B't X Fan Fiction ❯ A rainbow after the rain ❯ Welcome back, karen ( Chapter 2 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

She was about to give in. . it was so nice to sleep forever. .there would be no pain, grudges and sadness anymore. She can leave them all behind. But someone was stopping her. A voice. . calling her. .

Karen; Karen can you hear me?

It was muffled at first so she thought she could just ignore it. But later on it became insistent.

Karen, please hold on. Don't leave us we need you. . I need you, it said.

Who. . who are you? She said in a rather groggy state.

I'm fao Karen, oh my god hokuto what's happening to her? Is she alright?

Fao? Who are you? Let me sleep.

No you can't, the man replied. I can't lose you. I. . I love you.

She loved her. Then she must not give in! all she wanted in this world was to be loved. She would want to live to be able to experience it. I'll hold on she said, just promise me you'll wait?

I will Karen. . I will. .

With a half smile that crept her face, she closed her eyes and slept like a child.

Worn out by all the events, fao flung himself on the chair and gave way to tears of fatigue, pain and frustration.

Hokuto held his hand on his shoulder and reassured him.

She would be alright fao, he said. Remember she's been through every trauma and shock. Showing weakness right now wouldn't her any good.

But you don't understand! I'm the one who put her through all this; he argued. Im a fool from the start! I loved her but yet. . this.

Yes, let's say you did; but we can still change all that. Prove to her now how much you care for her! Hokuto sighed. Fao; I know all these years how you've hidden your feelings for her, and I can't blame you because we can't mingle our duties with our emotions before. But right now, you're free and she's free. Make it right this time. He let out another sigh. I'm going to my room now. I need my rest.

Fao nodded. Thanks hokuto. Go to your room now. Karen's life depends on you. You must rest.

An hour after hokuto left, fao still sat there, gazing at Karen.

Make it right this time. .

He was interrupted with his thoughts when kari entered the room. She brought along with her a tray with food good enough for them.

Sorry to have disturbed you; she said cheerfully. But I know you hadn't eaten since morning, and I can't let you sleep with you stomach empty.

He forced a smile. Don't worry I'll eat. how is the others?

They are all fine; she said as she pour some steaming crab soup on his bowl. But I think teppei and kotaro still needs a lot of medical attention.

Good for us hokuto is in good condition. Fao replied.

Their entire meal was spent silently, until Karen cleared the dishes. She asked him.

How's Karen doing?

She just had a delirium hours back. But I think she's managing well.

I see. Then kari became silent again. But then she asked him the question she was longing to ask.

Fao, have you and Karen had a relationship before?

Incurably truthful when asked with a direct question, he answered, no we didn't. What makes you say that?

I don't know. . I guess I just saw in your eyes. . and hers, when she went here and helped us.

He sighed. I didn't know what I had lost before. But I think there is still hope to change that.

I see. Then she was silent again. She would have been jealous with his confession, but she was not. Maybe she had known from the start that somehow, his heart was reserved. And maybe it was Karen all along. Besides, her infatuation for him died a long time ago. She realized that he was just a brother. A brother she didn't have.

How silly of me! She said after a while. it's time for teppei's medicine. I must get going. Then I sleep to. Goodnight fao, you too take your rest.

I will he told her. Goodnight kari.

Goodnight. She said and went out.

Another ten minutes dragged by. He close his eyes against the light's glare, and expelled a long sigh which became a yawn. Sitting still was extraordinarily tiring. If he wasn't careful, he would doze off. . .

He was roused with the creaking of the door, But he ignored it. then, realizing he has slept for hours, he awoke.

. . Only to find Karen missing in her bed.

His heart gave a violent lurch as he went downstairs in search for her. To his relief, he found her in the garden. . alive and well. . she was still wearing kari's nightgown and her foot was bare. She was sounds like crying.

Karen; she called her name softly.

Karen turned, and for the first time she really saw her crying. The independent, self-sufficient Karen crying! And because he assumes that she must be in a great deal of agony and pain, he suddenly hugged her fiercely.

And because she so needed for that comfort, she clinged to him and cried like a little girl in his arms.

Make it right this time. .