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Naruto was very uncomfortable with the way Luciela was looking at him as he got ready to cook himself dinner.

He wouldn't have been too bothered if it was her usual gaze as he had grown use to it. He even had gotten use to her seductive glances at him, but the look she was giving him now making him nervous as only one other person had given him that look before.

The only other person that had given him that look before was Hinata when he told her he didn't feel the same for her as she did to him.

It was the look of heart break and rejection and he was having a very hard time dealing with it.

When he broke Hinata's heart, he hated himself for and even now, he hated what he did to the girl. She got over it and began to see other people but he could not. He loathed his very being for causing someone he cared for tremendous pain and in response; he left his friends to spare them the pain he was going to cause them. He of course had other reasons to leave, but he wanted to spare those he cared further anguish.

Now he had caused to the same type of grief to someone that he had been living with for two years and that deeply cared for him.

On the surface, he didn’t really show that he care all too much except for playful banter every now and then and that was his nature. He liked to play around and cause mischief and Luciela didn't mind and was far more receptive to it then most people, especially women he knew.

But it was because of this that he was hurting inside. While he cared for her, maybe not in the same way that she did to him, it caused him further agony to watch someone else suffer because of his actions, especially another woman.

Yet there was another problem, Naruto still believed that he had taken the right course of action the more he thought about it.

If Luciela was to come to his world, her head would be instantly wanted after a few deaths would be linked to her feeding. Despite the fact that they could all be the scum of the earth that she fed on, her actions would be considered too heinous to be acceptable. And if she dared to transform, people would consider her a demon and he knew despite the tolerance level of demon vessels was growing, demons were still not well liked and missions would be assigned to kill her.

He could protect her. He knew that very well as he was feared for being the mysterious new leader of the Akatsuki and it was already written in the bingo books to flee him on sight. But he would take heavy criticism from his few members, baring the plant as he probably would devour what was left of the human carcass afterwards. Even then, they would all accept her eventually and even come to like her.

Eventually, he knew the five Kages would assemble a task force like they did against Madara to take care of her and the reformation of the Akatsuki. He knew his skills well, but even against the level of the squad that would be sent against them he doubted they could come out on top.

Naruto knew he was still wrong for leaving, but he was having a crisis of conscious and mind and he was left with no answer of what to do. So he was staying silent with his head hung low like a little child that had just been punished while he try to decide on which route he would take.

Luciela had kept a vigilant eye on him in the past few days after he escaped and did not let him out of her sight except when he had to do his business. She know she was going a little overboard, but she did not have the faith and trust in him as she did before and took measures to make sure he knew that she was very disappointed in him.

She revoked most of the privileges she had given him, except the equipment as she could not take that away without Naruto fighting her tooth and nail for it. She had stopped cooking his meals and made him cook his own, which to her ire the blonde seemed to know how to cook well.

The only thing Luciela did not stop was her occasional flirts as, despite how angry she was with him, she still wanted him to fall for her though she cut back the amount of attempts she flirted with him. That had been her main goal over the past two years and she had noticed he had started to treat her a little differently. She wasn't sure if it was a good thing or not, but she was going to continue so she could see.

Looking at Naruto, Luciela was deeply upset that he had yet to even utter a word of apology to her. He was wrong yet he seemed to refuse to admit he was. Part of her was willing to let him drag this out as it seemed that he was trying to find a way to say he was sorry, but couldn't find a good reason. There really wasn't a good reason in her mind, so she could only wait until he could come up with an acceptable one.

But with one look at his depressed face, it was hard for her to stay visibly mad at him. He was just too cute, in her opinion, when he was like this and she didn't want to stay mad at him. She needed something to get him to open up and possibly get him to say something as he had yet to talk since she had brought him back home.

While she watched as he pulled the cut of beef out of one of his food scrolls, Luciela whistled to herself as she tried to refrain from attempting to flirt with him. She really wanted to make a comment and despite her restraint, she couldn't help herself as he opened the oven and was getting ready to put it in. "My you have a lot of meat there sailor. Do you plan on sticking all of that into my junk?"

The look on Naruto's face was priceless as he fumbled the beef and Luciela couldn't help but laugh to herself. She still hadn't forgiven him, but the look on his face was just too much. Even if she was angry with him it didn't mean she couldn't have some fun with him.

