Azumanga Daioh Fan Fiction ❯ The Midnight Halloween Test of Courage ❯ The Arrival to class 3-3 ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
The Midnight Halloween Test of Courage: The Arrival to class 3-3

I do not own Azumanga Daioh.  It is owned by Kiyohiko Azuma.

When the appointed time of eleven at night came about, everybody arrived.  Nyamo had Yukari with her...and forced her out of bed.  She was cranky.  Tomo then realized why they had to bring snacks...other than a Nintendo DS system...she wasn't going to be happy.  Once she was properly fed.  Also...she fell asleep in Nyamo's car until 11:45.  After she woke up, feeling better, she got down to business.  She had Nyamo bring the straws out.  Nyamo cut them herself, since Yukari was a bit to lazy.  

"The short straw goes alone...everybody else will be paired by the color at the tip," Nyamo everybody drew straws.

"Well," Kagura said, "It looks like Sakaki and I are partners."

"Oh...this will be interesting," Sakaki said...though neither saw a silently fuming Kaorin.

"Hey Kaorin," Yomi then said, "we're paired together."

" least it's better than nothing," Kaorin said...with a sigh.

'Honestly this girl needs to confess to Sakaki already,' Yomi thought, rolling her eyes.

"Damn...I go it alone," Tomo hissed...she got the short straw.

"Well, what are we waiting for?!" Yukari asked excitedly.

"LET'S GO!" the crew yelled.

Once inside of the school, Yukari explained to them the rules.  Thankfully, Nyamo was able to get the master key from the principal.  Earlier, based on Tomo's information she unlocked the rooms. However...there was one bit of business that needed to be taken care of.  That was the order of who will go where, and when they'd meet up in the was interesting to say the least.

"Alright we will split up," Tomo said.  "I heard from a reliable source that there are other rooms that need to checked out."

"Which rooms are that, O sultan of the stupid?" Kagura asked...and insulted at the same time.

"Well, Madame McBoobs," Tomo shot back, "we have class 3-3, the library, the chemistry lab, and the music room."

"I never thought the music room would be haunted," Kaorin then said shaking.

"I never thought 3-3 would be haunted either, but it's worth a shot," Yomi returned.

"Since I'm the loner, I'm going to 3-3," Tomo then said.

"Kaorin and I will take the library," Yomi said.

"Sakaki and I have dibs on the Chem lab," Kagura announced.

"Yukari and I have the music room," Nyamo said.

"Then it is settled," Yukari said.  "We will meet at the gym at 12:30, no excuses."

Everybody parted off to their ways.  Tomo went straight to class 3-3.  She had her flashlight with her.  She looked around for any signs of paranormal activities.  She got that chill up her back.  She felt like somebody was watching her.  She looked around there was nobody there.  She took a seat on a chair that was in the corner.  Though...she felt something on her lap.  She looked up, and there was a girl, who looked exactly like Osaka.  Tomo freaked out.  However...unlike Osaka...this girl was ultra busty.

"You look like somebody I know," Tomo said a bit afraid.

"I do...does she get punished like I do?" the ghost asked, in the Osaka accent.

"Yes she does, a lot," Tomo answered.

"Oh, that runs in the family," she said dully.

"'re related to..."

"Yup, Ayumu is my great-great-granddaughter," the girl then admitted.  "Though once you reach heaven...they give you back your teenage body."

"I have a feeling being busty must run in the family..." Tomo said.  

Ghost Kasuga fell asleep.

"WAKE UP!" Tomo roared.

"Huh...I did it again...I got to get it together..." she said sweetly.

"like great-great-grandmother..." Tomo said.

"Oh yeah, why am I here...I drew the short straw to haunt this place."

" mean...?" Tomo then started surprised.

"Oh yeah, It happens all the time," Ghost Kasuga answered.  "This week I picked the short straw."

"That's the same as me," Tomo then said.

"By the way, you smell good!"

"Hey....this isn't an X-rated story!" Tomo said.

"Damn it...maybe next time."

Of course, Ghost Kasuga had to get going.  She did her job.  Tomo was just a little bit scared.  Though that was that.  Tomo then looked around in the classroom for other activities.  Of course...Ghost Kasuga was sleeping on the chair. Tomo shook her head. She woke her up.  She then remembered...she had to get back to heaven.  

"Hey don't forget your ID badge!" Tomo ordered.

"Oh yeah," she said, "I nearly got sent to hell on four occasions"

"Just keep it pinned to you," Tomo said.

"Oh...that'd help."

With that Ghost Kasuga was back to heaven.  Tomo then sighed.  That was a little bit of a letdown.  She decided that she was going to go to the gym early.  Of course, she didn't realize that there was going to be something happening with everybody else.  Though she had to admit, Ghost Kasuga was a sexy woman...however she was just...spacey  She was on her way to the gym.  Meanwhile at the library...Yomi and Kaorin were exploring.  Though Kaorin heard a thump.

"W-what was that?" Kaorin asked.

"I don't's coming from the desks," Yomi said.

"L-Let's go check it out," she said timidly.

Their adventure was just beginning.  With Tomo on her way to the gym....everything was starting to go into place.  Kaorin and Yomi are going to be surprised by the ghosts they were about to meet.  However, they weren't as spacey, and as dull as Ghost Kasuga....but they were going to be in for an adventure.
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