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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

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Notes: `-`means thoughts!
*At CLAMP School*
Souh: Nokoro! Akira! Hurry up! We have to go to Piffle Princess right now! We have a case on 20 Face's next robbery!
Akira: Since when do we do cases off campus?
Nokoro: Yeah, that's about 6:30 tonight! (looks at Akira with a puzzled face) What's wrong Akira-san?
Akira: Oh, nothing Nokoro-san. ^_^ (usual soft smile) `Sigh… mothers… sorry…'
*Outside the Movie theater*
Tamayo: (drops of her knees) NOOOOOOO!!! Aww man! Their closed!! And on a weekend! How is that possible?!!
Kotarou: (chuckle) `Good. This saves me a little yen. And Tamayo thought she had won…^_^chuckles) So… (looks at Misaki) what do you want to do now?
Misaki: Uh… (takes out her doll sidekick and stares at it) I want to go buy upgrades for Hikaru.
Misaki+ Kotarou: Ahoy matties?
*At Piffle Princess*
(Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu are looking through the collectables)
Hikaru+ Umi: Fuu-chan…(yawn) what are you looking for?
Fuu: I have no clue. But, a Magic Knight chosen to save a whole world gotta shop, right? ^_^ You know, take a little break. Come on, go ahead and grab something! I'll buy! You know I'm always loaded.
Hikaru: Sorry. I really don't want any of the collectables in here. `Damn rich kids…'
Fuu: Oh, why not? I think they're cute!!^_^ (Umi grabs a penguin money bank and observes the tag at the bottom)
Umi: By judging the date and place this was made-
Hikaru: Oi, Umi-chan?
Umi: (gives Hikaru her attention) Huh? ^_^
Hikaru: Shut up.
*At Tomoyo's house*
Sakura+ Syaoran: NANI?!! You can't show that!! (anime sweatdrop)
Tomoyo: Oho ho ho… (holding a tape with a card capture recorded on it) Don't worry! They'll only think it is a home-made movie! Besides, it's really good and I'm sure all of the costumers at Piffle Princess will love it! ^_^
Sakura: But why would your mom show it to the public anyway?
Tomoyo: Because it will be the icon for my mother's new toy! ^_^
Sakura: Sigh… T-Tomoyo-chan… (low tone) why me? (anime sweatdrop)
Tomoyo: Oho ho ho ho… because you look so kawaii in it, Sakura-chan! (turns to Syaoran) You look pretty good in it too, Li-kun. ^_^
Syaoran: Daidouji… I'm trying so hard to forget about that. (blush)
Tomoyo: Oho ho ho ho… I always seem to get the best of both of you. Well of to Piffle Princess we go!! ^_^
*Meanwhile at Piffle Princess*
Miyuki: Underwear on sale! Underwear on sale!! (waving her hand in the air to get the costumer's attention) 50% off!!
Chi: (walking by the lingerie store) Hideki, look. (points) Panties.
Hideki: (blush) Um… panties? You need some, Chi?
Chi: (smiles and nods her head) Chi wants panties.
Kotoko: Sigh… I just hope you have enough money. (the three walk up to Miyuki)
Miyuki: `Oh man! If it weren't for those stupid girls from Wonderland, I would still have my old job as a waitress! I don't earn nearly enough money here in this lingerie shop as I did when I worked for the restaurant!'(anime cry) Sigh… (Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu run over to the same area)
Fuu: (turns to Miyuki) Excuse me! Did you say 50% off?
Miyuki: Um… yeah. (looks at Chi and Hideki) Um, Sir? Mam? Would you like to purchase some underwear too?
Hideki: (blush) Sure. My persocom needs some.
Miyuki: A persocom? (smile) Well, select what you like.
Fuu: Found some!! ^_^ (sticks up a pair of bikinis which are rather small)
Hideki: (looks at the underwear Fuu holds up) Uh…(blush) Huh?! (holds his nose hoping not to get a nosebleed)
Chi: Chi found underwear too! Chi is ready to buy, Hideki. (raises a pair of bikinis of her own)
Hideki: Kami-san! (blushes and falls unconscious to the floor)
Miyuki: Oh my goodness! Sir? SIR?! (shocked)
Kotoko: Don't worry. He'll wake up eventually. -_-
Hideki: (unconscious) Underwear… underwear…
Hikaru: (anime sweatdrop) Oh boy… -_-
*Piffle Princess- South wing*
(the Dragons walk through the door)
Yuzuriha: (points north) A clothes store! ^_^
Sorata: (points northeast) An arcade! ^_^
Hinoto: (points northwest) A hair salon! ^_^ (Kamui flinches)
Nataku: (points east) A pet shop! ^_^
Fuuma: (points west) A bookstore! ^_^
Yuuto: (points southeast) A movie theater! ^_^
Subaru: (points southwest) An angel shop! ^_^
Seishiro: (points south) A persocom shop! ^_^
Kamui: (points behind himself) The door! ^_^
Arashi: (grabs Kamui's collar) You're not going anywhere!
Kamui: I still think it is a bit weird. I mean were hanging out with the enemy, and everyone is happy go lucky. (anime sweatdrop) Or should I say insane? Sigh…
Sorata: (pats Kamui's back) There, there! ^_^
Yuzuriha: Sigh… too bad Kusanagi-san isn't here to enjoy this.
Aoki: By the way, (looks at Yuzuriha) where IS Kusanagi-san?
Yuzuriha: He called me earlier and told me his car broke down. So he took it to be repaired. ^_^
Everyone else: Oh. Figures…