Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 Fan Fiction ❯ A Goddess Comes to Call ❯ Chapter 14

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Part Eleven

Sylia walked into the Silky Doll as quietly as she could possibly manage, hoping no one would see her wearing these clothes, obviously the ones she had been wearing the day before. She looked a bit ragged, even though she was as neat and tidy as she could manage to get in the hotel's dinky little bathroom sink.

The figure leapt at Sylia from the shadows, and she went into her guard position. "Where were you?" Nene cried out. Mackie stood at Nene's side, looking rather embarrassed about his girlfriend's over the top behavior.

Sylia leaned in close to Nene and with a wicked smirk on her face drawled out, "Gee, Nene, I didn't know you cared."

Nene jumped backwards, blushing furiously. Mackie chuckled softly even as he chided her softly, "Be nice, sis."

"That's no fun," Sylia complained to him good-naturedly. She stepped into the elevator, gave them both a cheery wave and was gone.

As the doors closed her expression became much more serious. 'What is it about Mara that bothers me so much?' she thought with a frown. She shook her head, smiled a little and mused 'I think I really need to go see Nigel soon.'

She smiled as she heard a very familiar clearing of the throat just behind her. "Henderson!" she exclaimed, turning to her butler with a broad smile of welcome. "Did you enjoy your vacation?" she asked him cheerfully.

"Thank you, Mrs. Sylia, I did," her butler answered with his usual reserve. He smiled slightly, "I met your new guests as well, charming young ladies."

"Good to know you think so," Sylia said dryly. She began to strip, heading for her shower. Over her shoulder she asked him, "Did Priss and Urd make it back all right?"

"Yes, quite late," Henderson answered, continuing with a smile, "I believe they then retired to Urd's bedroom together."

Sylia felt a small pang, which she quickly suppressed. "Good for her," she said cheerfully, and started the water running.

Through the glass she saw Henderson lay out a suit of clothes and then leave, quiet as a mouse. She scrubbed; washing a day's worth of grime away, then shut the water down and climbed out. She dried herself, walked leisurely to the bathroom, and set about brushing away the taste of a hard night's drinking from her mouth. Finally feeling clean, she flopped down on a nearby couch and leaned back, letting herself relax.

Sylia sat forward again, struck by a memory. She remembered Mara awkwardly carrying her into the hotel room, laying her down on the mattress. She had laid there, eyes half open, as Mara stripped down to nothing. 'Nice body,' had slowly run across her mind, as she was looking over the well-endowed demoness.

Mara had looked down at her thoughtfully, "Guess I can't let you sleep in your clothes." She began the difficult task of disrobing a completely soused, not to mention rag-doll limp, Sylia. Her coat, shirt, shoes and pants had each hit the floor, Mara slowing her progress as she continued on. Finally, almost reverently, Mara had slipped Sylia's bra and panties off.

Sylia remembered Mara looking down at her, sighing softly. She slid the covers back, maneuvered Sylia underneath them, and then climbed under them herself. Keeping a bit of distance between the two of them, Mara had murmured, "I can't believe I'm doing this," rolled away from Sylia, and seemed to go right to sleep.

Back in the here and now, Sylia climbed off the couch and grabbed her clothes. 'She really didn't take advantage of me,' Sylia thought just a little bit regretfully as she shook out her fresh clothes. For some reason, she really felt the need to be fully dressed right now.

"Good morning, love," Priss said to Urd softly. She lay beside her on the big bed, both of them covered only by the sheet.

Urd's eyes opened, and she smiled at Priss happily. "I almost thought it was just a dream," she sighed softly. Her smile got a little bit wicked as she softly added, "I've fantasized about being with you often enough."

Priss chuckled softly, "I'm honored." She grinned and added, "I've had a few restless nights thinking about you, too." She leaned over and whispered something into Urd's ear.

The goddess chuckled, "Priss, you naughty girl." Urd rested her chin on her hand, smiling at her and trying to look as innocent as possible, "I can't believe you'd suggest such a thing after only the first date!" She paused, adding, "When would you like to try that?"

Priss had looked worried to start with, but at the last she broke up laughing, Urd joining her. She was about to say something when there was a soft knocking on the bedroom door. "Let's ignore it, maybe they'll go away," Priss whispered.

Sadly, the knocking continued. With a weary sigh Priss got up and grabbed a T-shirt and her boxers from the floor. Slipping them on, she opened the bedroom door just a crack to crabbily ask, "What do you want?"

