Card Captor Sakura Fan Fiction ❯ “My Fated Amity” ❯ CHAPTER 1 ( Chapter 1 )

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“My Fated Amity”
******After the mission for the completion of Sakura cards, everyone that had to deal with it parted ways. But not for the two little cute destined couples of this history. What will happen if Li Shaoran came back in Japan after his farewell to his dearest Kinomoto Sakura and with his friends?? What will happen in their first meeting after so many years?? And what if a guy barge in to their relationship??******
“Well it's nice to be back again.” A guy says while leaving the plane he had just ridden. “After three years, it's nice to be back again here in Japan.” He said. ”It's been a long time since I last landed my feet here in the land of the rising sun after my dramatic farewell to my beloved friends of Tomoeda. Shaoran said
After so many years, Shaoran decided to come back in Japan to manage the properties of Li clan and of course to finish also his unfinished business with his so called “heart ache problems”. Everyone who knew him doesn't come up with the idea that Shaoran will return from Hong Kong in the middle of the School year especially when they were in the most crucial stage of preparing for the upcoming sports festival that will be held this month.
Li Shaoran came out in the airport with no one to welcome him, of course because it's a big surprise for everyone to see the “little wolf” of tomoeda to return unexpectedly. So instead of riding his very own limousine for him to be escorted in tomoeda, Shaoran used his credit card to go to a much known five star hotel to stay for about 5 days. He doesn't want to go to tomoeda without anybody knowing his arrival because he feels that it's too awkward to go there with no one welcoming his arrival.
Shaoran with an idea coming out in his mind call Tomoyo with his newly branded phone. “Hey what's up??” Shaoran says after the phone was answered.
“Ummm...may I know who is speaking” Tomoyo said with her angelic calm voice.
“Don't you remember me Daidouji? Shaoran answer back with his teasing voice
. “Umm sorry but I really don't recognize your voice.” Tomoyo answered confusedly.
“It's me, Li Shaoran. Remember??” Shaoran answered in the phone.
“Shaoran?!?! Are you sure that you're LI Shaoran?!?” Tomoyo said surprisingly with a
High pitch tone of voice.
“Ooh, yeah it's me. It seems that you really got surprise with my call??” he answered.
“Of course it's been three years since we last have our friendly conversation. So how's everything??” Tomoyo asked as if she was an interviewer on the daily Japan talk show.
“Everything's fine. How's everyone there?? Are they alright?? Do they miss me?? Do they still know me??” he asked as with his very curious but broad voice.
“Hey don't get me wrong but?? Are you asking if everyone's alright in tomoeda or you're asking if your Sakura is okay??” Tomoyo said with her teasing but cute little voice.
“Ummm” Shaoran said as if he was caught in the act and was in an interrogation.
“You see? I'm heading to Sakura's house, would you mind to call again later for you to be able to talk to her. She would be surprise to know that you called.” Tomoyo said.
“No please don't tell Sakura that I called!” Shaoran asked with his begging voice over the phone.
“Huh?? Why?? I don't get it??” Tomoyo uttered confused with what Shaoran said.
“Ummm to tell you the truth, I am in Tokyo right now and staying in Yamazaki Stay hotel. I'll be heading there next week because…”Shaoran said and paused for awhile.
“WHAT??!! You're here??!!! Why didn't you tell me earlier??!! OH my! Sakura will jump with joy if she knew these!!! My God oh wait, I'm here in front of Sakura's house! I'm going to tell her that you're here! Tomoyo said without any paused as if she was in an adrenalin rush conversation.
“Wait, Tomoyo don't tell her!!! Please!!!! I want to surprise Sakura with my arrival in the Todo high school coz I'll be transferring there and study with you guys there!!! Please don't tell Sakura!!!! I want to Surprise her and see her facial expression. You can tell this to our other friends but please keep this as a secret to Sakura. Please Daidouji?” Shaoran said explaining to Tomoyo what he wants to happen.
“Okay, I get it. So you want to give Sakura a big surprise with your return and you're asking our help??? Am I right MR. Li Shaoran??” Tomoyo answered as if she was having a plan in her mind in what to do in that surprise mission.
