Batman Fan Fiction ❯ Proof ❯ Proof ( One-Shot )

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It was really hard to march off in an angry fit when you couldn't use your legs. The best Barbara could do was roll away with a huff and hopefully the path would go downhill to give herself a little speed.  However, eventually she felt the hands on her handles and was forced to a stop.
"Babs," she heard Dick say. "This is stupid."
He was was stupid to try to run away from Batman. She felt him spin her around to face him and averted her eyes to avoid his glare.
She remained quiet.
"Don't be stubborn," he demanded. "I get enough of that attitude with Damian."
"You were right," she said, looking at him now but still frowning. "This is stupid."
"Talk to me, Barbara."
"What is there to talk about anymore," she said exasperated. "We go through this every time you feel overwhelmed or whenever you have to save the universe from some impending doom. You tell me you love me, I fall for it, you go to give me a ring, and then some meta-human-super-villain pops in and it's all forgotten."
"I don't forget," He said taking her hand in his. "I never forget."
"I hope you never told Kory that," she snapped. "I don't forget things either, Dick."
"Two words," he said, face stern holding up two fingers. "Jason. Bard."
"You can't count that!" She gritted her teeth. "You were with Kory when I was with him And I...I..."
She took her glasses off, wiping the tears from her eyes before they could fall. He took both her hands in one hand and brushed her tears away with his other.  She didn't fight him.
"I was only with him...because I couldn't be with you." She sighed as he continued to stroke her cheek. "I know Bruce's death has effected you so much. You're wearing his cowl, raising his sociopathic son, and trying to continue his mission to cleanse a world so covered in filth. Even I'm working so hard to help my father pick up Gotham after those black lanterns, and working to make sure Stephanie makes it home in one piece every night. We couldn't make it work when it was just Oracle and Nightwing...what makes you think it'll be different now with Oracle and Batman?"
He pushed her lips to his and kissed her, and she couldn't resist him, she never could.  It didn't last long though, with him pulling away slowly and resting his forehead against hers. They both savored the warmth.
  "I've loved you since I was the boy wonder running around without pants when we were the dynamic duo. We're both spinning a thousand plates, but when aren't we? If it's not fighting crime in Gotham, we're killing black lanterns, and if it's not that we're going off to save the world from some ultimate evil. I want stability during all this, and we've been always been an almost, but never a definite. I want this, Babs," he ran a finger down her cheek, along her neck, and hooped to the chain hid beneath her shirt. He pulled it up revealing the engagement ring he had given her strung along the chain. "And I know you want this too."
"How did you know that was there?" she asked dumbfounded.
"I'm the new Batman," he smirked. "The world's greatest detective."