Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 Fan Fiction ❯ A Goddess Comes to Call ❯ Chapter 22

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Bubblegum Crisis/Oh My Goddess: A Goddess comes to Call Tokyo Goddesses...

"I can't believe I let you talk me into this," Sylia murmured, straightening out her skirt nervously.

Mara grinned, "From what I remember, you were the first one to suggest a celebration."

"Oh, yeah," Sylia muttered. She reached out to take Mara's hand, and felt a bit of relief to have her squeeze her fingers gently.

Linna walked closely to Belldandy, holding her near. "I'm glad we all made it through everything all right," she said softly.

Belldandy kissed Linna on the cheek gently, "And I'm glad that I'm here with you."

Skuld made a face, "Why did you drag me along?"

Urd laughed, "Because Nene doesn't trust leaving you back at the 'Doll all alone with Mackie."

"That's not true," a red faced Nene protested.

"Oh really?" Priss asked pointedly.

Nene's face went red, and she didn't answer.

"Nice to see you back," Bones smiled, pushing the door open for them. The dark haired woman took a moment to admire the ladies going by, until she met Linna's pointed gaze. Bones looked away, whistling innocently.

Hitomi looked cute in her school girl outfit as she cheerfully greeted the three couples, then she looked curiously at Nene and Skuld following them in. "Friends of yours?" she asked Priss.

"They're both older than they look," Priss said dryly.

"Oh, like Washu," Hitomi smiled.

"She's here tonight?" Sylia raised her eyebrows. She had talked to the little scientist before, quickly concluding that she was erratic, but interesting.

"Washu and her girlfriend Yume," Hitomi confirmed.

"Double trouble," Urd grinned.

They forged their way to the crowded bar, and a round of drinks was ordered. And a can of soda was picked up for Skuld.

"Rats," the young goddess complained. "I'm older than Linna, Priss and Sylia combined," Skuld griped, "so why can't I drink?"

"Because you look like an elementary student, tops," Ryouko said to her dryly, but Skuld just pouted cutely.

Priss led them over to a table by the karaoke stage, then she excused herself. "Where's she going?" Linna asked Urd.

"Wait and see," Urd grinned.

Belldandy noticed Sylia and Mara slip away, walking over to a dark haired woman standing by the base of the stairway. Money was exchanged for a key, and the two ladies headed upstairs together.

Priss walked over to a table, where a black haired and blue haired women were cuddling together. "Hey Rei, Ami," Priss smiled.

"Priss," Rei smiled, looking around curiously, "did you bring your girlfriend?"

"That's part of why I'm here," she grinned, and bent over to whisper to the two ladies.

"Sounds like fun," Ami smiled, "I'll go get Minako."

A few minutes later and a grinning Priss Asagiri was up on stage, belting out the tune in the original Japanese with her friends Minako Aino and Rei Hino providing a professional backup. Arisugawa Juri took a moment to translate the words mentally and smirked.

"Hey, how are you Romeo-sama? People say that you're old fashioned,"

Urd laughed, dancing in front of the stage in a skintight bodysuit that left very little to the imagination. She and the younger Priss made one hell of a pair, two wild women who were out to have fun and kick some butt.

Linna, still looking like some kind of office lady despite her party clothes, was getting mildly buzzed sitting on a couch with her lady love, Belldandy. Juri couldn't believe that Belldandy and Urd were sisters, their personalities were just so totally different.

Skuld was sitting there with Washu and Yume, and Juri didn't want to think about what the precocious young lady was picking up from the two of them. Still, she was cute, and both ladies had given Juri her word that they'd stay out of trouble.

Juri looked around, frowning slightly. She walked over to Linna and quietly asked, "Where are Mara and Sylia?"

"I think they rented a room upstairs," Belldandy smiled, even as Linna blushed faintly.

"Should have known," Juri muttered, receiving a quiet laugh.

Priss grinned at Urd, belting out the next bit, "Logic can't make us understand, you know, the things that our hearts want to have,"

Fairchild raised her eyebrows, noticing the Goddesses mixing with the crowds. "Is that who I think it is?" she asked the older woman dancing with her quietly.

Megumi nodded slightly, "Looks like it." She smiled suddenly as she gently reminded her lover, "I'm just glad that we don't need to do anything about it."

Fairchild laughed softly, "I forgot." She relaxed in Megumi's arms, the two swaying gently, "What's it like having your big brother running the company?"