Cursing her under his breath, Naruto pulled out a rather large pan and placed the slab of meat onto it. Of course as he did this, he covered up his blush as his eyes wandered to Luciela to see she was still smiling. Frowning at this, he lit the oven before crossing his arms over his chest. "That was very inappropriate for someone that suppose to still be mad at me."

"Well," Luciela began as her eyes flashed silver as she wanted to avoid this conversation as she really didn't want to get started and possibly hurt him, "Maybe you should apologize already for trying to leave me here on my own and then maybe all this will blow over in a couple of days, don't you think?"

Naruto shook his head at her before he moved out of the kitchen and into the living room as he looked her into the eyes. "On the grounds that I broke my words, yes you are right. However, I am not going to apologize as I am right for leaving you behind. I just can't take you to my world…"

Luciela's eyes flashed again as she rose from her chair before she walked in front of him before growling loudly. Oh, she did not like what she just heard and she was going to call him out on it as she poked him in the chest. "And what is it that would make me so unfit for your damn world, huh?! Tell me!"

He instantly recognized what he had said wrong and mentally cursed at himself for being an idiot before he stepped back and hung his head. He really didn't want to make things worse with one of the few people that could possibly find a passage back home. Keeping his head low, he apologized in a low voice, but high enough for her to hear him. "I'm sorry, Luciela. I didn't mean…"

"The hell you didn't!" Luciela screamed at him as her yoki flare and her face began to physically become more feline as her anger grew. "Tell me why I cannot go to your fucking world! What is it that makes it so much different from being here where I have to fear for my life every day because that bitch in the west could team up with that man and kill me in an instant?!"

He really didn’t like that he couldn't get Luciela to calm down and was wishing he hadn't said anything in the first place. It seemed no matter what he said, he was digging himself further into his own grave and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

If he gave her the real reason he didn't want her to come with him, which was not the original reason for leaving her behind, she would be pissed at him. But if he didn't tell her, she would be far more enraged. However, both had a similarity in the fact that he had no clue what Luciela would do despite getting to know her over the past two years.

As Naruto stayed silent, trying to think of a way to pacify Luciela, she grew even further irritated before she suddenly shoved him away, knocking him off balance and knocking him onto the floor. "Fine! Don't answer me then! Get the fuck out my house you ungrateful bastard!"

Naruto knew that Luciela was angry and despite her words, he knew if he did as she said she would be even further pissed. So gathering his bearings, he attempted to pick himself off the ground when one of her tails wildly swung at him as she turned for the door. He managed to duck underneath it as it ripped through the oven and cabinets.

As he looked at her in shock, Luciela reached the door as her entire body trembled in rage. She had never been this pissed and it felt like she was about to transform at any moment. She had to get out of there before she tore her home to shreds. Turning back to Naruto, her eyes glistened a beast-like silver as she opened the door. "When I get back, you better be fucking gone or I will eat you guts and savor every minute of it.”

With those last words, she slammed the door shut leaving Naruto alone in the house.

Sitting up, Naruto hang his head as a lone tear fell from his left eye before he slowly stood up and walked to the door. He stopped only or a moment before opening it, letting his single tear hit the knob before he left the house muttering a single line over and over.

"I'm sorry…"


"What happened here?" Irene muttered to herself as she looked at a glass filled crater that rats and seagulls were flocking to as they picked at the blood that soaked the sand and glass, trying to get some nutrients from it.

Teresa said nothing as she knelt down next to the crater picked up a small piece of glass and examined it for a moment. From what she could tell, it had just recently been made as it was still quite hot. There was a good amount of yoma blood on it as well, despite the amount the animals devouring it and despite how awful it must have taste.

Putting it down, she looked over to Clare who seemed to be poking at something in the ocean before the young girl called out to her. "Teresa! I think I found something!"

Standing up, she headed towards the girl to see what she had found. At first it just seemed to be some burnt timber from the remains of what looked to be a boat. But after a moment, she quickly noticed a long rod of some kind stuck into it and what made this odder was that the rod had its own yoki flow.

Frowning at this, she grabbed the pole before pulling it out of the useless timber before sniffing it. She wanted to hurl as the stench was foul, even if it had been washing in the salt water for a while, but she kept it in as it was the same scent of the blood.

