Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 Fan Fiction ❯ A Goddess Comes to Call ❯ Chapter 1

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters from Bubblegum Crisis or Oh My Goddess, I'm just borrowing them.

Tokyo, early 1990'sKeichii looked at the goddess, then said "I wish for..." he stopped a moment, thoughtfully, then finished "the girl who would be perfect for me!"Belldandy felt strange, as if things weren't going the way they should have, somehow, but the wish had been made. Light and energy swirlded about, and then she smiled at him cheerfully. "You should probably answer the door." Belldandy suggested.Before he could say anything, a soft knock was heard. Belldandy gave him a gentle push, and he stumbled over to the door. Looking back a moment, he saw Belldandy had disapeared. He opened the door, and gazed in shock at the beautiful young woman standing there in the hall.She looked equally surprised, "Hi, I'm Chihiro Fujimi. I was looking for Tamiya, have you seen him?" Keichii nodded, and saw her hands, the slight cuts and bit of grease that showed she was into machinery, just like him. He noticed she was looking at his hands as well. They each saw the other looking, and laughed softly."My name's Keichii Morisato," he said blushing. Chihiro smiled at him, and he continued "I'm watching the place for him. Do you want to come in and wait?""I'd love to," Chihiro said happily to the young man. She followed him into the room and shut the door behind them with a loud click.Tokyo, the 2040'sClick, the door opened, and Linna stumbled into the room, looking very tired. She growled angrily, kicking at a cushion Priss had left lying on the living room floor. It had been a shitty day, and she had come home to find the place was a pigsty! Linna knew that Priss would clean it up eventually, but still! She walked into the kitchen and looked around, finally opening the refrigerator to look for leftovers. `There's no way I feel like cooking dinner tonight,' Linna thought tiredly, and picked up the phone. She quickly dialed the local pizza parlor from memory, but felt her finger slip as she hit the last number.The phone connected, and Linna heard a cheerful voice say " Hello! You've reached the Goddess technical help line. A goddess will be dispatched momentarily to fulfill your request." Linna stared down at the phone, frowning."That was an odd wrong number," Linna murmured. She looked over at the hallway mirror and cried out in surprise, "Aaahhh!" The long hared young woman waved at her cheerfully as she climbed out of the mirror!"Good Evening! What is your desire?" she asked Linna pleasantly as she stepped down to the ground, her long robes flowing around her."W... Wh.. Who are you?" a shocked Linna managed to ask her. The woman looked at her, blushing."Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot." She bowed deeply. " My name is Belldandy," she said, and reaching into her robe, `my card." She passed it over."I'm Linna," she answered. `A goddess with a business card?' Linna thought, looking it over. It simply said her name, that she was a goddess first class, whatever that means, and was edged with roman style decoration."We specialize in helping people with problems, by granting you a wish," Belldandy happily explained. "However, you only get one wish. Money? Power? We can do that. If you want to destroy the world, we can do that too. Of course, we prefer to avoid doing business with that sort of customer." she finished, smiling sweetly at Linna."And you're here to grant me a wish?" Linna asked her doubtfully. `I wonder if Sylia or Priss could have sent her over as a joke?' Linna wondered."Oh course," Belldandy said smiling, "anything you wish, and it will be granted. And it's no joke," she added.Linna looked at her in shock. "Could I have some time to think about it?" Linna asked weakly."Certainly," Belldandy answered.Linna walked on shaky legs over to a nearby chair and flopped down heavily. `An insane boomer, it's got to be,' Linna thought. Then she sighed, `Since when do boomers climb out of mirrors. though?' Linna shook her head. Watching her absentmindedly, she saw Belldandy get up and begin cleaning the living room. Belldandy quickly picked up all the garbage, tidied up the furniture, and then gently swept the floor. In moments, the living room looked better than when Linna had left it."Wow," Linna commented, "thank you." Belldandy turned to her and smiled sunnily. "I wish I had a goddess like you around all the time," Linna finished jokingly.Belldandy suddenly stopped in place, began to glow brightly, and the air in the room itself began to move. "No, wait!" Linna yelled to her, as she realized what she had said. "I didn't mean it!" Belldandy flared bright as the sun as winds ripped around the room, and a massive bolt of energy burst from her body, passed harmlessly through the roof and up into sky suddenly dark with clouds. Strobe like flares of lightning arched between the building and the clouds as the evening sky lit up.Outside, Priss climbed off her bike just as the fireworks started to get really intense. "Holy shit, that's our apartment!" Priss yelled. She charged inside the building, tucking her helmet under her arm as she hit the speed dial on her portable phone. "Sylia! Weird shit's happening over at my and Linna's place! Armor up and get over here!"Meanwhile, Belldandy's all-over glow slowly faded, she swayed in place a moment, then swooned. Linna rushed over and gently caught her before she hit the floor. "Are you all right?" Linna asked frantically."Yes, or at least, I will be. You did not intend to wish?" Belldandy weakly asked Linna. Sheshook her head no. "Help me over to the phone," Belldandy said with a sigh.Her fingers moved like a blur on the telephone's buttons, then she began to speak; "This is goddess first class Belldandy. Oh, It's you, Peorth."she said warmly. Belldandy continued business-like, "Can you confirm a wish retrieval from Earth sector, Asia region, Japan? Uh huh. It was a false alarm. It has already been input? Are you sure? All right, understood, thank you for your time." Belldandy hung up the phone, an odd expression on her face."What did they say?" Linna asked."The wish has already been input into the system. As of now, I must stay with you under the terms of the wish." Belldandy said, shrugging."But you're a goddess, you said!" Linna looked a bit white around the eyes as she protested, "Why can't you just magic you way out of it?""Goddesses are primarily conduits for a higher power. I have some abilities, but they would be nothing compared to the powers tied into the wish." Belldandy said with a sigh. "The system force, one of the governing powers of the universe, will now work to fulfill the wish. It seems we're stuck together."Just then, the front door slammed open, and Priss charged in! "All right, what's going on?" Priss roared. She looked around the room, that now looked like a disaster area. "It looks messier than when I left," Priss said, sounding awed.Linna groaned and put her head in her hands. "Sit down Priss, and meet Belldandy. Boy do I have a story to tell," Linna said, and sighed loudly.