Big O Fan Fiction ❯ Holiday Spirit ❯ Holiday Spirit ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

A/N: A little late Christmas oneshot. Originally written on the Paradigm City Forums.

"Miss Dorothy, will you please come here?" Norman stood outside Dorothy's room.

"I will not Norman. I look ridiculus. I will not comes out looking like this." Norman sighed. Making the turkey had been hard. Putting up decorations had been difficult. Getting Dorothy out of her room was simply not fun.

"Please Dorothy. I'm sure you look fine."

Within her room Dorothy's gaze burned through the door. She turned to look in to the mirror she had recieved for her birthday. Had she understood the emotion, she was sure she'd be disgusted.

"Norman," she began, "Red is not my color." She heard him sigh frustratedly and walk off. She almost smiled. She had gotten her way. She looked in the mirror again.

What had Norman been thinking? Norman had replaced her normal black memory drive cover with a bright red one. The red felt-like dress was too tight and hugged her petite figure too well. The white furry that covered the heam, sleeves, and neckline was just plain annoying.

'Plus,' she thought, 'The whole thing is just too short.' After all, it landed almost 4 inches above her knee. Dorothy reached for the zipper. As she felt the metal tab she looked around for something to change into.

But there was nothing. Had curses been in her vocabulary, she probably would have been swearing enough to make a sailor blush. The memory of dropping her last dirty black dress down the chute that lead to the laundry room came back.

There very two options. 1. Walk down to the laundry room in her under garments, or 2. Walk down to the laundry room in the horrible red monstrosity.

She looked in the mirror. Option one began to look very tempting. Unfortunatly, the will to keep her modesty intact was to strong. She grasped the door and hesitantly turn the knob.

As she stepped outside she looked around. No one was around. If she was lucky, she'd get through this without anyone seeing her. Carefully, she snuck across the long hallway. 'So far so good.' Those would be otherwise be know as Dorothy's famous last words.

As she quietly walked past Roger's door, her keen ears picked up the sound of the latch of the door opening. 'Crap.'

As Roger imerged from his room, he was greeted with the sight of Dorothy in a short Santa outfit. Needless to say he stopped.


"Go ahead Roger."

Roger looked at her oddly, "Go ahead? What do you mean?"

Dorothy stood calmly infront of him, "Say I look horrible. Laugh, makes jokes. Have your fun."

"But," Roger started, "You look great."

"You're lying Roger Smith." Roger decided to move toward her. He grasped her shoulders lightly.

"I'm not Dorothy. You look nice. Kinda cute actaully." Roger winked at her.


"Yeah, your cute."

Dorothy's mouth curled in what Roger interputed as a smile. She slowly lifted his hands from her shoulders, "You're a louse Roger Smith."

Roger grinned. 'Maybe this outfits not so bad after all.'