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Setsuna sat back and let the meeting run on without her attention. It was all familiar patterns under the shock of the little bombshell, or series of revelations, she'd just hit them with.

One day after Galaxia, everyone called together to discuss What Now. Which had made it the perfect time to reveal a few things.

Such as why, in their visits to the future, they'd seen an underpowered Sailor Pluto, a set of underpowered Inner Senshi and no sign of the other Outers at all.

That Sailor Pluto had been her younger self. Not nearly the power she'd later had.

As for the current Outers, the combined magical power level of Pluto, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune couldn't light a l00 watt bulb. No Senshi transformation in the foreseeable future. There was no longer either a Time Key Staff nor a Silence Glaive, both had been broken in the fight against Galaxia.

Likewise the Inners (with the exception of Sailor Moon) wouldn't be able to power up for over a year, and they wouldn't be able to go beyond their most basic attacks for over a thousand years (not counting the time of the Freeze).

Nobody had understood Setsuna's reference that right now they wouldn't be able to fight off a shipful of Tinker Gnomes and a load of Giant Space Hamsters. They got the general idea though.

It took a few moments for Setsuna to realize that she'd been asked a question. She'd honestly thought that Usagi's eating binge, Rei's complaints about the mess, and Makoto's upset to continue a good deal longer. "I'm sorry, Ami. Did you say something?"

"That's exactly what I was talking about. You come from the future and should know all this. Why don't you know exactly how long the Senshi powerup will take to regenerate?"

"Blocked memories. Paradox defense," explained Setsuna.

"Ah," said Ami, "that explains it."

"Exactly *how* does what explain anything!" Rei wasn't the only one who didn't get it.

Setsuna sighed. "Okay. My memory has some blocks put in by myself in order that I not reveal knowledge that would cause a paradox."

"What's a paradox?" Usagi wondered aloud.

Rei was glad Usagi asked, she preferred the impression that she knew what was going on.

"Like going back in time and killing your own grandfather," supplied Ami.

"Or in this case, if you know about an event ahead of time, it can change how the event takes place or prevent it from ever occurring." Setsuna may not have known the future, but she knew these girls and considered ways to explain it further.

Usagi thought about taking a test where she knew what the questions were in advance. "What's the problem with that?"

"For example," Setsuna made a point of looking at the calender. "Tomorrow at 4:15pm at the Mount Momiji Family Market, Makoto bumps into a young man. The two have a relationship for over a year, at which point a relatively minor but annoying menace shows up. At this point she can transform into Sailor Jupiter briefly, and the boy figures it out."

"And becomes a menace to the creation of Crystal Tokyo," concluded Luna.

"And offers to help out as far as transportation and support services, at which point Luna blows a gasket," continued Setsuna, silently motioning for a refill of her teacup. "On Luna's advice, Makoto breaks up with him."

Lots of glares at the romance-wrecking cat.

"I haven't done anything yet!" On seeing the glares increase in intensity, Luna realized that that hadn't been the best denial she could muster.

"Ami however decides to try and patch things up with the boy after Makoto's breakup, realizing that this is just a misunderstanding."

Makoto beamed at her good friend Ami intervening to make sure her romance didn't go bust.

"At least that was her intent," said Setsuna, taking a sip of tea. "However the two of them hit it off and end up in this epic romance."

Makoto glared at the traitorous Ami.

Ami blinked repeatedly and marked down "4:15, Mt.Momiji Family Market" on her notepad.

"And THEN he menaces the future of Crystal Tokyo," suggested Luna.

"No. Actually he never shows up at another meeting. Helps her get through medical school. All you see of him after that is a little extra smile on Ami's face." Setsuna paused to sip at her tea. "Well except for those times Ami is late for meeting with you. On *those* occasions you'd practically require plastic surgery to remove her smile."

Makoto frowned and tried to look unhappily at her traitorous friend Ami and at the evil romance-wrecking feline.

Ami underlined the time and place. She really ought to visit the market. It might be good to see what she was getting into.

Minako wondered if this mystery boy had a name and any cute friends.

"...and THEN he menaces the future of Crystal Tokyo," weakly suggested Luna.

"Actually, he provides good noncombat support, particularly to Ami during some lean times ahead. Other than Ami's patented in the future cat-with-a-ready-supply-of-cream smile, none of you know about her relationship with him until their wedding, which is after her residency." Setsuna set her teacup down. "So you see the problem with paradoxes. Any number of things could cause this future to derail entirely and he's just a minor character. Well, except to Ami eventually."

"Hmmm," hmmmed a number of distracted teenage girls.

"No menace to Crystal Tokyo?" Luna said it as if it were a foreign concept. "Doesn't get kidnapped or mind controlled?"

"No," agreed Setsuna. "Now. It's late, and I have much to do tomorrow. I suggest we meet again in one year."

The meeting broke apart very quickly after that.

It was Haruka who caught up with Setsuna afterwards. "Waitaminute. What happened to not causing paradox or those memory blocks?"

"It'll be interesting to see what chaos develops tomorrow, don't you think?" Setsuna asked the other Outer.

Eyes widened. "It was just an example? There is no boy?"

"I'm going to get a camera myself," suggested Setsuna Meiou, former Sailor Pluto with a wink.

(you know, after i wrote this omake it occurred to me this would make for a heck of a beginning of a crossover story...)


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