Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad Fan Fiction ❯ We are back! ❯ We're Back ( Chapter 1 )

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Disclaimers: I don't own BECK neither the characters in it, It was created by Osamu Kobayashi, animated by Madhouse and produced by Takeshi Shukuri and Yoshimi Nakajima LICENSED BY FUNimation Entertainment unless I insert my own character
I made other stories but this is my first time to publish one of them… enjoy…
Chapter 1: Beck the Mongolian Chop Squad
It's been a year since Beck's performance in different places in America, apart from realizing there first album by an Indies recording company. It may not be sold in well known record stores but, made it through the top five bands in colleges in America.
Summer came and Go for Yukio but known as Koyuki Tanaka struggling to keep track of his studies in his third year of high school and making time for the band.
The group stays at a 25-floor condominium which is not very known in America yet it fits their expectations perfectly. The fact that it is not known means they could get rid of their indispensable fans or for Ryusuke, crazed-fan-girls. Moreover, the said building's features is suitable for their liking; whit with silver lining paints, huge windows that are wide enough for air to come in, and lastly, kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom that are connected ease-fully without consuming much space to their advantage for their recording stuff.
“Stop sleeping on you're butt Chiba” said Ryusuke Minami while kicking him in the rear end.
“What the hell did you do that for?!” standing straight and getting ready for a fist fight.
“Now, now, let's stop this ok? He he…” saying this nervously while holding both Chiba's shoulders.
“Whatever just keep him quiet, by the way Saku can you call Maho” calmly said while talking to the black haired chingky eyed drummer.
“No need Saku I'm already here”
“Ah, Maho we're you just sitting behind the door?” asked Ryusuke
“Actually I was just going to get some food in the fridge when I heard you telling Saku to call for me.”
“Since you're here already can you get me a cup of tea?”
“What? Can't you get it you're self” crossing arms as a sign of protest.
“Can't you see I'm reading” pointing his finger at the shoujo magazine that he's holding”
“You're so lazy Ryusuke, you know wha-“
“It's ok Maho I'll get it for him, Saku, Chiba, what do you want?” blocking a hand at her face.
“Water please, It's seems that Chiba had fallen asleep again” cautiously poking him by the side.
“Koyuki shouldn't have done that… It's ok” while closing the door behind them
“No it's ok Maho, I just don't want you and Ryusuke to start another fight”
“Don't worry Koyuki we won't” smiling happily at him.
That afternoon ended with Chiba still sleeping while the others talk about the new songs that Koyuki and Ryusuke made. Everyone had gone home by four o'clock, getting ready for their rehearsal at seven and their live performance at Jacob's an underground pub where developing bands come to perform it start at nine p.m. until midnight.
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