Sticking it into the ground, Teresa sighed before she patted Clare on the head and smile. "Thank you Clare. You can play for a while as Irene and I have to talk for a little while. Just make sure you don't go too far off and stay away from those poles, okay?"

"Okay!" Clare chirped back before she took off Naruto's cape and her boots and laid them on the dry sand before she began running in the shallow water.

Smiling as she watched her for a moment, Teresa shook her head before turning to Irene and her face instantly dropped and became serious. "There is no doubt about it. Both the Abyssals of the South and West were here and something big happened."

Irene nodded in agreement as she scanned over the area. There was no doubt in her mind something happened here. But from what she was seeing, she didn't believe it was the two Abyssals that had fought. "That much I agree on… But from everything I can see here, I cannot believe that they fought each other as there just isn't enough damage. Sure, there is that destructive trail from the southern lands, but it looks more like Luciela was chasing something…"

"And that something would happen to be the person we are looking for." Teresa interrupted as she had already figured out as much.

Frowning at Teresa, Irene crossed her arms over her chest as she tried to figure out why Teresa was so confident that he was here. "There is no proof that he was here Teresa. All we have to go on is that Luciela captured him and all we know she may have devoured his guts. I seriously doubt she would as there had to be a purpose for her to come after him, but it is highly probable that he served his purpose and she devoured him."

Teresa simply shook her head as she gave a quick gesture to the glass crater. "That is all the proof we need. Explosions are not something that you see often and Naruto seems to be a master of using them as you know first hand."

Seeing Irene flinch as she apparently remembered his exploding kunai, Teresa looked over to make sure Clare was alright before continuing with her reasoning. "Furthermore, this crater dwarfs any explosion that can be made from our land's limited knowledge of the subject. However, from what I learned his land is much further along then ours and it is more then possible that they know more on the subject and could create a more powerful bomb."

"Okay," Irene commented as she wasn't entirely convinced, "But how do we know that he didn't inform Luciela of this as well and she used what she knows now against the witch of the west?"

Tilting her head for a moment as she puzzled Irene's question, Teresa took a few moments before coming up with an answer. "Ah, but as you said there isn't enough damage to said they fought. And remember this, if two Abyssals fought what is keeping the third from coming and finishing off the winner?"

Catching onto Teresa's reasoning, Irene nodded as she dropped her hands to her hips. "Nothing… The man of the north would come down and kill the winner and would become the only Abyssal. So, the two couldn't have fought but were still having a disagreement so they had to do something… So they had others fight for them instead."

"Exactly." Teresa responded as smirked at her. "So it is more then likely that she had Naruto fight in her stead while Riful used whomever she brought with her at the time. And seeing that I don't see any traces of human blood, it is more then likely Naruto won against a powerful foe, one that would possibly give us some slight trouble."

Irene nodded as the damage was quite grand despite being nothing to what the Abyssals could do when they were battling one another. However, there was still one thing that was bothering her and she had to ask it as she gazed at the former number one. "So what is our plan as it is obvious he still is with Luciela?"

Thinking only for a moment, Teresa stretched and popped her shoulders before responding to Irene's question. "It is simple. We will leave Clare in a town near where we find Luciela so she won't be in danger. Many people owe me favors down here so it shouldn't be that hard and once she is in safe hands, we'll confront the Abyssal and if she is a generous mood, we might end up joining her and if not… We take her out."

The little amount of color in Irene's skin faded away as Teresa said this, but after a few moments, she nodded. She knew that the two together now could more then likely take an Abyssal and win. Hell, from what she felt Teresa was quite possibly stronger then Luciela now but she wouldn't put it past the Abyssal to be cloaking some of its power. The odds were in their favor and if the young man came to their aid, they would win.

As Irene slowly nodded in agreement with the plan, Teresa turned to Clare to see her sitting on the shore while kicking her feet in the water. Smiling at the young girl, she shook her head before calling out to her. "Clare, Put your stuff back on! It's time to go!"

Clare groaned as she was having fun, but did as Teresa said as she slid her boots on before clicking on the cape and running towards Teresa. She wanted to play more, but she knew something was going on and didn't want to slow down her mother figure down. Besides, she knew after this was done that she would get more time to do more fun activities. "Okay Teresa! I'm ready."

