Card Captor Sakura Fan Fiction / Clamp School Fan Fiction / X/1999 Fan Fiction ❯ The Bizarre World of CLAMP! ❯ Bikinis and Weird stuff ( Chapter 3 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Disclaimer: If I owned CLAMP's works… I wouldn't be writing this fanfic would I? CLAMP owns all of the characters in this story. Showoffs…
Miyuki: Uh, Sir, Please! Wake up!! (anime sweatdrop) I don't wanna lose my job again! (suddenly, three teenagers walk by and spot Hideki on the floor and wonder whats going on) Onegai!! WAKE UP!!
Tomoyo: (walks up to Hikaru) What happened?
Hikaru: That guy fainted after my friend, Fuu, and and that persocom over there, (points to Chi) just lifted up two pairs of Bikinis. -_-
Sakura: Hoe? Oh my goodness! (shocked that such a stupid thing could happen)
Syaoran: Sigh… Oh, God… -_- What a loser… a disgrace to men… (covers his face with his hand)
Umi: Is there anyone here that could put his man back on his feet? (anime sweatdrop)
Syoaran: Sigh… I'll take care of this. (Syaoran grabs a elemental spell paper from the inside of his jacket and puts it on Hideki's chest) Just a little spark should do the trick. Gods of Thunder, answer my summon…sigh. (the zap of electricity shocks Hideki forcing him to jump up)
Hideki: Yaahh!! That hurt. (waking up from the shock therapy)
Chi: Hideki! (throws her arms around Hideki)
Syaoran: Sigh… I just hope that no one saw me do that.
Sakura: (throws herself on Syaoran) That was ingenious! Although, it's sad to say that some people did see that. (points to the Magic Knights, Chi, and Hideki)
A voice behind the Cardcaptors: I too witnessed the whole thing. (The Cardcaptors turn around to see a woman in black and a boy with a purse)
Plum: S-scary… (shaking from the fear, then craws up to hide behind Hideki's head)
Sakura: A-ano… Who are you? (tense)
Woman: My name is Yuko… and I'd have to admit, IT'S SO GOOD TO SEE YOU AGAIN! (pulls Sakura into a huge hug)
Hikaru+ Fuu: Awww…
Sakura: Um… Again? I don't know you, or at least… I don't think I do… (anime sweatdrop)
Yuko: This IS our first meeting, but you look so much like HER. Nice to see you again, Sa-ku-ra-chan. ^_^
Sakura: (gasp) How do know m-my name? (shocked)
Yuko: You to Syaoran-kun.
Syaoran: What are you talking about, woman? (puts on his usual suspicious glare that gives everyone shivers)
Watanuki: (walks up to both Sakura and Syaoran) You really do look so much like them. Yuko-san! You were right! (Yuko steps on his foot) OUCH!!
Yuko: Shut up you idiotic fool who can't get a girlfriend for being such a loser! (everyone sweatdrops and Watanuki begins to cry anime style)
Sakura+ Syaoran: Right about what? Look like whom?
Yuko: Come Watanuki. We have a shop to take care of. (evil-like smirk)
Umi: (watching the two leave) Wow, that was so weird.
Hikaru+ Fuu+ Sakura+ Syaoran+ Hideki+ Kotoko+ Miyuki: You've got to be kidding me! I've WEIRD stuff. (look at each other in unison) Huh? You too? Like what? (all point in unison) Like this? Why are we all saying the same thing at the same time?
Chi: Chi? (Plum hops on Chi's shoulder)
Plum: So are you gonna buy the underwear?^_^ (being the only one with enough common sense to get back to the point that started the whole thing)
Hideki+ Fuu+ Miyuki: Oh! I forgot!!
Sakura: (looks around) Huh?
Syaoran: (turns to Sakura) What's wrong?
Sakura: (looks at Syaoran with a worried expression on her face) Where is Tomoyo-chan?
*Meanwhile in the East wing-Piffle Princess*
Tomoyo: (running like crazy to three teenagers) Oh ho ho ho…^_^ (runs up to Misaki) Oh my God, its you!! Suzuhara Misaki-chan!! ^.^
Misaki: Hai. Its me. (anime sweatdrop and kind smile) Ano… who are you?
Tomoyo: Konnichiwa! I am Daidouji Tomoyo-chan! I'm one of your biggest fans! (stars in eyes) I'm so glad that I'm talking to one of the best Angelic Layer deuces in Japan! So extraordinary! I'll have to record this! ^_^ (Tomoyo grabs out her trusty camera and starts to record Misaki)
Tamayo: (anime sweatdrop) Who is this freak?
Kotarou: (anime sweatdrop) I have no clue. She's a pretty nice girl though. ^_^