Beyblade Fan Fiction ❯ Among the Stars ❯ Down the Hole We Go!!! ( Prologue )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
DG_27: Hey guys ^-^
xXThugBabyXx: *runs in* Waddup Bitches?! >=]
Misa: *comes in eating a choco. chip cookie*
Ryu: Yay!! We’re gonna start today!! *bounces up and down*
Tysha: *rolls eyes* Let’s get on with it then…
Misa: Nikey, would you do the honors?

(Disclaimer:) Nikey: Misa1120 does not, nor will she ever own Beyblade, Sakuya, Ryu, Tysha, or me.

DG_27: As promised here’s the revised chapter 1. Enjoy ^-^

Scene 1: Down the hole we go!

Angel: *clears throat* Hello and welcome to–
Girls: *giggles*
Angel: *clears throat again* I said, welcome to–
Girls: *giggles*
Angel: *slams giant book on nightstand* SHUT THE FUCK UP!
Girls: O.O;;;
Angel: Like I was saying. Welcome to the I WUV KITTIES Club! Since this is our first meeting, let's say our names. Hi, my name is Angel. :D
Tysha: I'm Tysha everybody.
Ryu: Ryu's name is Ryu! *jumps up and down*
Sakuya: Ohayo, I'm Sakuya Lin.
Nikey: Name's Nikey, pleased to meet ya.
Angel: Now that that's over, any questions?
Sakuya: *raises hand*
Angel: Yes, Sakuya?
Sakuya: Uh… yeah, why do we have to say our names if we've known each other for, like, 3 years?
Sakuya: Um… o-kay…
Angel: *perks back up* Any other questions? =]
Ryu: Do we have our own website?
Angel: Yup!
Ryu: Ooh, ooh! What does Ryu's look like? =D
Tysha: *bonks Ryu on the head* You doofus! It's a club website!
Ryu: ACK! I'm not a doofus! *whimpers* >.<
Nikey: Yeah. She's just a banana brained Baka Saru!
Ryu: I'm not a monkey, Nick! *turns to Angel* Got any bananas?
Angel: *points to nightstand* Yuppers!
Ryu: *chomps on banana* Yayy! *bounces off walls*
Sakuya: *teases* Baka Saru! Baka Saru!
Ryu: Not a monkey!!!
Nikey: Hey Angie, can we see the website?
Angel: Uh-huh. C'mon.
Girls: *crowd around Angel's computer*
Angel: The website's address is *types it in* (A/N: no, this is not a real website! sorry guys! ^_^;;;)

The screen goes lavender and a chibi anime kitten comes on the screen doing the cancan.

Sakuya: It's soooooooooo kawaii! 030
Nikey: *agrees* It is! I want one!
Ryu: *chomps on banana* Ryu wants a kittie-witttieee!! 0w0
Tysha: Guys, it's on our website for crying out loud!
Angel: SHUT THE FUCK UP! I'm not done, y'know!
Tysha: You cuss too much! Like a fickin damn sailor..
Angel: *glares*
Girls: *hushed*
Angel: *back to being peppy* When the kitty is done dancin' it asks you to either login or register. Your login names are the first letter of your name and the word `kitty'. Your password is the name of your Bitbeast. :)
Ryu: *points to flashing cat paw* What does that mean?
Angel: That means that we gots mail. Yeah! Our first kitty-letter! Who's bad? We is! *does a lil we’re-bad dance*
Tysha: Who would send us a kitty-letter? We didn't tell anyone about the club…
Angel: *explains* It's posted on the internet, dumdum! Anyone who sees our little webby and wants to join has to send a letter and register.
Sakuya: That flashin's hurting my eyes! Read the God damn letter already!
Angel: *mumbles* O-kay, o-kay. Don't get your tail all tied up in a knot. -_-;

Angel clicked on the flashing cat paw. The screen went completely black.

Ryu: *finishes banana* What happened?
Tysha: *shrugs shoulders*

Three seconds later, a message plays across the screen. It says “CONGRATULATIONS!!! You've just won a free trip to another dimension! Claim your prize in 10 seconds…… or else!”

Nikey: Is this for real?
Sakuya: *rolls eyes* What a cheesy ad.
Ryu: *gets another banana* I wanna go!
Tysha: ¬ .¬ Are you fuckin kidding me, Ryu?
Ryu: Ryu wants to go! =[
Angel: Shut up! There's three seconds left. I wanna see what happens!

------- --------
---------------- ---------------
Th ree
--------------- ----------------
------- --------
---- ------
--------- -------

----------< br> ------------
------ -------

The screen went black again.

Tysha: Well… that was dumb.

Suddenly, an evil mechanical laugh echoed throughout the room.

Ryu: *whimpers* Scary! Scary! >.<
Sakuya: Sheesh, Ryu! It's just a stupid program. You are such a Baka Saru.
Ryu: *chomps on banana* Not a monkey!
Nikey: Hey what's that? *points to little white dot on screen*
Angel: I dunno.
Grils: *leans closer*

The white dot started swirling around and got bigger. It started sucking things in.

Sakuya: It's a frickin' wind tunnel!
Angel: HOLY FUCKING SHIT! It's pulling us in!
Tysha: Thank you captain obvious. -.-

The girls were sucked through the dark tunnel and were stuck flying through the windy obsidian void-like space. Suddenly the wind picked up.

Ryu: My banana! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O.O
Nikey: How can you possibly think of food at a time like this? ¬.¬
Ryu: Easy peasy! *thinks about food* Yummy! *drools*
Sakuya: What are you thinking about now, Baka Saru?
Ryu: One: Not a monkey! And two: cream puffs, strawberry parfaits, coffee cakes, mud pies, ice-cream, chocolate filled doughnuts… *continues naming favorite sweets*
Tysha: Ryu, you are such a Baka Saru! Just when I thought you were actually maturing, BAM! You come back with more senseless shit!
Nikey: *points* Hey guys, look! There's a light at the end of the wind tunnel.girls: Eh?

The girls fell through the end of the tunnel and landed on something soft.

Angel: WTF?! *rubs backside*
Tysha: *groan* That's on my `Never-To-Do' List…
Sakuya: T.T Meowch! That smarts!
Ryu: @.@ Uhgn…
Nikey: *straightens back* I think we're on something…

The girls stumble off of the (very soft) thing they were on to reveal a man who was, at present, KO'd. He was slightly stout, with a white brush mustach. His outfit consisted of a brown suit, a matching brown bowl hat, and a cane.

Tysha: *dumps water on him* Get up, old man!
Sakuya: Geeze Ty, you should be more gentle. He's elderly, y'know…
Tysha: *rolls eyes* Wat ev.
Old man: *comes to* Wha? Where am I? Oh! I'm at home, aren't I? *eyes girls* Welcome, young ladies! I see that you have all faired well on your trip. My name is Mr. Dickinson. You can call me Mr. D.
Nikey: What do you want with us?
Mr. D.:Well…
Angel: *scowls* Spill, old geezer!
Mr. D.: I have a proposition for you…

-------------------------------------------------- --------------- -----------------