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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters of this fanfic… though I wish I did. (tear)
*8:15 at Kamui's house* (the alarm clock goes off and the Dragons of Heaven and Earth wake up after getting drunk at a party celebrating Yuzuriha's birhthday)
Kamui: (stretches and rises out of bed) Yawn…(walks to the living room to find everyone still there and asleep on his floor) What the hell is everyone doing here in my house?!!!
Sorata: (wakes up to find his arms wrapped around Arashi's shoulders) Wha?... Yawn…
Yuzuriha: Oh, ohayo Kamui-san!^_^ I'm sorry about all of this… you see… everyone got drunk after playing that Chinese drinking game, so… (looks around) everyone fell asleep on your floor.
Kamui: Un, no offence but, it's Monday so shouldn't be at war with the Dragons of Earth right about now? (anime sweatdrop)
Yuzuriha: You know what? I forgot all about that!! (looks at the Dragons of Earth peacefully sleeping on the floor) You know, they look pretty adorable when they're asleep!^_^
Kamui+Sorata+Arashi+Aoki: YUZURIHA! (anime sweatdrop)
Nataku: Aww man… Do I have to fight now? Screw that. I'm gonna go back to sleep. I'll kill the Dragons of Heaven later…
Yuzuriha: (rings a bell) Everyone! I made breakfast!^_^ (Everyone springs up and runs into the kitchen in less than three seconds, while Nataku is still on the floor and Kamui stands in his position)
Kamui: Sigh… Nataku move over, I gotta rest my head. I have a feeling that this is going to be a long day. (anime sweatdrop)
*Meanwhile at Sakura's house*
(Sakura is asleep and Kero is trying to wake her up)
Kero: Sakura…SAKURA!! (yells extremely loud in Sakura's ear)
Sakura: YAAHHHH!! WHAT, KERO-CHAN! (springs out of bed like a rocket)
Kero: Shouldn't you be at Tomoyo's house right about now?
Sakura: But that's not until 9:00 (pulling the sheet back over her head)
Kero: Well…you outta be going now, because the time is now…mm…8:45.
Sakura: (springs up once again)What?! Oh, no! I'm gonna be late!! (jumps out of bed and starts to dress) Forgive me if I'm late, Tomoyo-chan!
Kero: By the way Sakura, what are you going to Tomoyo's place for?
Sakura: I don't know. But we'll see when I get there. She said it was something important. Oh, by the way, what are you gonna do while I'm gone? Play video games? (Kero develops a very sly grin)
Kero: Whoo hoo!! Heck yeah!! I see you know me well! ^_^
Sakura: Sigh… why am I not surprised, Kero-chan?
Kero: Heh, heh, heh… (evil smirk) Well bye Sakura!
Sakura: Sigh… sayonara, Kero-chan. (runs out the door)
*At Hideki's apartment*
Hideki: (just finished dressing) Chi? Are you ready to go?
Chi: Chi! (nods) Chi is ready, Hideki. (walks up to Hideki with Plum on one shoulder and Kotoko on the other)
Kototo: Where exactly are we going?
Hideki: Were going to Shimbo's new apartment. Then to Piffle Princess.
Plum: Activating Plum's navigational programming! ^_^
(Hideki walks out with his three persocoms)
*At Koboyashi dojo*
(Tamayo and Misaki currently arrive to visit Kotarou)
Tamayo: So what are we gonna do today, huh? ^_^
Misaki: Uh… how about a movie? (sipping on tea)
Kotarou: Um… but who will pay for all three of us? (anime sweatdrop)
Tamayo: Why you Kotarou-chan! ^_^
Kotarou: Wha?!!! Why me?!! And why are you still calling me Kotarou-CHAN?!! I'm 14 now! And I'm a boy!
Tamayo: Yeah, whatever. Hey, it's your treat! ^_^
Kotarou: MY treat?! But-
Misaki: Please…Kotarou-chan? (makes her puppy dog eyes)
Kotarou: (blush) Uh…okay, for you, Misakichi. ^_^
Tamayo: Yeah! Well lets get going already!
Kotarou: Sigh… why am I always falling for that? Why me? I had to fall in love!! (anime cry)
*Three minutes earlier at Kamui's house*
Yuzuriha: Ahh…that was good. Takoyaki in the morning. ^_^
Arashi: (walks up to Kamui) I had a talk with the Dragons of Earth earlier. They said they weren't in the mood to fight.
Kamui: (anime sweatdrop) Okay, that's just weird. I mean to be under the same roof Dragons of Earth, and get along with them like were all happy-go-lucky buddies? Sigh…how odd.
Arashi: Well on weekends we really don't have to fight. (Sorata, Yuzuriha, Hinoto, and Aoki walk up to Kamui)
Kamui: Whats going on Hinoto-hime?
Hinoto: Everyone wants to go shopping.
Kamui: Shopping? Shopping for what?
Dragons of Earth: Angels! Persocoms!! JUNK!!^_^
Kamui: Things just keep getting weirder and weirder… and Arashi can tell… I think. Am I really the only one who takes this war seriously?
Everyone else: Yep!! ^_^
Kamui: Sigh… I guess were going to Piffle Princess… (anime sweatdrop)