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Soar Above:
Earthed Wings
The Sky above seems out of reach to me, though I forget sometimes it's there.
There was something stirring, writhing beneath the soil, shuddering at the cold that touched its tender young form beyond its dank entombment. Bleary eyes peered up from below decomposing leaves, shed by skeletal branches above, its world gloomy casted steel. The evening star drifted over the point of no return for the day and brought a pledge of night with its passing. It rejoiced at the sight around, for there was so much unknown to explore.
I'm still not looking for why I am here. Beyond this place, beyond myself I am ashamed.
The scaled beast tasted the air with a flash of blue, sensing the fragrance of blossoms long since closed for protection from the harsh touch of frost soon to appear. Never had the creature known of the world above its home, never needed a word for sky or sun, since it knew not those things. The lengths of light or dark meant nothing to its kind. They were of the underworld, hiding away from the others who were predators, wanting their blood. Its kindred did not dream of what was distant from their small realm of warm soil and stone. Their hearts never quickened for the freedom somewhere that could be achieved if they so wished. Yet, the dragon-hearted beast did.
Within the words I hear I am lost, voicing dreams about the cold. I am waiting for the vision of something new, something archaic and bold.
Its essence aroused, while it stretched leathery skin out between a set of emaciated fingers, limbs by some strange definition referred to as wings. Clawed toes pressed deep into heated earth, helping pull the last bits of the slight body from the tunnel dug up towards the heavens. The sky was a freedom, maybe yet attainable. A tail whipped around, cracking the air like a cat'o'nine tails, sending small animals scurrying for the safety of nests and hollows around the fringes of the verdant glade. The small sable-toned nose stuck high in the rapidly cooling breeze, sensing the prey that could provide nourishment for the young mud-encrusted hunter.
This life I live is just a shadow at play, for I cannot even walk away.
Abruptly it turned, spinning to face the approaching wolf that dared challenge the creature. Two amber orbs glared back at it from within an uninviting ashen face, the lips pulled back on the narrow tapering muzzle revealing pearly fangs, accompanied by a discordant snarl. A hiss escaped its scarred mouth in return, though it was alarmed by the sudden arrival of the four-legged canine. However, it had no doubt it could destroy the hound without a second thought. The threat was defined between the two. Hackles raised in fear of the reptilian born.
Forced to fight a war I don't believe in. I want to run now, to find a place where I have meaning. So, I know who I am.
Yet, the wolf's pack moved into the aggravating situation at that instant, surrounding the recently emerged creature with a wall of furry bodies. The movement was so swift no eye could follow it, the atmosphere suddenly filled with ominous black clouds. Rolling thunder began echoing throughout the secluded site; the spear bolts of yellow arcing dangerously close. The stench of ozone seeped into the air. It was an acrid deterrent to those who remained out in the open like this, where the trees parted above them revealing them to the sky.
So many try to decide what's best for me. Don't they know I am the one who should decide?
Was there a word passed between the first one and the others to call them here? It reared back on powerful legs, standing tall against the world. The pack closed in, their numbers growing… five… ten… fifteen lean frames. These beings knew unity as if it was born right into their bodies. They didn't wish like the young dragon did, for the change of a passing moment to feel different from the rest.
Am I still me, if I change what I am? If my blood is warm when theirs is cold? Is this not how it is meant to be?
The scaled brute knew fear then, the earth began to tremble as if a giant hand had taken grip of it, shaking it like a rag doll. Yelps and whimpering barks issued forth among the canine number. The storm answered all the feelings of the earth, thrashing about violently. Picking up speed, the wind yowled through the forest, grinding down anything in its path with a vengeance wrought of a terrible fury. The pack scattered, the powers that be, chased them away.
Is it the world that protects me from the wrath of others? It is here, I make my resistance known against the constraints of a rigid society.
It stared up at the sky, awed by the majestic way the surrounds repelled the threateners. A whisper resonated through the air. Everything became still as the first small droplets of rain began to fall. This gentle caress of flesh by water, sparked hope inside of the winged dragon. Raising the thin membranes of its wings as the cascade flowed over; it pushed down with a sweep of muscles. With a grace unseen by human eyes, it ascended, leaving behind an ungrateful race and receiving the gift of friendship from the very world itself. Wolf eyes laughed at the joyous sight they had helped to forge.
You are apart of me, through the past. I never knew you were there, even when my wings were bound by your hands, by earth you tied me.
A journey began, for it had a destiny nobody could control, not by talon, fang or words. The sky was a new playground revealed in the glory of vivid colours. It was now the freedom the dragon had always craved, giving it faith in that. Even though it was different it could rise above and conquer any trial ahead.
I fear nothing now, for what is there to fear in dreaming?