Chrono Crusade Fan Fiction ❯ The Last Night For Love ❯ Chapter One ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

The Last Night For Love




I remember the night I danced with Chrono. It was my last night with him and I needed to be with him.


The night began very well. He and I had gone out to have a small bite to eat first. I had complained most of the way their so Chrono pulled over at a small restaurant near the road.

He opened my door for me and held out his hand. I took it and gripped his hand gently; I didn’t want to hurt him. I looked the other way but I knew he was staring at me. A moment later, he pulled me close and I smiled to myself.

“Rosette,” I heard him say softly. I glanced up at him and smiled wide for him. He stared at me for a moment later and cracked a grin as well. But I knew he was staring at the pocket watch. I knew he felt responsible for it all but I told him everything was fine with me.

‘He calls himself a demon but yet, he’s there by my side, supporting me all the time without question.’ I thought, snuggling close to his warm body.

“Chrono,” I whispered, making sure he could barely heard me. He pulled me as close as I could get and pushed open the door to the restaurant. There was hardly anyone in there and when we walked in, they didn’t even look up. We took a seat near the window and door and a few moments later, a waitress came by.

“What would you two have to drink?” she asked, pen and paper in hand. Chrono tightened his grasp around my shoulders and ordered water. I ordered the same and she handed us a menu.

We glanced down at it I didn’t feel too hungry as I did before but Chrono pointed out something that sounded ok to eat. We put down the menu and I stared back into Chrono’s eyes.

“Are you ok Rosette?” he asked, looking back at me. I nodded and nuzzled deep under his arm. He smiled and held me close to him, not moving.

“I wouldn’t trade this night for any other,” I whispered into his arm. The waitress came back and we gave her our orders.


Later on, Chrono took me to a small place where there was no one at. We were on top of a cliff, staring at the ocean below us. I stepped out of the car and felt the cool ocean breeze hit us. It felt so good, just us two out here, bathed in moonlight.

“Rosette?” Chrono asked, standing beside me. I glanced over my shoulder and smiled at him. The music was playing softly and he held out his hand to me. I smiled and giggled but took his hand. Then he pulled me close and we started a slow dance together.

I knew, when I took his hand and felt his warmth so strong and felt his loving arms wrap around me; I knew this was my last night with him. I felt my heart skipping beats every now and then but I didn’t want to stop.

“Chrono, if I am to die, I want to die in your arms.” I said, lifting my head so he could look into my eyes. I saw tears well up in his eyes but I wanted him to know. He looked away but I reached up and pulled his chin back towards me.

“Please let me stay in your arms when I die. I don’t want to die…” I bit my lip before speaking, “die alone. I need to be in your arms so I know…” I stared at Chrono, frustrated because I couldn’t say that without getting choked up. He nodded and put his hand under my chin. A moment later, he pressed his lips against mine.

At first, I startled but after a moment, I returned his sweet kiss. I felt him pressed his body against mine and I wrapped my arms around his neck. He took his lips from mine and pressed his against my neck. I moaned quietly and felt his hands run down my arms. I shivered and moved one of my hands and guided his mouth back to mine. I felt him shiver and I ran my fingers over his arms and he moaned against my lips.

“Chrono,” I whispered, kissing him even deeper.





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