A soft laugh, "Same as before, really. He's a straight shooter, so there's no favoritism involved." Megumi looked thoughtful, "But he's honest and honorable, so he and Chihiro should be good for Genom."

Linna sat on the couch, Belldandy snuggled to her side. She had been a bit surprised at how good a dancer Bell was, and now she was just trying to catch her breath. Linna took her hand gently, and matching rings gleamed on their fingers.

"I can't wait to marry you," Linna whispered to her softly.

Belldandy smiled, "I think we're already married, really." She paused and sounded quite pleased, "But if you want to, I'd be honored."

"I know a miko who performs commitment ceremonies," Linna chuckled, nodding to where Rei Hino was standing with a few of her friends.

"Ooh, commitment," Belldandy laughed. Her eyes twinkled, "The one thing a butch fears."

Linna stuck her tongue out, laughing.

Mara and Sylia rested upstairs, sweat cooling on their bodies. "Was it as good as you hoped?" Sylia asked Mara with a impish smile.

"No," Mara sighed softly. Sylia looked worried, and Mara grinned suddenly, "It was better."

"Why, you," Sylia slapped her arm, laughing.

Mara rested her head on Sylia's shoulder, holding her close, "You have no idea how tempted I was, when we first slept together."

Sylia chuckled softly, "I had to have a cold shower, once I started getting over the hangover."

"Sorry I had to steal our first kiss," Mara sighed. She smiled at her wickedly, "But I certainly enjoyed it."

"Did you loose much, becoming human?' Sylia asked her quietly.

Mara looked quite serious as she said "Whatever I've lost, it was worth it to be with you." A smile, "I love you, Sylia Stingray."

"And I love you, Mara," Sylia smiled, the two cuddling together.

Nene bodily dragged a green faced Hyatt up to the bar. "She just collapsed," Nene gasped. Hyatt gave them all a weak smile and a wave.

"She does that all the time," Keiko said casually. The boy's uniform she wore caught Nene's eye, and the girl gulped visibly.

"She's taken," Sasami said gently, and Nene blushed.

"I'm not, I mean, I..." Nene shook her head, her cheeks red. "This place is nuts," Nene murmured as she walked away, then she added, "must be why Priss likes it so much."

Author's Notes:

This story is set in my bar x-over series, Arisugawa's Locket, and features many characters from that series. I've had the Goddess Comes to Call cast appear there before, so most of the characters know their way around. A small piece of this chapter appeared in Arisugawa's Locket, under the title of "Tokyo Goddesses."

This story will probably be continued in a later episode of the 'Locket.

The Staff of Arisugawa's Locket: The bar's owner is Arisugawa Juri, from Revolutionary Girl Utena. Minagi, Ryouko and Sasami are from the series Tenchi Muyo. Keiko is also from Utena. Cyberdoll May is from Hand Maid May. Excel and Hyatt are from Excel Saga. Hitomi is from Escaflowne, the movie. And finally, Tendo Nabiki is from Ranma 1/2.

Other Characters: Rei Hino, Minako Aino and Ami Mizuno are from Sailor Moon, and Washu and Yume are from Tenchi Muyo.

Bubblegum Crisis/ Oh My Goddess: A Goddess comes to call

Author's Notes: This started as a post over on the BGC Post 2040 Yahoo Group. I did a cute little thing with the three goddesses interacting with the BGC cast, and after that, I intended to forget about it. But for some reason, the idea stuck in my head.

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Thank goddess for that!

Belldandy pops up. "You called?"

Linna sweatdrops.

Urd, in the next room, is putting the moves on Sylia, who doesn't seem to mind much. Skuld and Mackie are discussing electronics while Nene fumes in the background.

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Why do all three goddesses appear so fast? Well, I like them, and they are going to be one of the primary sources of comedy in this fic, with Linna and friends as the straight men.

When is it set? After the 2040 series, but I'll be playing fast and loose with that (my knowledge of either the original or 2040 isn't encyclopedic).

Why is Urd bisexual? From reading the manga, and her interactions with Mara, I figure it's likely.

Why put Belldandy and Linna together? If I had to pick a short descriptive phrase for both of them, it would be `really nice kids'. So why not...

And why Priss and Urd? Priss is cool, controlled, the initiator in a relationship and probably leads when she dances. Urd is brassy, forward, and loves a challenge. Lets the games begin!