Charmed Fan Fiction ❯ Past Chris ❯ Surprising New For Everyone ( Chapter 5 )

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"What the hell..." future Phoebe's voice trailed off as they stared at Leo and future Chris. Past Chris felt more then a little strange staring at his older self.
"Thank God you cam in time, Wyatt was about to kill Chris." Leo breathed in relief as he stepped out of the circle, the force field had appearently vanished.
"But uh Chris is right next to us, and he's fine." Paige answered, still trying to grasp the concept.
"I know, it's confusing. I'm still trying to get used to everything myself." Leo admitted but hurried over to Chris and placed his hand over his new wounds.
"It didn't work last time and it won't work this time, especially now that Wyatt has stripped you of all of your powers." Chris murmured.
"Well I have to try!" Leo snapped but Chris was right. It didn't work. "Damn it!" He cursed.
"Leo!" Phoebe suddenly shouted. "Leo I think you better get down here! Leoooo!"
"Uh Phoebe what are you doing? I'm here!" Leo said, getting more confused by the minute.
"Our Leo isn't here though." Paige informed him.
"Leo!" Both of them shouted and Phoebe stamped her foot and Paige gave her an odd look.
"You really think that stamping your foot well help?" She asked.
"Well it couldn't hurt!" Phoebe snapped at her. "Come on Leo enough already! Your son needs you!" She turned to Paige and Past Chris.
"Now if that doesn't get him here then nothing well."
"I doubt he'll come." Past Chris scoffed.
"How can you say that Chris? I'm-well he's also your father!" Leo said. "We don't abandon our children."
"Maybe right now you don't." Past Chris muttered.
Suddenly a whitelight appeared causing Past Chris to look up in surprisment.
"What is it Phoebe? I'm busy right now." Future Leo said as he orbed into the attic.
"Oh I think you have time for this." Phoebe said and pointed to Past Leo's area. Future Leo turned and stared in shock as he looked into his younger self and then glanced at his son, laying on the floor in pain.
"Chris." He said as he hurried over and knelt down to him.
"Dad?" The Future Chris moaned, not awhere of what just happened.
"Why aren't you doing anything?' Past Leo said angrily to his future self. "He's our son!"
"I can't do anything!" Future Leo shouted back, equeally angry.
"What?" All of them said and he sighed and turned to the girls.
"I didn't say anything before cause you've already been so much in this past couple of years with Piper's death...I'm..." He sighed. "I'm stripped of my powers right now."
"What?" The sisters asked. "Why?!"
"For punishment. After Piper's death I went balasitc, still him. Killing every demon in sight but a couple of those demons tricked me into killing not one but two Elders."
He stared helplessly at his youngerself.
"Why couldn't you heal him?" He demanded.
"Because our son, not this one but Wyatt tried to kill him and while he did he stripped me ofmy powers." Past Leo retorted sharply. Chris groaned reminding them at what was at stake.
"All right, we need to send those two back to their time so the younger Leo can heal his son before his older brother tries to come back and try to kill him again." Phoebe concluded.
"Sounds like a plan." Paige agreed.
"And I guess that I have no say in this whatsoever?" Past Chris said with a shrug. "Why doesn't that surprise me?"
"Chris I don't have time for this right now!" His father in his time snapped.
"Oh no?" Past Chris snapped back. "No of course not, since mom died you've never had time for me, not like you had time for me before why is this any different?" With that he stormed out of the attic, seeing his future self in pain was giving him a headache, and he didn't like being in any room with his father-especially a room with two of them.
"Chris..." Future Leo sighed and he looked at his younger self. "He hates me." He said simpily.
"I know." Past Leo nodded. "I've been finding that out the hard way." Past Leo hated seing his son in pain, phyiscal and emotional. Now both of his sons, past and future was were in pain and he couldn't do a damned thing about it. He sighed, maybe there was a reason for all this after all. Perhapes while he was here he could help rekindle his futureself's relationship with his future son...if that was even possible-God time travel sure gave him a headache, one thing was for sure though, he realized as he glanced at his son on the floor. They had to do something soon or they were going to lose him-and he'd be damned if he just lost a son he had just found out about.

Wyatt appeared underground in breathless rage.
"Did you kill him?" Barbas the Demon of Fear asked.
"No!" He shouted and withhi his rage fire grew from his fingertips as he shot at some rocks nearby. "Damn it!" Baras smiled at that/
"Ah yes that is a shame, but I saw what happened. This could work with us..."
"How?" Wyatt demanded and Barbas smiled at that.
"Right now the Charmed ones, the ones that are left are very confused and neither Leo's have their powers but they are confusmed with fear on losing their son and not being able to do a thing about it." He was almost singing while he talked, smiling in a taunting manner.
"So what do you suggest?" Evil Wyatt growled. Barbas laughed.
"I'm glad you asked! You make a much better partner then I thought you would."
"Get to the point old man!"
"Patients my young appretience. Patients!" Barbas purred. "I suggest that we pay both Leo's at the moment and both Chris's. Both of them are having very mixed feelings right now, and both -especially the Leo's-are very very vulnerable."
Wyatt stared at Barbas and smiled as he understood what the Demon of Fear was trying to explain...