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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

What is your name?

Urameshi Keiko

How old were you when you had your first baby?

I was sixteen.

When did you start having sex?

When I was fourteen.

Why did you have sex when you were that young?

Well, Yusuke had been hit by a car and was in such a deep coma, that he had been declared legally dead. When he woke from his coma, I kind of got carried away…

How would you characterize that first time?

Raw emotion, I guess. Neither of us really knew what we were doing. He certainly didn't expect me to do that.

How often have you had sex since then?

Not too often. Yusuke wasn't always around for me to be with him.

How many lovers have you had?

Just Yusuke.

How many lovers has Yusuke had?

I hope I'm the only one. But I wouldn't be surprised if I'm not. His after school job back then may have put him in an awkward situation like that.

Was Yusuke an intern for some business?

(Laughs) Hardly! More like professional street fighter, but there was more to his job then that. He was used to bring in criminals that police would have a hard time dealing with.

Yusuke is older than you, right?

By about two months. Though I've been acting more as his mother than his mom since kindergarten.

You're saying that your husband was arresting difficult criminals when he was fourteen?

Yes. Yusuke is a very talented fighter. He has been considered a grand master in martial arts since he was fourteen.

How old is your mother?

My mother is sixty now. Yusuke's mother is almost forty-five and she's deathly afraid my oldest boy will be making her a great-grandmother soon considering how close he is too his girlfriend.

Are you concerned about that?

Honestly, I am concerned. The prospect of being a grandmother at thirty-one is certainly unnerving, but if Yusuke's mother could deal with me making her a grandmother at that age, I certainly can deal with my son doing that to me.

Are you trying to stop him for being with this girl?

As much as I want to, I won't. Yoshihiro already has many adult responsibilities considering he now has his father's old job and maybe a wife and child can curb his wild tendencies like it did for his father.

Okay. How did you learn you were going to have your first baby?

My mother figured out I was having morning sickness and was going to take me to a doctor to make sure.

How did your parents react to your pregnancy?

They accepted it rather easily. They knew I was really close with Yusuke.

Did you ever finish school?

No. There really wasn't much point to it between Yusuke's ramen cart business and my parents' restaurant, my family is financially secure.

When did you marry him?

Shortly after we found out I was pregnant and that this one I was going to keep.

You've had abortions before?

No. I had a few miscarriages. Though Yusuke didn't know about them at the time. Only a couple pregnancy scares.

How did you know that baby wouldn't miscarry?

Well, ah, a friend of mine, Botan, is, um, a pretty good, ah, psychic and told me I was going to have a son.

Okay. Going back to school, how were your grades before you dropped out to have your baby?

I was top of the class and the classroom representative. I was rarely in any trouble. The times I was were mostly because of being Yusuke's girlfriend. He was a real delinquent back then. Though he's not much better now.

What are your plans for the future?

Enjoy life.

Do you plan on having any more children?

Oh, you can say I'm planning on one more.

Do you regret being a teenage mother?

Absolutely not. I have loved Yusuke as long as I can remember. Starting a family that young only meant that I could spend that much more time with him.