Card Captor Sakura Fan Fiction ❯ Tomoeda! ❯ chapter 8 ( Chapter 8 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Chapter 8
By Shirrlly
“Be careful!” Syaoran yelled and clasped Sakura in his arm.
A large number of blades shot at them. Syaoran and Sakura went ahead since they were the first ones who saw what happened. He protected Sakura by his body. Had Sakura used The Shield to protect everyone at once.
“How dangerous it is!” Sya uttered in amazement. “ Lucky, Sakura protect us.”
“Thanks, Syaoran!!!” Sakura was moved.
“You're welcome. It's okay if you're alright!” But Syaoran seemed a little bit of twist in pain and Kurogane found it out. He grabbed his arm and said. “ You're hurt, aren't you?”
“Ah, I…!!!”
“Are you hurt?” Sakura asked. “Let me see!!!”
Syaoran was definitely wounded. A blade had shot him and left a wound on his arm.
“I-I am sorry,Syaoran. It's all my fault.” Sakura shedded tears.
“It's just a slightly wound. Don't cry, please.” Syaoran rubbed her head.
“Let me dress your wound.” Sak quickly took out a handkerchief and bandaged his wound.
“ We are in a dangerous situation so we should keep ourselves in The Shield!” Kero told.
“ I'm agree. But can Sakura keep it on for a long time?” Fye asked worried.
They continued their adventure. Kurogane went advance this time and Fye was the last one, they wanted to guarantee that everyone was safety. They went smoothly without any obstacles. It's a spacious place at the end of the way. They saw three big locked doors there. The entrance closed nearly immediately behind them.
“Which door will we choose?” Sak asked.
“ How about splitting into three and going through all of those?” Syaoran suggested.
“Nope. It's too dangerous to split. I think we should go together.” Fye objected.
“I agree with him.” Kurogane cleared his throat.
Fye and Kurogane were the oldest and most worldly-wise; therefore, they knew that they should obey their opinion.
“But which door we will choose?” Syaoran asked worry.
“ Do we seek through this one?” Kurogane ordered and everyone tried to examine for something useful.
Mokona acclaimed after a while. “ I find some words here.”
“What does it say?” Sya asked.
“It says that `reality was delusion, delusion was reality. Thinking it was reality, in fact, it was delusion. To erase delusion just receive delusion. To retain reality just receive delusion.'”
“Hoe? I can't understand!” Sakura shook her head.
“Me, either.” Sak said.
“Calm down!” Sya said “ Try to analyse itself.”
“In my opinion, this means that one of three doors is reality and two others are delusion but reality and delusion are in jumble. What we think it is reality is delusion and vice versa.” Fye considered.
“You're right, Fye. But we haven't definited what is reality or delusion yet.” Syaoran told him.
“It's not difficult.” Yuuko suddenly appeared from light of Mokona. “I can help you but you must pay a price.”
“ We have nothing for you to mug any more, your Witch.” Kurogane hackled up.
“ Hey! You still have owed me White Valentine's gift and fee for keeping your clothes.” Yuuko gave out a sly smile.
“ Bastard!!!” Kurogane roared in anger.
“What can we exchange this time, Space-Time Witch?” Sak asked.
“It's easy. Sakura and Syaoran must suffer a small loss. Your two must give up your two precious keepsakes during four years. They were link of two of you so that they full of emotions to each other. It's worthy, partly.”
“You means…” Syaoran spoke with a halt.
“ Right! Two cherish teddy bears of you. If you two agreed to give me those, I would help you overcome this obstacle.” Yuuko continued.
Sakura and Syaoran saw each other. Those teddy bears were their treasure which could not replace. The things which Syaoran used to show his feelings to Sakura as well as Sakura answer.
“Give her, Syaoran. The Feather and my father are more important. Our feelings in our heart, right?” Sakura wiped her tears and said.
“You're right!” Syaoran agreed but his face was in depression. Then he answered Yuuko. “ It's deal.”
“ Okay! Transporting through Mokona later.” Yuuko said.
“ Let me know the true door. Hurry up!” Kurogane had in his bad temper.
“Sakura, Sak, take this one! Stand next to each other hand in hand and shut your eye.”
A big silver key appeared from Mokona's mouth. Sak received it and Sakura held her hand. Yuuko continued, “ Use your power and you two will know what is the real door.”
Two girls concentrated on their power. Silver light spreaded out and the key flew off their hands to the left door. When the key in the lock, it turned. The door opened and revealed a path
“ Deal have been contacted. Remember to send me your teddy bears.” Yuuko smiled and disappeared.
“Thank you very much, Sakura, Syaoran!” Sya was in touch. “ You must give up your keepsakes because of us.”
“No problem, Sya. You do not need to feel sorry. Sakura had said that The Feather and her father were more important.” Syaoran replied.
“ Hurry up,” Kero urged.
All of group went onto the new way. They didn't know a black shadow slowly followed them.