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Shi-chan: My first crossover! My first St. Tail fic! My first chaprered Detective Conan story! Um...yeah!

Both Sides
~by Shimegami-chan

Bored om had become a daily factor in Kudo Shinichi's life.

No cases to solve, no schoolwork to do, no new gadgets or adventures--the young detective was bored out of his skull. The Detective Boys had gone their separate ways for vacation and Haibara Ai had taken to cooping herself up with experiments.

And Ran was going out on dates.

Well, somewhat. Sonoko had been urging her best friend to have a few 'summer flings,' as it didn't look like Shinichi would be coming back to her any time soon. Shinichi longed to grab Ran and kiss here, and assure her that he was right there and he would never leave her again. But that was impossible.

So Shinichi--in the form of 7-year-old Edogawa Conan--passed his vacation days rereading his Sherlock Holmes and Lupin books, and occasionally taking on insignificant little cases. Man...I wish there was something interesting to investigate! Anything!

The doorbell rang asif an answer to his prayers. Please be a case!

Hiding his cup of black coffee behind the fruit bowl--he couldn't drink with adults around--Conan raced to the door and threw it open. Professor Agasa barrelled in. "Shinichi-kun! Thank God!"

"What is is, Agasa-sensei?" Conan wondered aloud, immediately worried by the Professor's demeanor.

Agasa thrust a newspaper at the child.

High-School Detective Behind Jewel Robbery

Billionaire Tezuka Shiseki lost a million-dollar jewel to theft late last night, to none other than Kudo Shinichi, a teenage detective that has been missing for quite some time. Three eyewitnesses comfirmed Kudo's identity as well as the police, who beleive that Kudo may be past of an underground ring of theives commiting robberies in Tokyo for quite some time.

The article continued, but Conan couldn't focus, his hands shaking so badly. "Who the hell did this!? Is this some kind of joke?"

Agasa shook his head. "It's been all over the news today...I guess you and Ran haven't heard."

"Apparantly not! My God, imagine what this is going to do to my reputation! To Ran! The Black Organization..."

"They'll know you're alive," the Professor said gravely. "We have to expose the imposter, and fast."

"Right. Before Ran gets wind of it, or the Organization starts looking for me. And I can only think of one person daring--or smart--enough to pull this stunt."

Agasa stared at Conan expectantly. "Who?"

"Kuroba Kaito, otherwise known as the Kaito KID."


Hanoeka Meimi was a girl of little patience.

Her friend/enemy Asuka Jr. had just finished attempting to tussle up one of her more sloppy cases, a stolen statue that had disappeared and reappeared in the home of its original owner--the work of St. Tail, of course. Meimi watched Asuka's fists clench in fury when he saw the statue for himself. Meimi--otherwise known as St. Tail--giggled to herself.

A theif by calling, and soft of heart, Meimi prided herself on helping others--whenever a crime was afoot, she headed it off and returned the item to its original owner. Together with her friend Seira, she had stopped many burglaries-in-progress and set many wrongs right. And no matter what Asuka Jr.--her classmate, and a young detective--did, he couldn't catch St. Tail. Nobody could.

"Time to head home," Meimi said aloud, hopping to the ground. Better to stay as St. Tail until she was safely home, or at least out of Asuka's sight.

An older man--Asuka Sr, by the looks of him--ran up to his son and explained something breathlessly. The latter turned to him in shock, mouth dropping open, his reaction immediately piquing Meimi's interest. She slipped into the shadow of the building and listened intently.

"--no way! He's the most famous detective in all of Tokyo--all of Japan, even! There's no way he could possibly be behind it."

Asuka Sr. looked grave. "I'm not on this case, son, but all evidence points to Kudo. Eyewitnesses and everything."

The younger boy took the newspaper from his father's hand. "A jewel was what was stolen? This doesn't make sense. Kudo's been out-of-touch for a year or more--and now, to show up suddenly and steal a rock from some billionaire? I don't know about this, Dad--"

Asuka Sr. cut his son off. "They're searching for him as we speak. And I don't want you getting involved with the case."

"But, Dad--"

"No buts. Being a junior detective is fine, but I don't need you running all over Tokyo after a jewel theif. Let the police handle this--it's dangerous."

That was all St. Tail needed to hear.

Watch out, Kudo Shinichi...nobody gets away with stealing while I'M around...

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