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BBB3: Ethereal Reminisce



A sickle passed through the decaying skeletons' body. It's head fell to the floor and rolled a bit. A firm grip was given to the chain that connected to the end of the sickle and it came back, slicing the ribs in two. It went up in the air and was soon caught by the young lad. The beast spoke no more. "…got it." The child spoke in a low harsh voice and straightened up.

The man standing next to him stood tall and grimaced at him. "Err…" he growled in a low pitched voice.

The boy looked at him momentarily, attached both sickles to his belt, and turned his back to him. "Your help was mildly appreciated. Try and keep a clear head when you fight." Pulling the cloak over his head, he started to walk off through the town that no longer stood.

The man's lower eye twitched. "Wh-what….that the hell did you say to me boy…ANSWER ME, NOW!" he growled and lifted his sword, he was going to knock some manors into him. NO one talked to HIM like that. He let out a beastly roar and brought the sword down, however no one was there. He turned his head from side to side, just in tine to see the youth climbing up into a tree. He sat in a branch and crossed his legs. He didn't like that cocky attitude of his.

"Your shouldn't cry out like a beast before an attack. It lets the enemy know you're near. Bad habit."

~Damn him…~

"Now if you'll excuse me I have business to attend to." He hopped out of the tree. The man stood there, shaking with rage, he couldn't understand this. He had one prior experience when he felt this angered over a duel…just one…

The boy strode off down the trail.

Just when the sky seemed like it was going to be beautiful, storm clouds passed overhead in thick bunches. Thunder boomed, lightning streaked the sky and heavy rain poured. An hour had passed before that mans prior encounter with the demons. His mood was still foul, and his rage hadn't died. He walked, his sword on his back, his boots hitting puddles, which muddied his pants. He needed shelter. He lifted his cloak up a bit so his eye could see. A low grumble came from his throat. Spotting a gave his shifted positions and walked toward it, taking special care to keep his metallic arm under his cloak for fear of rust, especially not that he was going against the wind and rain.

Once he reached the cave, he took a few steps inside and removed his hood and shook out his hair, running his hand through it several times. Then stopped instantly. His eyes narrowed. There was light coming from around the curvature. He put his hand on the hilt of his sword and listened to see if there were more around, to his dismay, there wasn't a sound. He slowly crept toward the light, and poked his nose around the corner, his eyes soon followed its lead. What he saw surprised him. His eyes widened, but he made no sound. He glared. ~Perhaps I'll take your advice, you wretched child…~ thought the creature cloaked with hate. He slowly unsheathed his sword.

"I'm not asleep you know. Nor am I not stupid."

"Wha?" He glared, bewildered. How the hell did he know he was there!? Not only were his eyes closed but he was facing the fire. He growled "But-"

"I knew it was you the moment you entered the cave. You're boots are heavy, not to mention muddy. The pebbles crackled beneath your feet and made an odd sound when you lifted up the boot. Not to mention you breathe loudly."

"…" He didn't say anything, he growled a bit, but sheathed his sword and turned away to walk out.

"I don't care if you stay. There is a fire. Just don't sit next to me."


"Then have a seat."

"I'm leaving." He pulled the cloak over his head.

The boy held up the Beheliet. "You want this…don't you."

That caught the man's attention. He stopped on the dime, hearing the trinket clink a bit. He turned around and glared "Give it here, boy."

"Why do you want it?"

"I DON'T HAVE TO EXPLAIN MYSELF TO YOU!! I should cut off your hand, KILL you if I have to but it WILL be mine…" his fists shook, he hated this child with such a passion. His hand quickly reached for his sword.

"But, if you killed me, you'll be left to wonder why I want it."

He glared. "…." ~He has a point, dammit…but why should I care…as long as I have it…but how does he even know of it…or is he looking to pawn it…dammit…damn him…damn it all…~ "PUH! I could care less about you or why you have that stupid thing. All I know is I have to have it."

"…you're branded."

He glared. He hit a sensitive spot in the man's heart. He gingerly put a hand on his marking and scratched away some dried blood. He turned around and started to walk out.

