talk about dreams --” Her shorter counterpart snatched her arm and drug her across the room toward the closet. “--You need to get dressed!”

“Right, right..” She said groggily, while fingering through hanging clothes.

Behind her stood her friend. She was about four and a half feet tall. Much shorter than girls were at that age. There hadn't been a waltz with puberty happening in this girl's life. Over the past few years of watching her, her friend didn't think it would happen either.

The hair on the top of her head was a light purple and as it fell behind her ears it faded into a maroon. The curved eyes that matched her hair didn't waver away once.

Alias: Ravynn McKenzie. Age: Fourteen. Special Ability: Agelessness. It was practically immortality on her part. Unsusceptable to illness, disease, or natural death. She could, however be killed by an outside source such as an accident or murder.

The little girl grumbled, waiting for her roommate. “Well hurry up, already!”

“I am, I am. Jeez!”


She locked the handle then pulled the door shut. The girl caught up to Ravynn whom was standing on the sidewalk at the edge of the yard. In full uniform they were, ready for their first day. She kicked her shoe softly against the ground as to make sure it stayed on.

Looking up at the sky in curiosity before setting out, we get a good look at her face.

Name: Limerence Bradley. Age: Fourteen.

“So how late are we?” She asked, facing Ravynn. The small girl held up a wrist, showing her a watch. One look at the time and Limerence's eyes practically buldged out.

“Holy crap!” She cried, taking ahold of the child's arm. “WE'RE SO FRIGGEN LATE!”

A cloud of dust remained where they once stood having been kicked up by the pink squirrel's sudden flurry of motion. Already, they were three blocks away from the house. In rapid succesions, her feet practically flew above the concrete as they advanced across town. Ravynn floated in the air behind her as she continued at a record breaking speed.

They didn't even slow down to stop at a corner. Without any regard to traffic or the lives around her, Limerence continued her venture. Before they made it to the other side, they could hear the loud honking of a semi-truck's horn. Turning to see what was headed their way, the squirrel jerked to a stop.

The author will not bother explaining how a semi-truck got into the Fullmetal Alchemist series, nor will she explain why it was going seventy-five miles an hour in a thirty-five mile zone - but she will say this: Limerence simply lifted her leg and held her foot out to catch the oncoming truck with full force. It caused her knee to incline at the impact but she pushed on forward, causing the truck to stop but at a price. Its front grill was completely bent and shards of metal went flying. The inertia caused Ravynn to be flung forward. When gravity took over, the child fell to the ground, landing behind Limerence on the pavement.

The entire front of the truck collapsed in on itself and the glass from the windshield shattered into pieces. Slowly, a stream of shards flew past them. After time regained speed, the cargo of the truck went off course. The sound of skidding tires filled the air. After taking an eighty degree turn, it crashed into a nearby building. To add to this effect, it bursted into flames. People ran outside, screaming.

Seeing as the truck finally stopped and in no way was any of this her fault, Limerence simply started running again.

Special Ability: Unexplainable super strength and speed.

Oh yeah, they definitely missed the first bell.


Limerence reached into her pocket to take out a folded piece of paper. She unfolded it and looked at its contents. She dry sniffled, reading it.

“It says our homeroom is in ...” Her eyes went over the different numbers. She wished that they would have made their schedules much simpler. They had a bunch of unneccessary nonsense in it. “.. Room 204.”

“So that means we gotta go upstairs, Limmy.” The girl stood next to her, looking around for the nearest set of stairs. She pointed toward them. “..We can go up over there.”

The halls were empty and quiet. First period had already started and from the silence it was likely that the daily announcements were over.


“Here it is.” Limmy stated, taking hold of the doorknob. Curiously, she peeked into the window before opening it. Seeing as the teacher was already writing on the board and the students were in their seats, she felt a little self-conscious about going in.

Perhaps they should just skip. It'd be kind of embarrassing to walk in now. Lots of kids skip the first day, right? So, it wouldn't mean anything right?

“..How about we just go back home, Ray?” The girl got ready to turn around.

“Oh, just go in!” The child scolded, taking hold of the hand that was already on the handle and twisted it, opening the door.

The shorter shoved the other into the room through the open door. Immediately, Limmy regretted what she'd done. They would have attracted less attention if they'd just walked in. Stupid Limerence, always making things more difficult than they ought to be.

She'd stepped in too fast. There was no way she could regain her balance now. Her face met the floor.

“Erk--” She lifted her head with a look of pain. Her nose and forehead were red from the stub against the wood. When she'd looked up, the teacher was staring at her. Her eyes went from the woman to the other students. There was a second of silence before laughter erupted.

“See, Limmy?” Ray stood behind her, looking down at the girl's airborne derierre. “They like you already!”

“..Shut up, Ray.” Limerence muttered. The laughter died down.

“Well, now!” The teacher placed her hands on her hips. “..Aren't we awfully tardy?”

