Beyblade Fan Fiction ❯ May I Have This Dance? ❯ Chapter 2 ( Chapter 2 )

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May I Have This Dance?

Summary: While attending a Halloween Masquerade event, Johnny dodges one girl’s advances while trying to gain another’s. Who is this girl dressed like an angel and why does she feel so familiar?

Pairings: Johnny/Kai

Disclaimer: I don’t own the Anime Beyblade or any character associated. I reluctantly admit that I do own Iris “Rebel” Gillian. She is an original character and all likeness to people living or dead is purely coincidental. This character is not based on anyone else’s character design, again if any likeness, it’s purely coincidental.

Warnings: Kai is a girl in this story. The use and introduction of a female Original Character. Any fans of OCs and OC pairings should leave now. Anti-OC pairings and blatant bashing of my own character. I created her; I can do what I want with her. And I plan to.

AN: Hello again, everyone. Part two of my first ever Two-shot. Thank you to everyone who reviewed. I appreciate it very much. I wasn’t sure about this fic, but it’s good to know that someone out there likes it. Once again, opinions and comments are very much welcomed and appreciated.

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Chapter Two:

“I know it’s you, Kai,” Johnny whispered as he pulled her closer against him, her soft breasts crushing against his hard chest. Her body was soft and molded against his so easily, despite her being shocked from his admission.

From under the mask, Kai’s eyes widen and her mouth dropped open a little as she stuttered uncharacteristically for a moment. “What?”

“It’s ok,” he whispered as he leaned forward, slowly to give Kai time to pull away if his advances were unwanted.

But she didn’t. Instead, her eyes fell shut and she moved forward as well. Johnny brushed their lips together softly at first before he tilted his head to the side and pressed them together, kissing her soundly. The sensation of Kai’s lips against his quickly became too much for him and he quickly slipped his tongue passed her lips and teeth, to search and explore ever inch of the inside of her mouth. Kai made a noise of pleasure and began to press her tongue against his, succeeding in deepening the kiss even more.

Eventually, after a few heated minutes, the two remembered their place amongst the crowded ballroom and pulled away, their masks expertly hiding their flustered expressions. Silently, Johnny took Kai’s hand in his once again and lead her through the party patrons, onto a large stone balcony that over looked the beautiful gardens below. He led her over to a secluded corner where they turned to face each other. They removed their masks, seeing as they no longer held any purpose to them and Johnny leaned against the balcony, taking Kai’s hands in his.

“How did you know it was me?” Kai asked after a moment, a light blush on her cheeks.

Johnny looked upon her face and suddenly noticed that she wasn’t wearing her trademark blue sharkfins. They must’ve been face paint after all. He always wondered about that. “I could just tell,” he replied to her question.

“It was the hair, wasn’t it?” Kai asked, timidly lifting a hand to let the fingertips just hover before the silky strands.

Johnny let a chuckle escape as he shook his head. “It was your eyes, actually. Anyway, why have you-”

“My parents made me,” Kai said, cutting him off from finishing his question. “Once, when I was about three or four, I was grabbed by a man who tried to sell me as a child slave. Luckily, he didn’t get far. Apparently, I fought him off, and my parents were fearful for me ever since. So, they made me dress as a guy, to deter any further abduction attempts.”

Johnny immediately stiffened when a surge of protectiveness filled his being. “You were abducted?”

“I don’t remember it, though,” Kai replied quickly, a careless shrug of her shoulder. “I guess I was too young to understand what was going on. My parents made me dress as a boy, but they always reminded me that I was a girl and to act courteously to those around me.”

“I see,” Johnny muttered, settling down slightly but still a little bitter that some pervert tried to take Kai away when she was young. “So why are you dressing as a girl now?” he asked, hoping to steer the conversation in another direction.

Kai blushed darkly and pressed her lips into a thin line. “Hilary thought it would be a great Halloween custom for me to wear as a dare,” she muttered, annoyed. “But then I filled it out a little too well.”