"Again, your welcomed to stay. We're not so different."

He ceased once more and turned to him, eyes narrowing. Without another word, he headed over to the fire as if this was his idea and no one had asked him. The boy leaned against the wall and closed his eyes, holding the Beheliet in both hands. The man pulled his knees up adjusted his sword between his legs and eyed the child. ~Who the hell is this bastard…what did he mean `we're not so different…dammit I hate him…why is he so quiet all of the sudden…he doesn't even have the courtesy to explain himself…what's his problem…~

The boy was oddly silent. His arms curled around his legs his head down and long bangs in front of his eyes hiding any expression his face wielded. He toyed with the beheliet in his hands momentarily, shifting it between his fingers.

"…who are you anyways, boy…you must have some god forsaken name."

"Elliot. Elliot Pierce," he said mechanically.

The man turned up his nose and snorted a bit.

"And you?"


Elliot didn't acknowledge him. He didn't even look up, let alone make any motion to shake his hand. ~Gutts…~

The night went on, the two men stayed silent and were left to dwell in the abyss of their own minds. Each craving the knowledge of the others past and journey. It was maddening. Hours passed, neither slept, neither mad a word. Their breathing were calm, their eyes focused on the fire. Outside the storm raged on, the clouds spoke more than they did. Their bodies, laden with precipitation, passed on the rainfall in torrents, hoping to return to their white purity once again.

~Dammit…he's too silent…aren't children suppose to be noisy…child…my child…~ He winced at the thought and clenched his hands shut. Another touchy subject his mind passed upon. Naturally, he blamed this on the boy, his urge to slice him in two rose a little more. ~Caska…~

The silence between the two was finally broke early into the morning, before the dawning hours. "How is it a man like you came into possessing the brand of the sacrifice, hm?"

Gutts look up. His eyes widened. So, he did know a little bit about this…but…how? "Puh. Why should I tell a wretch like you?"

The boy looked at his hand solemnly. Slowly, he placed the beheliet back around his neck. It tinkered a bit as he did. His right hand took his left hand and felt around the bandage; slowly, he untied it and started to unwrap it.

Gutts watched him, rather intrigued by his actions and relaxed slightly. His sword resting against his shoulder now more comfortable. However, the comfort didn't last long. He sat up straight and his eyes widened at the sight before his eyes, "N-no…" ~How could this be!? A…child…a child, a child managed to escape them!?~ he growled, he refused to believe it. ~And yet…Judeau…Pippin…Gaston, Corkus, ALL OF THEM DAMMIT!!! And this…CHILD…~ he glared, his fists shook violently. The child had indeed shown him the brand of the sacrifice. Right there on his palm it was where it rested. Burnt into his flesh, black with red around showing where he bled. "TH-that's….that's…IMPOSSIBLE!!!!" he grabbed the hilt of his sword.

"No. Improbable yes. Impossible no. What you see here is the real thing. The blood you see around it is proof enough. It bled terribly when we fought those monsters out there. As much as yours, maybe even more considering my age and height."

"B-but…BUT HOW DAMMIT!! HOW WAS IT YOU, A MERE FRIGGIN CHILD WAS ABLE TO ESCAPE THOSE APOSTLES AND….and…yet…all of them….ALL OF THEM FRIGGIN DIED!?" (a/n: I know, I know, Gutt's wouldn't say `friggin' howver I want to keep the cursing mild so as not to make this rated R, bear with me and all you berserk fans out there who love this anime as much as I do, Im sorry.)

"…I…don't know. I've asked myself that same question every day for the last seven months."

Gutts stopped his yelling. His expression didn't soften, but he was quiet now. He just glared. Slowly, he let the sword go and turned his face away.

"Seven months ago…is when it happened."

"The Godhand."

"I don't know what they were called. But they were certainly no god, those god damned devils…" he tightened his grip on his legs, digging his fingers into the cloth of his pants. "Their gonna pay…" he growled.