“I'm not retarded!” The squirrel shot up, on her knees.

“She's means late, Limmy.” Ravynn whispered to her.

“..Oh.” There was snickering. She got up, brushing her hands over the front of her skirt.

“You should be ashamed. Late on the first day of school!” The woman scolded. “And because you like to make such ostentatious entrances -- you're to introduce yourselves infront of the class.”

Limmy leaned over, whispering to the child beside her. “What's that supposed to mean?”

“It means we're attention-whores.” Was the child's response.


In the front row, about two seats from the window, sat another student who would also play a significant role in our story. She was the only one who didn't laugh.

Boredly, she rested her chin on the back of her hand which in turn was supported by the elbow against the desk. Her eyes were a brooding, cold emerald. She had the fairest skin and the most beautiful, long, rich, dark, honey coloured hair. It was pinned back with a bow, leaving the lower half of her locks to swoop over her shoulders.

The most prominent feature on her face were her big, puffy lips.

Slightly, she raised a brow, watching the two. The albino she'd automatically wrote off as clumsy and ugly. Annoying as well. Not very intelligent - no, not very smart at all.

It was the shorter one that got her attention. How could a girl that age be in the same grade as her? Was she a genius? The brow rose further. She was full of intrigue. It would be just grand if she'd have someone of the same intellectual strength to talk to. To have debates with. Someone to have deep conversations about existentialism, religion, science, and politics.

It would be a dream come true to have a friend like that. It wasn't that she didn't like the friends -- “hired help” -- she had. She just wanted someone she could connect with. She wanted a real friend. Someone she could spend everyday with rather than having to resort to penpals that were nations away.

“Uh.. My name is Limerence Bradley - but you can call me “Limmy”. I'm fourteen years old and this is my first time attending school in this district. I hope that I benefit from being here and to make lots of friends.”

“Thank you, Limmy.” The teacher nodded.

“And I'm RAVYNN MCKENZIE!” She yelled, holding up a single arm with her small fingers spread out, “I'm fourteen and I like fried chicken, vanilla cream soda, romantic walks on the beach, the Baby-Sitter's Club series, bananas, comic strips, animated Disney movies, leap-frog, annoying Limmy, dissecting the rats in our basement, photography, colouring, reading -- did I say anything about fried chicken? -- I like fried zucchini, fried rice, fried okra, fried mushrooms, fried cheese-filled jalopeno peppers - Uh.. I like watching Oprah - especially 'cause it drives Limmy nuts - The Price is Right, kung-fu movies, doing our uncle's make-up, experimental cooking --”

“Don't eat it, it'll kill ya.” Limmy commented.

“Playing Sorry, Uno.. Limmy hates Monopoly so we don't play it a lot - It's funny when we play Jenga, you should see the looks she gets on her face when she --”

“Shut up about that, Ray!”

“..And I like cookies and unicorns and Tim Burton and plushies and....”

This continued for about five minutes. No one had the nerve to interrupt her. Everyone stared in disbelief.

“...And Power Rangers and watching Limmy pick her no--”

“That's enough, Ray.” The albino gave her a stern look, “I think you've told them more than they ever wanted to know about you.”

This girl - this child - was adorable. The others may not have noticed but for her it was obvious that this person was much brighter than she let on. Hiding such cognitive power behind the mask of a prepubescent was genius and very attractive.

Watching the two take their seats. The woman-child gave a sly smile and had a devious look in her eyes.

She was going to make Ravynn hers - and she wasn't going to share her with anyone.

Name: Martel Carlisle. Age: Fifteen. Special Ability: Technological genius.

Martel may have been way ahead of her peers academically but she chose to have a normal life and attend high school like other people her age despite the constant pressure her father put her under to attend a university full-time. He wanted her take over the insurance business against her wishes to become a scientist.

Not only was she an inventor - she was a billionaire. Spoiled beyond belief. She didn't have any friends even if she did have money. People knew she had money and immediately wanted to become acquainted - but once they realized what a nerd she was, they left. The group of people she did hang out with was her “hired help”. Pay checks and everything. This was to create an image that she was popular and was the leader of her own little 'clique'. She was hiding behind this façade so she wouldn't have to reveal her true self.

“Now that roll has been taken,” the teacher announced, “I'll give you a brief introduction to the class and then we can get started. I want you all to get out your books and turn to the table of contents.”

Everyone obeyed, shuffling through their bookbags for their textbooks.

Ravynn leaned down beside her desk to dig through her bag. She lifted her head to see Martel doing the same. Their eyes met. The girl gave a geniune smile and had it returned. Little did she know of the other's intention.

The albino leaned back in her chair and crossed her arms, a blank desktop before her.

“..Where's your book, Limmy?”

“Left it at home.” She grumbled.

“..Idiot.” Martel said beneath her breath.