Really well, Johnny wanted to say, but kept quiet. “What did she say?”

“After the shock wore off, she was delighted,” she said as she rolled her eyes at the memory. “Another girl to hang around with.” She then became quiet and gave Johnny a reluctantly uneasy look. “Does it bother you, that I’m a girl?”

Johnny chose to ignore the question for now, a more pressing question needed to be answered. “Why are you here, Kai?” he asked as he stood up tall, still grasping one of Kai’s hands in his.

“Hilary couldn’t keep her mouth shut,” Kai muttered as her blush stayed on her cheeks and she looked off to the side. “She told Oliver and Oliver told her that you were attending a Masquerade Ball tonight and they arranged that I would come as well. Didn‘t really have much say in the matter, though.”

“That doesn’t answer my question,” Johnny said as he took a step closer to Kai, slipping a finger under her chin and forcing her to look up at him. “Why are you here?”

Kai stayed silent at first, staring deeply into Johnny’s eyes until she swallowed thickly and closed her eyes, appearing almost frightened. “…I’m here for you,” she whispered softly.

A grin immediately found its way onto Johnny’s face and he resisted the urge to give a woot of delight. “I’m glad,” he said. “And no, it doesn’t bother me that you’re a girl. In fact, I could say I’m delighted.”

Kai’s eyes flew open in surprise. “Delighted? Why?”

“I won’t have to be subjected to my parents disappointing sighs about finding the perfect wife for me,” he said as he continued to grin with joy. “I can tell them not to worry anymore.”

“You…like me too?” Kai asked slowly, seemingly gobsmacked.

“Of course,” Johnny said as his grin softened and he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her against him once again. Kai lifted her arms and wrapped them around his neck as they pressed their lips together once again, seemingly picking up where they left off.

After pulling back from the kiss, Johnny trailed a finger over the angel wings on Kai’s back. “These wings suit you,” he said as he let Kai rest her head on his shoulder. “Are you sure they aren’t real?”

Kai chuckled and shook her head. “Charmer,” she teased before a content sigh passed her lips as Johnny tenderly kissed her forehead. She’ll have to thank Hilary and Oliver after this.

Suddenly, the sound of heels clicking on the hard floor loudly interrupted the peacefulness around them and the sight of a certain leather clad Rebel stalked her way over to them, her emerald green eyes blazing with anger.

“You cheating asshole!” Iris suddenly screamed at Johnny, her hands curled into fists by her side that shook with barely suppressed anger. “How dare you! My parents wishes for us to one day marry and you’re here, cuddling up to this slut! A slut who dresses as a man!”

Immediately, Kai and Johnny reeled back in shock, unintentionally stepping away from each other, their mouths dropping open.

Slut? Kai almost blanched as she stared at this girl’s choice of clothing. That was ironic coming from a girl wearing a really short leather mini-skirt with fishnet stockings and no bra!

“Marry you?” Johnny spluttered as he looked at her like she had grown a second head. He then moved to stand in front of Kai, protecting her from this obviously deranged female in case she might turn her rage toward her.

“Like hell that will ever happen,” he hissed, his eye narrowed and dangerous as well. “Weren’t you listening before? I don’t care what your parents think.”

Iris’s expression suddenly grew darker as she gritted her teeth together. “You bastard!” she screamed and abruptly moved forward. She then did the unthinkable, she lifted her hand and slapped Johnny fair across the face, so hard that the sound seemed to echo.

“You’re so selfish,” she sneered at him as Johnny physically stumbled backwards and his hand immediately flew up to cover his cheek.

Iris looked smug for a moment, but it didn’t last. As soon as Kai saw Johnny took a hit, she lunged forward, raising her own hand. She then punched Iris right on her nose. It wasn’t a hit to get her to back off, it was a full-on slug. A right hook, most definitely breaking her nose while sending Iris flying backwards, tripping over her own stilettos, breaking off one of the heels.