Shaking her head at the young girl, Irene pulled out a small fruit before tossing it to Clare. "Eat it first. We're going to be moving quicker then normal so you're going to need your energy to keep up as we can't afford you to fall behind."

Watching Clare nod and bite down into the fruit, Teresa shook her head as she originally planned on carrying Clare as it would have been faster. But Irene did make a good point during their time training together. Clare needed to become dependent enough on her own that she didn't need them to look over her all the time.

But she wasn't worried about it too much right now as she was only eleven. And the girl could follow no matter how harsh the path or pace was.

Smiling at her, Teresa took the lead as she began to head towards the southern lands.


"Why does it seem that I hurt those that care for me the most?" Naruto asked himself as he walked through a forest, ignoring the dampness of his cloak as the water droplets from the mist clang to him.

It had been a day and a half since Luciela lost her temper and ordered him out and he had been walking non-stop ever since, blaming himself for the entire thing. He knew he was wrong and he could admit that he was. But when the time came for it, he held onto his selfish pride and screw up a chance to get home.

Sighing to himself as he hung his head, he walked not caring what was in front of him. Miraculously, he seemed to know where the trees were by instinct and walked around them without bumping into one or tripping over a single brush or root.

Naruto couldn't find an answer to why no matter how hard he tried. He just hurt those who he cared for the most.




Kakashi,< br>






Every person in Konoha.

He had hurt them all. And now he had to add Luciela to the list.

No matter how hard he tried, he hurt them. Whether it was ignoring their feelings, doing something irreversible or just making a bad judgment, he hurt them more times then he could count. And he kept doing it despite how hard he tried not to.

Sighing to himself, Naruto stopped and looked at his surroundings and noticed the trees were beginning to thin out while the soil turned from dirt to sand, transitioning to that of a desert. He knew he was within the center of the continent known as Toulouse to the citizens. Technically from the way Luciela and he guessed the other Abyssals saw it, he was still within the southern lands.

Naruto knew to keep from the west as he did not want to deal with Riful any time soon but if he kept in the south, there was always a chance Luciela would come back for him. However, after how he angered her he doubted it would be for a friendly conversation.

So his choices were to head east and towards the organization that he heard so many bad things about, or head to the northern lands and possibly deal with another Abyssal. He didn't like either choice, but he had to pick one as he doubted he could live in the south any longer and the west was just off limits.

"If you had taken her up on her offers you could have avoided all of this you stupid ningen. But you never, ever listen to me." Kyuubi commented within Naruto's mind with a toothy grin.

"I'm not in the mood fox." Naruto responded as he began to head towards the closest town he knew of to rest for a moment.

Kyuubi, however, was going to persistent as he tempted to enrage Naruto further. "Well too bad! Despite what you think, as long as I am in here I need you to be healthy and mentally stable. I don't have to worry about the first as my yoki takes care of the problem, but if you don't start dealing with all the shit you cause I am personally going to take over you body and fuck any chance you have to fix all your problems!"

"Shut it Kyu or I will kill us both right now!" Naruto angrily hissed back at the fox demon as his chakra flow began to double.

After a full minute and not hearing anything from Kyuubi, Naruto changed his direction and began to head north. While he knew he would have fewer chances to find a way back to his home within the north, he didn't want anything to do with the organization.

He stopped every few moments and looked back, hoping that someone would appear either it be Luciela, Teresa or one of his subordinates from the Akatsuki. But he saw no one and stopped looking back as he began to ready his body for the extreme cold of the northern lands of Alfonse.


Standing on top of the mountain that she first took Naruto to as the sun began to set, Luciela sighed as she dragged her hand across her face.

Even if she knew she had a right to be angry, she did not mean to be so harsh to the blonde. She certainly didn't want him to leave as she liked him there as he gave her some company. But after what she had screamed at him it was going to be difficult to repair the rift that was created.

However, she was willing to do so if he was willing to admit that he was wrong. He was still a fine specimen, despite his many flaws, and had a caring heart even if it seemed he closed it off to the world at times. And he was someone that she could spend her life with.

At first, she admitted, she was attracted to him because of the power he showed revealed. There was no doubt of that in her mind as the power was intoxicating and so overwhelming that it was hard to resist.

