Card Captor Sakura Fan Fiction ❯ Graduation Celebration ❯ Chapter One ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

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********************************************* ************

"Sakura, hurry up or you’re going to be late, you slow poke!" Touya hollered at Sakura.

Today, Sakura, Syaoran, Tomoyo and Eriol were going to a place just north of Tokyo near the town of Utsunomiya where there was a Samurai village – with actual people who dressed and acted like Samurai! Tomoyo had planned everything out; after visiting the Samurai village, they were going to go to some hot springs where they would relax, and the stay the night to celebrate their high school graduation.

Sakura dashed down the stairs, grabbed her bag off Touya and gave him a quick hug, before sprinting - literally - out of the house.

"Sakura you forgot your lunch!" Touya yelled.

Sakura whipped back to the house quickly, grabbed her lunch and yelled a rather hurried "Thanks, bye!” before dashing out the door again.

************************************************* ********

Sakura, panting, leaned heavily on Tomoyo's shoulder.

"Sakura!" she gasped, giving her friend a tight hug. "I thought you weren't going to make it! The Special Express is going to arrive any minute now. I've got your special boarding pass." Tomoyo pulled a white, glossy rectangular-shaped paper which closely resembled an airplane ticket from her bag, and presented it to Sakura. "Tada!"

Sakura sighed in relief, and gratefully accepted the boarding pass. She then looked around, and raised an eyebrow.

"Where are Syaoran and Eriol?" Sakura asked, confused.

Tomoyo giggled, and all of a sudden, Sakura jolted upwards, squealing, as Syaoran poked her on both sides.

"Eriol! You gave me such a fright!" Sakura exclaimed, her face beet red from laughter. Sakura advanced towards Eriol, getting ready to poke him in return. "Payback time."

Eriol backed away, his hands in the air in the universal position known as stop, and glanced at Syaoran, before looking back at Sakura. "It wasn't me," he protested.

Sakura's eyes widened, as she realized what Eriol had implied. Syaoran...serious, grumpy Syaoran...had poked her? Focusing her attention on Syaoran, she neared him, getting ready for his well deserved poke.

"Special Express Train number Two-Zero-Five-One scheduled to depart at Thirteen-oh-Five destined for Utsunomiya is now boarding. All travelers traveling on the Kiku Special Express are to present their boarding passes and tickets to one of the train employees prior to boarding at platform three.

"I repeat, Special Express Train number Two-Zero-Five-One scheduled to depart at Thirteen-oh-Five destined for Utsunomiya is now boarding. All travelers are traveling on the Kiku Special Express are to present their boarding passes and tickets to one of the train employees prior to boarding at platform three.

"Thank you for traveling with Kiku Express Trains. The current time is Thirteen-hundred hours."

Sakura quickly hefted her backpack onto her back, and ran to platform three, Syaoran's pay-back poke forgotten.

************************************************** *******

Sakura, Tomoyo and Eriol pushed through the crowd of people towards an unoccupied car, the din of the crowd blocking out the messages of the intercom, informing passengers of what was and wasn't prohibited whilst riding on the special express train. Finally locating a half-full car, Sakura grabbed a packet of chips from her backpack, and then pushed it into an overhead locker, before she plopped herself down on the metal bench next to Syaoran. Pulling the chip packet open with an audible 'crack', she cheerfully inhaled the delightful scent of roast chicken flavored chips, and popped a chip into her mouth.

"Mmmm...this is soooooo good!" Sakura exclaimed, her taste buds tingling with the delightful flavors of potatoes and chicken. Sakura smiled. "Here Syaoran, have some. They're really good!"

Syaoran looked away quickly, the blush spreading across his face hidden from Sakura, and replied, "You shouldn't eat too many of those. They contain monosodium glutamate, which is said to cause cancer."

Sakura stuck her tongue out, and continued eating her chips. "Suit yourself," she replied, her mouth full of chips as she savored the flavors of her favorite snack.

Syaoran sighed, and pulled a brochure out of his satchel. Bored to death scanning the brochure, after a minute or so, he glanced at Eriol, who seemed to be having an amusing conversation with Tomoyo.

"Did you know," Eriol began, "that in the 1800s, most Japanese women dyed their teeth black?"

Tomoyo's eyes widened in shock. "That's disgusting! Why did they do that?!" she asked Eriol.

"Back then, women believed that dying their teeth black maintained healthier teeth, and that it enhanced sex appeal," Eriol stated. "Or at least, that's what I read on the net."

"Ewww!!!!" Tomoyo scrunched her face up in disgust. "Why would they believe it made them sexier??"

Syaoran, unbeknownst to either Tomoyo or Eriol, was eavesdropping, and suddenly coughed in an attempt to get them to change the subject. Sakura, however, afraid that Syaoran was indeed sick, immediately asked him, "Syaoran, are you alright? You're not catching a cold are you?"

Syaoran rolled his eyes. "No, Sakura. I'm alright." he answered.

Sakura raised her left eyebrow. "I was just afraid you were getting sick. I wouldn't want you to miss out on coming with us to the Samurai village because you caught a baka cold. Then I’d have to look after you at the Inn, and neither of us would have much fun."

Syaoran blushed. "O-oh...right. Yeah. I wouldn't…uh..want that," Syaoran replied, taken aback by Sakura's concern.

Sakura smiled, grabbed her knapsack, and rummaged around in it. "Tada!" Sakura said, as she held up a Paracetamol tablet. Passing Syaoran a drink bottle and the tablet, she forced him to eat the tablet after much protest, and wash away the foul aftertaste of tablet with water.

"Now," Sakura instructed, "you're going to have a nap."

Sakura put her traveller's pillow on her knees, and pulled Syaoran down so that he was lying flat on his back, his head in Sakura's lap. Syaoran looked up, directly into Sakura's face and blushed. Sakura blushed as well, and pretended to be occupied trying to find her iPod in her backpack.

‘She’s so concerned with my well-being,’ Syaoran thought. ‘It’s as though…she likes me. But…no. She can’t like me. She likes Yukito. Oh well…I’ll just…enjoy this while it lasts…’

Syaoran inhaled her calming scent of cherry-blossoms, and was slowly lulled to sleep by the motion of the train, and Sakura's angelic voice singing along with her iPod in the background.

****************************************************** ***

Sore wa sukoshi kowakatta yo~! That was kinda scary. It's my first time writing a fic; I hope it's daijoubu ne~ ^^