Beyblade Fan Fiction ❯ Taurean ❯ Welcome Tyson ( Chapter 1 )

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Welcome back Bladebreakers

Announcer: Live from the Detroit Amiptheater its Taurean!

The anime talk show of epic proportions.

And now here's Taurean

Taurean: Hi and welcome to the first ever episode of Taurean. I'm well Taurean you may know my best as T.W on, anyways we've got a show to do and what would a talk show be without guests to talk to?

A mute show! Ha ha ha!

Seriously though we've got some super hot special guests today who are they Chuck?

Chuck: This week on Taurean its Beyblade

Monday: We get in depth with Tyson

Tuesday: We'll chat with Kenny and Dizzi for some Beyblade fundamentals.

Wednesday: Join Taurean and Kai for a blading hootenanny!

Thursday: Ray will tell us of his trials since he joined the Bladebreakers.

And Friday: we get up close and personal with Max in the studio Jacuzzi.

And don't forget to watch this Saturday for Bladestock a free for all Beyblade tournament with a special surprise guest!

Back to you in the studio T.

Taurean: That's quite a line up Chuck but that's what were here for, and now today's Monday and for those just tuning in please welcome the one and only Tyson!

Tyson comes from backstage waving his hands in the air the crowd roars

Tyson: Thank you, thank you, you're all really too kind.

Taurean: Welcome Tyson were glad to have you and your team with us this week.

Tyson: Were all glad to be here even Kai though he won't admit it.

Taurean: How did your team react when you heard you'd be on our show?

Tyson: It was quite a shock really; we've never been on T.V like this before.

Kenny fainted, Kai chuckled in the background as usual, Max and I were excited, and I don't know how Ray felt.

Taurean: Do you ever feel through all you've been through nobody gives you enough credit?

Tyson: A lot but they're only teasing most of the time. he said staring right at the camera knowing his friends were watching at the hotel.

Ray and Kenny: Ouch!

Back at the studio

Taurean: Well let's move on. Does Kenny ever smile?

(At the hotel)

Kenny: What does he mean by that?

Tyson: He's not really as serious as he looks and no I'm not referring to you Kai!

Kai: Sure.

Taurean: Do you feel that Kenny is like a surrogate parent towards you?

(All dizzy no pun intended)

Kenny: Oh sweet mother of pearl.

He faints, head first on the floor of the bed in front of the TV.

Tyson just stood there for a minute not knowing what to say.

Tyson: Well, um let me put this way-

Back at the hotel Max and Ray prop Kenny up and use smelling salts to revive him.

Kenny: I can't belelive what I just heard.

Dizzi: Oh you get embarrassed too easily, daddy.

Kenny: Dizzi you're not helping.

Dizzi: Hey I can't help you all the time you know; I need some r&r myself.

Max: Quiet you two he's answering

Tyson: Even though he's always nagging me about my eating habits, or lecturing me about who knows what half the time.

He's a good friend who often keeps me from doing things I'd be sorry for later, thanks chief.

Kenny: Tyson.

Dizzi: Like father like son.

Taurean: Nice settlements and now we have to take a break but will be back to chat more with Tyson.

The camera veers away Tyson and Taurean logos appears on the lower right hand corner and fade to black.

Chuck: closed captioning for

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Great start so far! I

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