“Yeah right, so Tomoyo can I count on you??” Shaoran asked as if he was asking for alms.
“Of course, don't worry about it; I had just the perfect plans for that perfect surprise mission. Don't worry about it.” Tomoyo said with her angelic but cunning tone of voice.
“Thanks, Daidouji.” Shaoran said.
“That's okay Li, we're friends remember? Oh wait, I have to go now YOUR Sakura is waiting for me and I'm fifteen minutes late. So I better be get going before YOUR beloved cherry blossom get mad. Bye” Tomoyo said while flipping his very expensive phone.
Shaoran, while blushing would like to say goodbye also but its already too late coz Tomoyo already hang up the phone. Shaoran smiled knowing that everyone in Tomoeda will be in his side in his surprise for Sakura. He imagines that when that time comes everything will be perfect for his special friend, Sakura Kinomoto.
****Meanwhile in Sakura's house****
Tomoyo pressed the doorbell in Sakura's house.
“Hey Tomoyo you're already here??” Sakura said surprisingly.
“Well it looks like you slept again, Sakura.” Tomoyo said with a smile in her face.
“Huh?? What do you mean?? It's just four….WHAT??? It's already quarter to five?!?” Sakura said with an n astonish expression in her face.
“I'm already Fifteen minutes late. And you're not ready yet?? Well who are you dreaming this time?? Ooh, I'll hypothesize it... If I'm not mistaken every time you take a long nap, you are dreaming of SHAORAN?? Right??” Tomoyo exclaimed teasingly.
“Its not!! Why would I have dream of Li Shaoran. It doesn't mean that if I always took a long nap I always dreamt of Li!!” Sakura said while blushing.
“Oh!!! Sakura you know when you blushed like that, you look so KAWAII!!! OH wait I have to record this scene. My God Sakura, you're so pretty!!!!!” Tomoyo said with an enthusiastic voice...
“Ohm... Tomoyo you haven't changed a bit. You still liked to record every happenings in my life, whether it is embarrassing or not.” Sakura said with her morose tone of voice.
“Well it is only my ecstasy in this rude world... So Sakura just allow me to do it??” Tomoyo said with her manipulating voice.
Sakura just smirked to what Tomoyo said. She always does it every time they talk about Tomoyo's habits.
“Sakura, may I ask you?? Do you miss Shaoran??” Tomoyo said with cuteness.
“Umm, to tell you the truth, it's not that much.” Sakura said reluctantly watching her words carefully.
“Are you sure?? Coz Shaoran called me earlier. And you know what?? He's asking if everyone's alright.” Tomoyo said grinning, having an initiative in her mind on what to do about what Shaoran told her earlier.
“Really?? Is he okay?? Did he ask anything else other than that?? Did he say anything??” Sakura said out of the blue with her adrenaline-fueled voice.
“He only says, `regards to everyone', that's all nothing much.” Tomoyo said in jest while grinning.
“Oh. Okay…” Sakura said woefully.
“Why Sakura?? Do you think Shaoran will ask anything else?? Or do you think Shaoran will ask if someone is fine??” Tomoyo exclaimed, trying to catch Sakura off her guard.
“No!! I'm just curious!! That's all!! I don't even come up with that idea!” Sakura said defending her side before Tomoyo caught her off guard.
“Don't deny it Sakura. It's already seen in your face that you miss Shaoran!” Tomoyo exclaimed surely.
“No! I don't. I just…..” Sakura said, running out of words in her mind.
“You see Sakura. You're running out of words... That's because you do miss him.” Tomoyo said.
Sakura said nothing trying to escape by silence in what Tomoyo's saying.
“Silence huh?? Okay.” Tomoyo said without any expression.
“Huh?” Sakura said confusingly.
“It's okay Sakura. Let's not talk about it. Besides you're not letting me in ever since I got here. So may I come in now??” Tomoyo exclaimed, smiling to Sakura.
“Oh sorry. Let's go inside now??” Sakura said confusingly coz she thinks Tomoyo is acting weird. I mean very weird.
“Okay” Tomoyo said as she smiles. “Don't worry Sakura I'll be having the perfect surprise for you and Shaoran. And I know that you will like it.” Tomoyo said to herself quietly.
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