But over time, she realized that despite his use of the power, the beast that it originated from was what caused the blonde most of his pain in life. Because of that, Naruto gained his own strength and will to prove that he was entirely different being then the demon fox he cursed so much. And after seeing his conviction as he trained, she began to admire him and care less and less about the power of the demon within him.

Luciela would admit that the power was still nice to have in emergencies as even Naruto said that much, but she began to detest the creature within him as well. While she knew she wasn't too different from the creature within him, she at least still considered herself closer to human. She still loved her younger sister, she missed her parents and she, at times, felt regret as she ate the innards of humans.

Sighing to herself, she released a small portion of her yoki and let it flow around her for a moment. She looked at it before closing her eyes as she knew there was no way to reverse what she was now. She was a demon and, despite how she acted at times, she was never going to be human again.

Instantaneously, Luciela was in front of the house. She noted that it was oddly dark and there was no visible light. While this bugged her, she knew that Naruto really didn't need the light of the fire place to see. He had many odd contraptions that produced light with what he called batteries.

Slowly opening the door, she entered the house to see that there was nothing. In fact, all the materials she broke were still broken. She reminded herself to fix them later as she was more worried about where Naruto was. She couldn't sense him; however, if he was meditating she knew she wouldn't be able to as he could cloak his energy to where he became invisible to her senses.

Throwing a few logs into the fireplace, she sparked a fire with the matches Naruto had given her. Smiling as she could see a little better, she walked to the bedroom door before gently rasping on it. "Naruto, are you in there?"

Not getting an answer, Luciela frowned as some of the residual anger from the other night still remained began to peak and she nearly ripped the door open as she opened it. But it instantly vanished as she saw there was no one in the room.

Panic began to coarse through her veins as she went straight to the bathroom to see he wasn't there either. Her entire body began to tremble as she couldn't find him anywhere as she tore through the house. She was hoping this was a joke on his behalf, but all she could find was his scent that seemed to be fading by the second.

Falling to her knees in front of the fire, tears began to streak from her eyes as she realized what happened. He had done what she said and left.

"No… This isn't what I wanted." Luciela mumbled to herself in a grief-stricken voice as she placed her palms on her temples.

The last thing she wanted was for Naruto to leave. She wanted him at her side to keep anyone from trying to make a move against her and taking over her lands while she reigned over them.

Every day after he arrived had been rather fun and she didn't want to lose that. He had been, on occasion, rather kind and despite how much either had been drinking, as she still had a taste for alcohol, he would never take advantage of her as she could now get drunk, which was odd as she couldn't get drunk when she was a so called Claymore.

But now that he left, it seemed that all of the joy she had felt before faded away. It was as if she had never been happy before she met him. It was an odd feeling as she knew that not to be true, but that was how it felt. Why she felt this way confused her as it was a human emotion to feel happiness or sadness? Was it possible that she was learning how to become human again while the blonde stayed with her?

As her tears began to drip onto the floor, Luciela curled into herself as her body shook more. All these things she was feeling now were because Naruto had been staying with her. While these were things she didn't care for in the least, now she felt them once more and with his leaving, all that she was left with was pain. She couldn't stand it and felt like she wanted to die.

She had to get him back. At least that way, she wouldn't be in the pain she was in. And hopefully they both could forget the pain they had caused each other.

Pulling herself out of the fetal position, her yoki exploded around. She knew he had a few days head start and she would have to move as fast so she could to catch up.

Her entire visage began to morph as the dress she wore began to shred and rip into dozens of pieces while her skin began to be covered by a delicate fur. Her tails were the first to sprout from her tail bone as she had the most use for them. They were quickly followed by her wings as her face began to take the features of a dragon and feline once more. Then finally, her entire body began to increase in size.

The wooden house resisted for a moment before it was torn asunder as Luciela fully transformed. She didn't care as she had plenty of other homes and she could replace mostly everything in her house.

There, however, was one thing she couldn't repair if she didn't act quickly as she sniffed the wreckage for his scent. And that was the relationship she had with Naruto.

Now all she had to do was hope he didn't cross the border before she could get to him.


On a small mountain in the southern lands, Teresa gently laid Clare down as Irene started the fire. Unbuttoning the cloak, she laid it softly over the young girl as she removed the girl's pack and lifting her head up before tenderly laying it back down onto it.