"Henderson's back," Linna said somewhat apologetically, "and he's serving up some breakfast pretty soon. Do you two want some?"

"Save us some seats," Priss said, and noticed Linna smirking at her nighttime wear. "Hey, it's comfortable," Priss protested, quickly closing the door.

"Breakfast, hmmm?" Urd said, having heard most of it. The tanned woman stood by the bed unashamed by her nakedness.

"I'm tempted not to go," Priss admitted, giving Urd the visual once over.

Urd laughed softly, "We'd better go eat, you know." At Priss' slightly disappointed look she added, "You'll need to build up your strength for tonight."

Priss blushed, laughing softly. "Tonight is yours," Priss said softly, then somewhat more seriously, "and many nights after that."

"I'm honored," Urd smiled. She leaned forward and Priss kissed her, slow and sweet. They got dressed, a little bit of slap and tickle distracting both of them momentarily, and with a bit of flush to their cheeks they headed off to breakfast arm in arm.

Once they were all seated, the breakfast table looked pretty funny. Linna and Belldandy sat on one side, Priss and Urd on the other, Skuld on one end, and finally Sylia sitting at the head of the table. Nigel, as usual, was nowhere to be found, and Mackie and Nene seemed to have taken off. Henderson served the food with his usual efficiency and discretion.

"Are congratulations in order?" Belldandy asked Urd pleasantly. Urd chuckled, while Priss had to fight down a sudden blush.

"I hooked her at last," Urd smiled, reaching over to take Priss' hand.

Skuld grimaced, and Sylia gave her a sympathetic smile. The young goddess really didn't appreciate her elder sisters' romantic activities. "Do we have to talk about this over breakfast?" Skuld asked sourly. Sylia tried hard not to chuckle.

"Someday you'll fall in love," Belldandy chided Skuld gently, "and then you'll finally understand what it means." Skuld just made a face in reply.

"So where were you last night?" Urd asked Sylia curiously. Sylia drank a bit of tea, considering her answer for a moment.

With a little smile Sylia said, "I spent the night with Mara." The table went dead silent as everyone stared disbelievingly at her. She calmly continued, "We drank together, shared our innermost secrets, then we retired to bed!" It took a great deal of her self-control not to smile at the stunned expressions on her friends' faces.

Sylia finished up her breakfast, and with a cheery smile, "I'd best get downstairs and open up the store. See you later." With a small wave, she was gone.

As soon as the elevator doors closed behind Sylia, Linna blurted out to the others "I can't believe she did that!"

Belldandy had a rather odd look on her beautiful face as she said a bit worriedly, "I think she was telling us the truth."

"But maybe not all of the truth," Urd said with a little smile in return. She didn't elaborate, just smiled to herself slightly.

Belldandy looked at her elder sister a moment, before realizing she wasn't going to explain that. With a sigh she finished her breakfast along with the others.

The two couples left soon after, leaving Skuld sitting in front of her plate, a very thoughtful expression on her face. "Well," Skuld finally sighed to herself softly, "if they aren't going to do something about this, I guess I'll have to." With that she went into the elevator and down to the pit, an intense look in her eyes.

Nene stretched, walking back to the Silky Doll to see Mackie. Her work with the AD Police had been quiet, only the occasional boomer malfunction breaking the boredom. The breeze ruffled her short hair, and the setting sun lit her face nicely.

"Probably downstairs working with Nigel again," Nene sighed to herself. Having a boyfriend who was so into technology could be a trial at times.

"Good evening," the cheery voice said from right behind her.

Nene whirled, and Mara grinned at her cheekily before grabbing her and hauling her into a nearby alley. Nene yelled the first thing that came to mind, "Help! Rape!"

"Hey, I'm a girl," Mara protested, quickly putting her hand over Nene's mouth. "I mean, you are kind of cute, but you're not who I'm interested in," she added with a smile.

Nene struggled in Mara's grip even as the demoness bent down to press her face up against Nene's neck. 'Is she some kind of vampire, too?' Nene thought to herself frantically. She felt wet warmth against her throat, and things suddenly got very blurry.

Mara's form seemed to break up, becoming a swirling mist, before flowing all around Nene's limp body. The girl stiffened, and the mist seemed to flow over and then into her body. In seconds it was gone, Nene leaning up against the alley wall for a few moments.

Her eyes suddenly popped open, even as the twin marks of a demoness appeared on her brow. "Not bad," Mara said from within Nene's body, "she's a bit puny but it'll do." Mara smiled, thinking 'This is going to be fun.'