Charmed Fan Fiction ❯ Past Chris ❯ What Really Happened That Night ( Chapter 7 )

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The Chirs in the attic groaned in pain. What was happening to him? He didn't understand this new pain. He knew that his other self was in great pain as well, perhaps more then him. For some reason a part of him was still conncted to his past self. He was able to feel what his other half was feeling, and right now it was excruiating pain, physically and emotiaonally. Suddenly he felt hatred too, pure hatred. His eyes snapped open and he quickly sat up.
"Chris take it easy." One of his fathers told him. he didn't care which. Right now he was angry, more angry then he has been in a long time.
"Where is he?!" He shouted, causing everyone to be confused.
"What?" His father from the past asked. "Chris you're not making any sense!"
"Where is he?" He shouted again. "I'm going to kill that sonofabitch! If he hurt her..." He started to shake in rage and horror at the thought of losing Melinda. "I can't lose her too!" He shouted, tears rolling down his cheek.
Both Leo's looked at each other flabbergasted and then at the Aunts.
"Phoebe." Past Leo pleaded. "What the hell is happening to my son?" She shook her head.
"I don't know, but right now I'm sensing awful pain, not just physical pain but emotional too. And fear, and rage. Great, great rage. Towards Wyatt."
"I think I might know what's happening." Paige said more to herself while she stared at Chris fighting both of his fathers.
"Please tell us!" The Leo from this time snapped. "Cause we don't have a clue!"
"Well Phoebe's an imapth right? So it makes sense that being an impath could be passed down to another family member. And doesn't it seem logically that Chris in some ways would be connceted in some way or another to his past self. I mean remember when Pheobe became a teenager again? Am I making any sense?"
Phoebe nodded.
"You are." She said. "I think what you are saying is that this Chris is connected to his past self." Paige nodded and Phoebe sighed. "That means he's feeling whatever Chris is feeling."
Both Leo's look at each other.
"So the new scar, those are the other Chris's wounds?" Future Leo said angrily. Phoebe and Paige looked at each other and nodded.
"I think so." Paige said. "I mean in a way it makes sense right? To be connected to yourself like that."
The others looked at each other and agreed.
The Leo of this future couldn't believe what was happening to his son. His son right now and in the future. All of this was just so, unfaire. He wasn't sure if he could handle another loss after Piper and Wyatt. He wasn't sure if he has ever fully recovered from those losses. No matter how bad he has handled his relationship with his youngest son he cared deeply for him. If only he had shown Chris that. No wonder Chris hated him, he'd hate him if he was Chris.
But he wasn't about to lose his son, he'd be damned if he just stood there and did nothing. He stood up and looked away from future Chris's body.
"All right, what do we do?" He asked as calmly as he could.
Phoebe looked at her and Paige's Leo.
"You're not going to like it." She told him sadly.
"Tell us anyways." Both Leo's said a the same time causing them to smile at each other.
"We're going to have to go through Wyatt to get to him." Phoebe told her Leo.
Both Leo's stared at her.
"What do you mean?" Future Leo asked sharply.
"Leo Phoebe's right." Paige added and looked at her sister. "If Wyatt did do the damage to Chris..."
"Wyatt wouldn't do that to his brother." Past Leo said still refusing to accept the fact of how evil his son turned out to be.
"Why not?" Paige snapped. "He's done it before. He was responsible for Piper's death."
Her Leo sucked in his breath at that memory and his younger self stared at Paige with a horrified look.
"You remember don't you Leo?" Paige asked Future Leo.
"How could I forget?" He asked bitterly.
Leo was on the bridge talked with Rowena, one of the elders. He suddenly heard his son calling him.
"Dad! Dad please come! We need you!" He winced at the pain and urgency in Chris's voice.
"I have to go." He said breathlessly but Rowena shook her head.
"You're an Elder now Leo. They have Bill to protect them. Bill is their whitelighter now.
"But they need me! Chris never calls! He wouldn't unless it was a matter of life and death."
"Leo Elder's don't go around saving witches, that's a whitelighter's job. Bill is more then qualified to protect them."
"I know, I know but what if he can't handle it!"
"DAD PLEASE!" Chris's scream was almost more then he could bare. "DAD!"
"I have to go." He pleaded and tried to orb but he couldn't. "What the hell are you doing?" He shouted. Rowena sighed.
"It's for your own good Leo, you have to learn to let go and let others help them. They will be fine, I'm sure. You can't go saving them all the time, that's not your job."
"But he's my SON!"
"And your an Elder does that mean nothing to you?" Rowena snapped. "This is why whitelighters and Elders can't have relationships with mortals. It clouds their judgment!"
"DAMN IT HE'S MY SON!" Leo bellowed with rage.
"If he has to be sacrificed for the greater good then so be it! Remember your other son? The Source of all evil? This is what happens when Gods and whitelighters bare children!" Rowena shouted. "Terrible things happen because of it. Because of your and Piper's decision to breed it resulted in creating a entinty of great evil, an evil that has never been foreseen now of in the future. Becuase of your decision countless of lives were killed, mortal and imortal."
"DADDDDD!" Chris's scream came in great pain and anguish while Leo doulbed over.
"Please." He said with tears in his eyes. "Please.
"Dad why won't you answer? Mom needs you!"
He felt a sharp pain as he felt Piper.
"Piper!" He shouted with a tearstained face. "If you don't let me go so help me God I will NEVER forgive you!" He shouted. Rowena looked at him sadly and nodded. He thankfully found out he could orb but it was to late...
Chris was bending over his mother's body sobbing and he turned and glared at his father.
"You bastard!" He screamed. "Why didn't you come when I called you? WHY GODDAMN IT!"
"I couldn't Chris I just couldn't!" Leo shouted angrily but of course Chris didn't believe him. As he knelt down to Piper's body he saw Wyatt in the corner staring at them in shock.
"I didn't mean for this to happen." He whispered to his father before he vanished.
And from that day on Chris never forgave Leo for what happened, but that was understable. Leo hadn't forgiven himself.
"And ever sense then," He told his younger self. "I've been crazy. I killed Rowena out of rage and another Elder who tried to stop me. Now I'm stripped of my powers, perhapes perminatly.:"
"And Wyatt killed Piper?" His younger self asked, going white in the face. Leo nodded at him.
"Yes, by accident but the sisters are right. If he caused these wounds to Chris..."
"There's no telling what else he can do." His youngerself nodded understanding the situation better but hating the idea of sacrificing one son to save another. "Let's go save our son." He told his older self who looked at him and at the sisters and nodded quickly in agreement.
Paige had them grab onto her while she orbed them to Magic School...