Iris hit the ground hard and gave a strangled scream as her hands immediately moved up to clutch her bleeding nose, her face turning pale from shock. She looked up at Kai and her eyes widen in fear when she noticed the angry aura Kai was emitting.

“Don’t you dare,” Kai hissed, her face dark with rage. “Listen closely, you stupid egotistical bitch. How dare you raise a hand to Johnny, calling him selfish? I’ve heard all about you, Rebel, and frankly I find your behavior appalling. You treat Johnny like shit and you expect him to fall in love with you just like that?”

Johnny found himself gapping at Kai in complete awe, momentarily forgetting the stinging sensation on his cheek. She looked pissed off. Very pissed off. And for some strange, illogical reason, he found that a turn on. Her anger wasn’t from the fact that she had a short temper or that she was annoyed because something might not be going her way. She was angry because Iris struck him.

She was protective of him. Now that was feisty!

“Not just Johnny, but everyone else around you,” Kai continued, taking a menacing step forward to tower over the girl bleeding on the ground. “You’re self-centered, bratty and disrespectful. You throw a temper tantrum when things don’t go your way and you demand respect from everyone while flipping them the finger. You are highly dislikable; in fact, I could dare say most of the people inside despise you.”

“W-what?” Iris stuttered, she too forgetting about her injury as she stared at Kai in shock.

“I suggest you leave, little girl,” Kai said harshly and stood up straight. “You’ve got a long way to go before you become a woman.”

A sense of indignity filled Iris and she immediately sprung to her feet, forgetting that a river of blood was flowing from her nose. “How dare you!” she shrieked loudly as she stomped her foot on the ground, forgetting that she broke a heel in her fall and planted her tightly fisted hands on her hips. “That’s a lot coming from a girl who dresses as a guy!”

That insult didn’t phase Kai at all and she simply stuck her nose up at her as she turned away. “That just proves how immature you really are, if a cross dresser tells you to start acting like a woman, doesn’t it?”

Iris reeled back once again before she narrowed her eyes and clenched her jaw tightly, almost painfully. “You bitch,” she hissed, her voice hitching in her throat as if she was about to start crying.

“Please, is that the best you can do?” Kai asked as she glanced over her shoulder to glare at her. She looked away and walked over to Johnny, carefully placing a hand on his red and swollen cheek, hoping to sooth it somehow.

Johnny gave her a smile and covered her hand with his much larger one. He then glanced over her shoulder and sent Iris a smug look. “Go home and cry to your mother about how the mean people are picking on you,” he said.

Iris blinked back the tears that threatened to fall as she try to glare at them with more venom. “This isn’t over,” she said, threateningly.

“Actually, it is,” Kai said as Johnny wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her against his chest once again.

“Goodbye Iris,” Johnny said, still smirking at her. “Been a pleasure talking to you.”

Iris stayed still for a moment, appearing defiant even though her self-respect and dignity had been shot down and blown to pieces. Her clothes were wrinkled, her make-up smudged from the punch and the blood from her nose. Her usually pin-straight and flawless hair a mess and frizzy.

She glared at them before she stood up straight, stuck her damaged nose into the air and spun on her remaining heel. She then tried to walk away with her head held high, but ended up limping away hastily because of the height difference with her stilettos.

Johnny watched her leave before turning his attention to the young female in his arms, a smile on his face. “Wow, Kai.”

Kai immediately blushed and embarrassedly pressed her two index fingers together in front of her. “Sorry, I got carried away, didn’t I?”

“You said what hundreds of people have been dying to,” Johnny said with a laughing tone in his voice, his grin growing when Kai appeared more flustered. “Anyway, let’s leave this place.”

Kai nodded and lifted her hand to touch his cheek again. “Does your cheek hurt?”

“It’s fine,” Johnny said as he took her hand in his while keeping the other around her waist. “Come on, I want you to meet your future in-laws.”

“Ok,” Kai smiled and let him lead the way.