Smiling at her, she turned to Irene as the elf-like woman was placing some brush on the fire to keep it kick start it. Watching the fire beginning to burn strongly, Teresa sat down before pulling her cloak off and laying it next to her. "We've made some good time, but we might not be able to leave early like I wanted to."

Irene nodded as she pulled her cloak off as well before looking over at the young girl. "I am surprised that she was able to keep such a pace. It is abnormal to have such stamina… I'm kind of grateful you picked her up as she would not be someone I would want to see picked up by the organization. She could end up aiming for number one with that kind of determination…"

"I know… She has potential, but I don't want it to become like ours." Teresa replied as she turned from the young girl and gazed at the stars, her eyes glittering from the night's light. "I want her to learn how to use her own natural energy, as he can. …It is more of that reason I'm so persistent about getting him back."

Hearing this, everything began to click for Irene as she looked at Teresa. Crossing her arms, she gazed into the fire before she spoke in a light tone. "I see… You want her to be able to defend herself… But our training is insufficient as it depends on yoki, not the human's own natural energy. If we were to have him, he could train her to be self reliant and maybe even train her to be strong enough to defend herself from mild threats.”

"Not just mild," Teresa responded once more as she took off her holster and let it hit the ground behind her, "I want her strong enough in the case that she loses me that she cannot blame it on her weakness. …I know that she thinks it was due to her weakness that Naruto was caught in the first place even if we both know that not to be the case."

Nodding as she got as much from Clare herself, Irene was ready to loosen her holster when she noticed Teresa jump up and quickly grab her claymore. Not being able to sense anything right away, Irene was about to ask what was wrong when she felt it. The blood drained from her face as she knew all too well what was heading towards them. While Teresa was better at sensing it, there was no doubt how powerful this one was. This was who they were looking for but they weren't planning for her to come and welcome them.

Bird's filled the sky as they abandoned their nests as the being came closer and closer, not caring about their hatchlings as nothing could stop what was coming. All animals from rabbits to bears ran by the camp, not fearing Irene or Teresa as what was coming was far more frightening then either of them.

Clare jumped up as the ground began to shake as what was coming there direction was almost upon them. Fear filled her heart as she saw both Irene and Teresa with their blades drawn, ready for combat. She didn't know what it was, but she knew something was coming as all kinds of animals that she knew would never be in the same area without hunting the other were running side by side, fearing whatever it was that her two caretakers were sensing.

That was when a large creature that she couldn't identify burst through the trees and through the camp as if they weren't even there. However, it stopped for a moment to look back as if it was searching for something but did not find what it was looking for before trying to leave.

Teresa did not give the demon the chance as she slammed her claymore into the ground where her neck use to be. Cursing as she hadn't expected her to be so fast, Teresa pulled her blade out of the ground before she gazed upon the Abyssal one of the South. "I don't know what you are doing here demon of the south, but I can bet it isn't good. Now where is Naruto?"

Luciela snarled at Teresa and looked behind her to see the other warrior had blocked her retreat. She did not feel like fighting as she was following the trail that Naruto had traveled and didn't want to waste any energy so she could catch up to him as he had made tremendous time despite it only being the end of the second day she told him to get out.

However, she saw no way out of this and the warrior in front of her was brimming with so much yoki that even she wasn't sure that she could easily win. Growling out as her two tails flailed madly, Luciela hissed at the stronger of the two warriors. "I do not know as you are in my way. He came this way not too long ago and I'm trying to catch him, now get out of my way so I can catch him!"

At first, Teresa frowned but a smirk slowly crossed her lips. This was a good thing. If Naruto had left her, she could get to him easily and wouldn't have to deal with the Abyssal of the South. But, it seemed that her aim was to recover him so she was at an impasse. However, she knew that the longer Luciela held up her transformation, the more likely she would have to rest after she fed as transforming tired out awakens faster then staying in their human form.

Placing her sword in front of her, Teresa slashed the ground faster then the human eye could see and created a line in front of her. "Well, my goal is for him to travel with us once more and if he wants away from you, I'll give him time to head further up north and get closer to Easley so you can't touch him."

Luciela roared loudly and without hesitation jumped towards Teresa with her hands extended, ready to swipe at her.

Teresa only smirked as she fully released the yoki within her arm and swung towards the leaping Abyssal.

Debris filled the air and dust covered the area as claw and claymore clashed and two former number ones clashed.


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