Beyblade Fan Fiction ❯ Among the Stars ❯ We're back!!!! ( Chapter -1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Misa1120:Hiya everybody!! I'm officially back an' rearin to go :)
DreamGirl_27: *stretches* its been a while, hasn't it sis?
Misa: *nods* yup it has. *to readers* Among the Stars was once a fanfic featured on my old account, Misa1120. Somehow, it got hacked or somethin. I dunno wat, but my password suddenly changed without my knowin… *looks at DG_27*
DG_27: Don look at me! I didn't do it *whistles*
Misa: Suuuure ¬.¬ Anyways, Angelik16 is the new account, aaaaand….. it's a shared one! :D
DG_27: From now on, Misa, and I will be saving our stories on this account, along with our other sister.
Misa: Where is she anyways??? *looks around*
DG_27: Dunno, but she'll be here sometime you don't want her to. Without further adue, here are the profiles for the created characters in this story:
Name: Angel
Age: 13
Hair color and style: brown shoulder-length hair, tips held in by a small silver ribbon
Skin: a healthy peachish color
Eye color: green
Outfit: wears a black T-shirt that says `Look don't touch' in silver letters, clack cargo pants, and black and silver sneakers
Bitbeast name and description: Pegasus; a great white unicorn that has black armor and a golden horn
Paired with: Kai
Personality: Angel is a carefree person who has a short temper. She loves animals and loves revenge. She always has a comeback for any remark. Angel has a twin brother, Darius who is opposite to her in every way.
Name: Tysha
Age: 15
Hair color and style: Black shoulder length with blue streaks
Skin: a healthy peachish color
Eye color: icy blue
Outfit: wears a black T-shirt that says `It's not that I'm anti-social I just don't like you`, hip hugger jeans, and black knee-high boots
Bitbeast name and description: Sumki; a great blue tiger with fiery red armor
Paired with: Tyson
Personality: Tysha is a mysterious girl who is very hard to read. She is cold and heartless to her enemies (kinda like Sesshomaru from Inuyasha). When she's with her friends she seems happy and carefree. Though nobody knows her past she never trusts anyone enough to tell them of her painful experiences.
Name: Ryu
Age: 14
Hair Color: Jet-black and always down, about to her back
Skin: lightish brown
Eye Color: Crimson red
Outfit: Wears a golden headband to keep out her bangs, a black t-shirt with a red over shirt with the sleeves rip off, kung fu shorts, and sneakers
Bitbeast name and description: Ryo-ohki; a fox with fire at the end of her feet and tail and a gold plated armor on the stomach and her 3 tails.
Paired with: Max
Personality: a hyper girl that loves to eat and absolutely loves to play pranks. She's very acrobatic and loves to sleep outside or in the trees like a monkey. People love to make fun of her by calling her Baka Saru (Stupid Monkey) and she is really quick to fight. She doesn't have a care for the world. She was born an orphan and was shipped to new foster homes like each month until she ran away and met you guys. Detectives and cops are still on the look out for her.
Name: Sakuya Lin
Age: 13
Hair color and style: Amber Red, 2shades lighter bangs, always in a high ponytail and reaches her waist when up (she doesn't like her hair down or to be messed with)
Skin: not pale, but not peachy, lightly tanned
Eye color: pale blue
Outfit: Hip hugger camo-capris (black/gray), white trainers, white tank (shows off 1" of her stomach) that says 'Beware' in red across the front, and a black vest with 1 pocket lined in red
Bitbeast name and description: Dramia, big white/red/black wolf, with bright green eyes
Paired with: Ray
Personality: Seems to distance herself, but is always ready for a fight (fist fights or beyblade) not too easy going around guys, she is very protective to those she cares about, she acts happy most of the time, but doesn't know much about her past or parents, pretty care-free. She'll do what it takes to get what she wants and can't resist a challenge. Also…keep her AWAY from coffee...Yea…that's it
Name: Nikey or Nick (Female)
Age: 13
Hair color: Blonde ,pulled back into ponytail.
Skin: creamy peach
Eye color: ocean blue
Outfit: Sleeveless blue shirt, with black khakis pants that have chains on them with a lot of pockets. (Shoes) Black vans with blue writing on them, about 50 bracelets on each arm, earrings that hangs down and has a star at the bottoms. She also wears a locket that her parents gave her, when she was younger.
Bit- Beast: Shen- Long, a light blue and silver dragon (like Dragoon). Shen- Long's element is water.
Paired with: Kenny
Personality: Really Smart, funny, can be talkative, calm, and can and will get mad at times, but almost all the time she's sweet and helpful.
Angel: O lord, we're not startin up with this crap again are we?? >.>
Misa: *smiles brightly* O'course we are! :D O yea, I forgot to introduce the newest addition to the family: Darius!!
Name: Darius
Age: 13
Hair color and style: Dark brown, cut short and a bit spiky
Skin: light brown
Eye color: hazel
Outfit: a white pro-club shirt with phat farm jeans that are ripped by the knees; also wears glasses
Bitbeast name and description: Quasar; a chimera that has the body of a lion, the tail of a snake, and the wings of a dragon.
Paired with: no one yet
Personality: Darius is kind of shy and bad with girls. He's Angel's older twin brother, and can be heroic at times… as well as lazy. Also, he loves anime.
Misa: Welcome Darius!!! *claps hysterically* YAYY!!!
Darius: Um… hi? ^^;;
DG_27: Don't scare him sis, jeeze ^-^; Well, guys, that's all for now. First chapter is being revised and should be up by Thursday.