Charmed Fan Fiction ❯ Past Chris ❯ Yet Another attack ( Chapter 6 )

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Both Leo's knelt beside Future Chris while the two sisters went over to the book of shadows. Suddenly a white light appeared in the attic and Melinda Halliwell appeared and stared at Pas Leo and futur Chris in shock.
"So it's true!" She breathed. "I couldn't believ it, had to see it with my own eyes."
Another white light appeared and Past Chris came up next to her.
"Mel! I told you not to go up here! But did you listen to me?" Past Chris spat angrily.
"Whoa, Chris take it easy." Mel said.
"How can I take it easy when my future self is dying?" He snapped.
"Good point." She replied.
Leo from the regular time stared at his future daughter unable to take his eyes off of her. God she was an exact duplicate of Piper. She sounded and looked so much like it that she could have been Piper's twin. If Mel noticed her father from the past staring at her she didn't say anything but concentrated on her Aunts.
"If you want I can orb to Magic School and see if there's anything there that can help." She voluntered.
"Good idea Mel." Phoebe agreed without looking up and Melinda nodded and orbed out.
"I should go with her too." Past Chris said quickly. It was uncomfortable staring at his future self being in so much pain.
"No don't." Paige and Phoebe both said at the same time. He looked at them confused.
"Why not?"
"If anything happens to you Chris, something could happen to your future self and he's already so weak that if anything more happened-even if it didn't hurt you much-it could kill future you." Phoebe told him.
"So wait it's safe for Mel to go but not me?!" Chris cried, throwing his arms up.
"That's right Chris, what Phoebe is saying makes sense." Paige said. "We can't risk anything happening to either of you."
"I don't believe this! I just don't believe this." Chris muttered. "I'm outa here, I'm going to see Mel, I'm not going to sit around here and do nothing."
"Christopher listen to your Aunts, they know what they are talking about." Future Leo snapped looking up to his son from his time.
"Oh and sense when did you start telling me what to do?' Chris snapped.
"I'm your father that's my right."
"You haven't earned that right because you're never around so you don't get to tell me what to do, and you are not my father."
"Christopher I don't have time for this right now. You're dying!" Leo snapped indicting to Chris on the floor.
Past Chris laughed at that.
"Once again you don't have time for me. This is even better, you have time for future me but not now me. Great, that makes me feel so much better." Before anyone could say anything he announced that he was "Outa here." and orbed out of the attic.
Future Leo sighed and looked at his younger self.
"I hope you do a better job at raising him then I did. Well I hope you actually raise him."
"I'll keep this in mind." Past Leo nodded. "But out of curiousity why weren't you there for him?"
Future Leo shook his head.
"I don't know. I didn't realize how badly I was hurting him. I was worried about Wyatt-there were signs of him turning evil and the dangers of that...So I had my hands full at that and so many charges began needing me more and more. And once I became an Elder I had one task after another. I had no break. I barely made it to any of Wyatt's birthdays either."
"But you never made it to any of Chris's." Past Leo sighed as he thought about what Wyatt said. His future self looked at him with tears in his eyes and nodded.
"And after Piper's death, well I thought it was to late to connect with him. I was already falling apart because I failed Wyatt. I thought if I spent less time with Chris that I'd be able to..."
"Protect him more." His younger self finished. He nodded.
"Yes." He whispered. "And after Piper died I was to afraid to get close to him-afraid I'd lose him too like I lost Piper and Wyatt and so I kept my distance from him and while I was trying to protect him from a distance at the same time I made him hate me. Resent me. But who could blame him?"
"Why didn't you tell me any of this?" Future Chris croaked weakly on the floor. The two Leo's looked at each other.
"You heard what I said?" Future Leo asked sharpy and Chris nodded in pain.
"Why didn't you tell me?" He whispered as he looked up at his father, his future father but father nontheless.
"I don't know." Future Leo said helplessly. "I didn't think that you would understand."
"If you have justtold me..." Chris said sadly. "It would have solved so many problems." He looked at both Leo's. "And it would have resolved so much hatred...and pain."
"I'm sorry." Future Leo said miserably. "Oh God Chris I'm so sorry." Future Chris smiled at him.
"I forgive you." He murmured. "I forgive you." With that he drifted back to sleep and Future Leo stared at him with a huge weight lifted from his heard and shoulders while Pheobe and Paige looked and smiled at each other.
"Now if only Chris from our time forgives him as well." Paige muttered, uttering what all of them-especially Future Leo- was thinking.

Chris orbed into the the school not awhere the Barbas was following him.
"Mel?" He asked as he searched for her. Barbas took that as a chance.
"Just as you feared." He hissed into Chris's ear. "Something horrible has happened to your sister and you weren't able to stop it!"
"Mel?!" Chris started to freak out as he searched but couldn't find her. "Me!"
"Why don't you give up? You're worthless, you have no purpose. Your own father doesn't give a damn about you! He never loved you like he loved Wyatt-no one does!"
"No! This isn't true!" Chris shouted, covering his ears.
"Ah but it is true little brother." Said a familar voice and Chris turned and came face to face with Wyatt, realizing that he should have listened to his Aunts after all. He was no longer safe here and that meant neither was his future self...
Past Chris stared at his brother angrily.
"What do you want Wyatt?" He demanded. Wyatt smiled at that.
"I have what I want already, right here." He pratically purred and Chris glared at him. Suddenly Melinda came into the room and dropped the book she was holding.
"Chris? What's going on?" She asked. Wyatt turned sharply and lightening flew from his fingertips, aiming for her.
"No!" Chris yelled. He lost his mother-he wasn't about to lose his sister too! The Lightening that was meant for Melinda hit Chris squarly in the chest.
"Chris!" Melinda shrieked and managed to catch her brother before he collapsed. Wyatt stared in shock. He wanted to use Chris as bait-not hurt him. He would if he had to, he's done it before but still all of this just happened so quickly. Melinda stepping into the room surprising him, then Chris's surprise move...He stared in shock unsure of what to do now-his plan to him was falling apart 'and'-he realized, he was getting out of control.

Back in the attic future Chris began to yell in pain. Both Leo's were instently at his side along with Phoebe and Paige.
"What's going on?" Past Leo yelled at his futur self.
"I don't know!" The other Leo shouted back/
Chris began going into convulusions causing Phoebe to scream as she saw his body flapping about like a fish out of water.
"Chris..." Paige said, growing sick. Suddenly the convulusions stopped. Past Leo then tore open Chris's shirt to see what was wrong with the wounds and they all stared in horror as new scars, and deep ones appeared zigzagging across his chest...
"What the hell?" Both Leo's said.
"Oh no, I think I know what happened." Phoebe looked up in horror.
"What?" They all asked.
"We have to find our Chris now." Phoebe snapped. "Before..."
"Before what?" Paige interrupted. Phoebe looked at her sister.
"Before it's to late and we lose them both." She said causing them all to stare at her in horrified shock...