Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 Fan Fiction ❯ A Goddess Comes to Call ❯ Chapter 19

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Part Sixteen

"The security systems will pick us up fairly quickly," Sylia said tersely as they charged towards the base of the tower. From around the faculty alarms began to wail their keening cries, and Sylia sighed, "Like, now."

"Great," Mara smiled, "this has been way too easy so far. I could use a good fight."

Nene noticed Urd and Priss looking similarly eager and sighed. Then she caught something on her sensors, "You may just get your chance. Boomers, inbound!"

"How many?" Linna asked.

"Ten or so," Nene answered.

"I think I can handle them," Skuld volunteered with a smile, "but I can't fly very fast. I'll need a lift to catch up."

"Nene, you mind?" Priss asked her.

With a dramatic sounding sigh Nene said, "All right." Skuld climbed on to Nene's back and they began to jump towards the oncoming boomers. "How, exactly, are you going to handle them?" Nene thought to ask.

Skuld smiled, "Wait and see." She looked around, "We're near enough, I think. Set us down on that rooftop."

Nene brought them down as gently as possible. The boomers were all running in perfect synch, bearing some very formidable looking weapons. "Whatever you're going to do," Nene whispered, "I hope you do it soon, please."

Skuld jumped up to her feet, waving her arm in the air and yelling, "Hey, tin-heads! We're over here!" As she waved her arm, it seemed that she was scattering something small and round but Nene couldn't see what it was.

"Are you insane!" Nene squeaked.

Skuld kept smiling, watching as the small mob of boomers charged towards them. "Closer... closer..." she murmured. She pulled a big, round object from her robes, pressed the side and tossed it, yelling, "Skuld bombs away!"

Nene grabbed her and pulled her to cover even as a massive explosion went off! "You tossed little bombs down," Nene said softly, "and set them off with that big one."

Skuld grinned at her, "Yep." They looked over the edge to see a very big crater where the boomers were standing. "Nene, could you do me a favor?" Skuld asked, pulling a handful of the bombs from her pockets.

Nene looked at the bombs, wide eyed. "Maybe," she said tentatively.

"I'll put these on a timer," Skuld said patiently, "and I want you to pitch them towards the other end of the complex."

Nene began to smile, "So they think we're attacking there, not our actual route."

"Exactly," Skuld smiled back.

"What's causing all those explosions?" Sylia asked. They reached the base of the tower, and Linna tried to open the door.

"Locked," Linna frowned, and prepared to cut the lock away.

"Wait," Urd stopped her. She touched the door frowning in concentration, and a soft 'click; was heard. "We might as well try to go in quietly," she smiled.

Nene and Skuld caught up with them, strangely both of them were covered with soot. "What in the world happened to you?" Belldandy asked.

Nene shot a intense glare at Skuld. "A certain person," she said dryly, "doesn't know how to set a timer properly."

"I said I was sorry," Skuld shrugged.

"I don't think I want to know," Priss remarked. She looked down the corridor, her stance like a runner about to leave the blocks, "Can we go, now?"

"Let's," Mara grinned ferally.

Sylia coolly said, "Be cautious, please. Especially Mara and the Goddesses."

"I didn't know you cared," Mara whispered to Sylia, who blushed.

"I think she means," Linna said with a sigh, "that Genom might just have a few weapons that can hurt you all, courtesy of Jacobson's research." As she spoke she looked over at Belldandy, who smiled at her reassuringly.

"I'm not letting you take all the risks," Urd looked at the Knight Sabers fiercely, "this is our fight, too." A gentle hand on her arm, and she turned to see Priss with her visor up.

"I wouldn't dream of stopping you," Priss smiled, "just don't take any foolish risks."

"If you're all done with the mushy stuff," Skuld sighed, "could we get going, please?"

"Priss and I will take point," Sylia said with a nod, and they were off. Right behind the two of them Mara and Urd followed, Skuld and Nene were next in line, and Linna and Belldandy took up the rear, watching for any pursuit.

Laser units popped up from the walls, and Priss found herself firing almost instinctively. Energy bolts from Urd and Mara followed it, and the way was cleared. A boomer wandered in their path, and Sylia's blades flashed.

"How are you holding up?" Linna asked Belldandy softly.

"I'm all right," Belldandy smiled back at her, "I'm just so worried about Peorth." More softly, "I hope we can reach her soon."

"I'm surprised there hasn't been a bit more resistance," Nene said to the others worriedly.

Megumi reached across they control panel, manually shutting down the alarms for their entire section. With everything that she had done to the computers, nobody in the entire block even knew that they were under attack yet. Jacobson carefully made his way to her, and she smiled at him as she whispered, "Everything's under control."

He adjusted his suit nervously, before finally pulling off his jacket in disgust. "Are the new K-suits ready?" Jacobson asked her softly, loosening his tie.

The gray haired woman nodded slightly, "They should be ready to go." Megumi added, "Do you really think we'll need them?"

Jacobson looked at Quincy, gazing with longing at the captive goddess. "I can't delay him much longer," he sighed.

Hitomi made her way to his side, "Supernatural forces are building around us. I can promise you that the goddesses are on the move."

Quincy rolled over to them, "What's the situation?"

"Containment's holding firm," Fairchild reported.

"Then I think it's time we began the persuasion again," Quincy smiled bleakly.

"We need to be cautious, sir," Jacobson improvised, "I'm not sure how much damage she can take, before she begins to discorporate."

"We'll just have to take that risk," Quincy snarled, "she will grant my wish!" A wrinkled finger stabbed down on a button, and Peorth howled in pain.

There was a flicker of movement, and Jacobson saw something on a upper balcony. Several levels above them, a group of armored figures and young women looked down at them. "At last," he murmured softly.