Azumanga Daioh Fan Fiction ❯ The Midnight Halloween Test of Courage ❯ The Dare ( Chapter 1 )

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The Midnight Halloween Test of Courage: The Dare.

I do not own Azumanga Daioh.  It is owned by Kiyohiko Azuma.

Halloween was coming up fast.  The girls were puzzling over what to do.   Trick or treating isn't that big in Japan.  The costume parties aren't rare there.  Of course, during lunch...Tomo was puzzling over what to do to scare her friends and get a laugh out of it.  Yomi...she just stared off into space.  She was too used to Tomo's idiotic ideas.  Osaka...well she was just sleeping.  Last night she watched a midnight thriller marathon.  Sakaki...she still was thinking about how to pet the kamineko.  He was a bastard.  Kagura though, had a question for Chiyo.  She didn't understand a couple of American holidays.

"Chiyo-chan," Kagura started...she had a habit of being proper if she had to ask a serious question, "I would like to know about American holidays."

"Oh, they have quite a few holidays there that are exclusive to them," Chiyo started.  "There are a few I can name."

"Oh...what is one of them?"

"Halloween is one if their biggest holidays," Chiyo answered.

"Do you want to know what happens on Halloween?" Tomo said...rudely butting in.

"W-what happened on H-Halloween?" Chiyo asked, a bit afraid.

"That's when the haunted goings-on at this school happen," Tomo felt like the lights just suddenly went out.

"Tomo...there's no such things as ghosts..." Kagura grumbled.  

"Really...non-believers say such things...but I heard there was an English teacher who's currently haunting this school," she returned.

She wasn't really aware that Yukari was there.  She was an English teacher.  She also wanted to wallop Tomo.  However she listened intently.  She also got the feeling in their stomach that this was something she has heard before.  The class then all started in for Tomo to listen to what she had to say.  

"You see," Tomo started, "there was an attractive teacher like Yukari-chan in 1959."

"W-what happened?" a random kid asked.

"I'll get to it damn it!" Tomo snapped.  "Anyhow, in the gym, she had a very terrible accident...."

"What was she doing in the gym?" Yomi asked.

"Her boyfriend was the boys' gym teacher," she said.  "In those days...if they got caught they both were canned."

"It's much like now."

"However, they did have sex in the equipment shed," Tomo continued.  "once there....she caught him with another woman."

"What was the accident?" Yomi then asked.

"She stormed off, and tripped on a dodge ball," Tomo then said ominously.  Yukari had to hold in a yelp...she's heard this one before.

"What became of her?" Chiyo asked.

"She landed too hard on the floor," Tomo said..."you can guess what happened next."

The class now was in huge wonder.  They didn't even figure Tomo would know this story.  However, Yukari was shaking.  She was tempted to make the entire class a study hall.  Though Tomo did come up with one thing to see if things were real.  She decided that she was going to have to teach her class.  However. the words from Tomo's mouth ended up making even the often-cranky, and lazy, and gluttonous teacher cringe.

"If anybody is up for it...I will round up two adults for a midnight test of courage this Saturday," Tomo said evilly

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING?!" The class bellowed (save Chiyo-chan).

"What...are you...scared?" Tomo taunted.

"I'm in," Yomi said with certainty.

"I'm in too," Kagura then huffed.

"I'm in," Sakaki then said.  

"I'm in!" Kaorin squealed.

"I can't," Chiyo-chan said, "I have a curfew"

"Right, we need a replacement..." Tomo then said.  She knew that Chiyo could get grounded fro this stunt."

"Huh...what's going on?" Osaka said half-sleep.

"There's a midnight test of courage," Chiyo said.

"Oh...I can't," Osaka said, "I have to be home for a Halloween party."

"We have two out...but now, we need the adults..."

Yukari went to the principal right away.  He didn't want to, but he approved it.  He also put Yukari directly responsible for the children's safety.  She then dragged Nyamo into it.  This was going to be one of those things where everything could go bad.  Of course, the parents gave permission  Though there was one thing thing...there were at least four other stories.  The first one in class 3-3, the second in the library, the third in the chemistry lab, and the fourth in the music room.  After school, Yukari said that permission was given.  She wanted to know who was in.  Only, Tomo, Yomi, Sakaki, Kaorin, and Kagura stood up.

"Well...alright, that'd make things easier," she said, "Just be sure to bring flashlights, snacks, and a first-aid kit."

"How many are going?" Kagura asked.

"Chiyo-chan, would you be so kind?" Yukari asked.

"There will be seven people going," Chiyo answered, without realizing she'd be correct.

"That is right," Yukari said.  "That leaves us with an odd number, but oh well..."

"When do you want to meet up?" Tomo asked excitedly.

"We will meet this Saturday at 11 p.m." Yukari informed.  "Don't be scared..."

She gave the most evil laughter.  However, Nobody knew what adventure they were going to be going on.  The day went by quickly, as they were getting ready for the test of courage.  Nyamo knew she was going to get dragged into it, so she agreed.  She also decided to pick Yukari up so there would be no fatalities that night.  In short...the test of courage was going to begin.  However...Tomo didn't realize that she had just started something weird.
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