Gutts, after hearing all this, laughed, and he laughed very cruelly. Elliot popped his head up and glared, tears in his eyes. He bit his lip. "Excuse me, sir, do you find something funny about my situation…"

The man soon started to laugh and he tried so hard to settle down, then slapped down his metal arm and smirked. It was cold, and almost evil. "You'll never win. You'll be eaten alive, ripped limb. From. Limb."

"I'll die trying then…"

"Do what you want kid. Your best bet now is to run a stake through your heart and end it all."

"I'm no coward."

"It's your life. But you're never going to beat them, hell, I'll kick myself if those demons back there don't scare you to death."

"We'll see."

Gutt's snickered, then broke out into his ruthless laugh once more.

Elliot turned back to the fire, and for many hours, didn't speak another word, wiping fallen from his cheeks and eyes every now and then.

A few hours passed. Guilt flowed through Gutt's heart. He didn't think he could be so cruel, and the pitiful look upon the child's face was heart wrenching. He spat when morning had arrived and the sun rested at nine o clock. "…so, who was it? Who was the dirty bastard that did it to you?"

"…The mayor…"

He raised an eyebrow. "And…you were his…sacrifice?" he raised his left brow.

"Not just me…you see…we lived in a small village. People got along…we didn't have much, but I guess you could say…we were happy. People shared when rations were needed. Our mayor was wonderful. He loved his people more than everything…"

"So the price for his demon shit was the village?"

He nodded. "Precisely. It was terrible that night. We heard a piercing scream that stabbed at our hearts. We ran out and what we saw was awful…it was pure terror…I can't describe it…pain, suffering, torture, sorrow…it was all there. It was….it was evil…and there was nothing we could do. Five people came from nothingness. Each uglier than the last and presented themselves as the Godhand. They were demons. Each and every one of them. They started to talk to our mayor. I don't remember their words. I was so scared. But before anything else…m-my…my mother. she threw me into a hole we made in case of a war so we could hide our food…however…she closed the lid too soon…the lid had a very sharp surface…not to mention it was heavy so if course survive fire…my finger got trapped and well…" he held up his hand again. There was indeed a missing finger. Gutts wasn't bothered in the least; however, he put a hand over his own metal one. "After that…a cackle was heard. I was holding up my hand at the time and wailing in pain, so I wasn't sure what was heard. And then…t-this…this ugly fire shaped mark came to me before my eyes and burned into my skin, right on my palm. It started to bleed…actually I'm not sure anymore…it looked like it was bleeding…however it could have been from my finger…. whatever it was…I could do nothing. I heard my mother screaming…she was in pain…god knows what those horrible beasts did to her before they swallowed her up…god…. mother…" he pulled his knees closer, trembling.

Gutts was speechless now. He regretted his words and earlier actions. He went through the same thing. He knew what those beasts did to women…he knew to well. Pain welled up in his chest. He was confused about what he should do. Throughout his whole life, this scenario never played through his mind. Another sacrifice. Someone like him. Someone who he could relate to…feel pain with…

"I was down there, in that hole…for three days…I managed to get by…we had a mice problem…I was all right for the time being. Finally when the pain had died down enough in my finger I managed to get myself out. What I saw…was hell. Streams of blood. Limbs. Gore. The whole works, all put on a nice spread before me. Our homes were burned and crops destroyed. I had nothing. For two months I stayed there…I tried to make a memorial for them…nothing worked, really. During that time I also managed to make my weapon…it's served me well thus far…after that….I set out…and gathered information…and here I am today…alone…with…j-just my memories…" he cried into his knees. "Mother…father…I-I'm sorry…" he mumbled, shoulders shaking, large tears falling to the floor.

Without thinking about it, Gutt's stood up. He sat next to the boy, and pulled him into his embrace. It was anything but gentle. The metal arm dug into the boys back. The man was silent, expressionless. He stared at the fire and let the boy cry. It was all the comfort the boy had in the world. Inside, Gutts was crying pretty hard too. It rained against outside, again, however, it was a gentle patter that seemed comforting. A bird flew overhead and nestled into a tree. All was still.

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