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Code Lyoko Episode 126: Eye For an Eye
Author: James the Lesser/The Bunnyman
Disclaimer: I Do Not Own These Characters! Moonscape Does!
A/N Ok, starting the series back up. I'll be putting the Code Xana Episodes up still but remember they happen after 119 and not 119X. Everything after 119X does not happen in the Code Xana world! This is just me not being able to stop writing about our favorite Lyoko Warriors!
Samantha is at a party doing DJ work. She sets up three songs to take a cigarette break. She gets out of the club and goes out into the alley. She gets a cigarette out and lights it. “Much better.” She breaths the smoke out through her nose. “Three more days and I'll be seventeen. Get a moped so I don't have to run to the Factory anymore. Although…” She coughs a little after taking a drag off of the cigarette. “My lungs seemed to have been cleaned by the Scanners. Climbing over the wall use to make me breath hard and now I can run a marathon.” She takes another drag when she hears footsteps. She turns around and sees a familiar but not friendly face. “What are you doing here?” Samantha reaches for her switch blade when she sees Sissi.
“Looking for you.” Sissi walks towards Samantha who gets her switch blade out. “Put that away it is of no use.” Sissi waves her hand and using her Xana powers takes the switch blade out of Samantha's hand.
“What do you want?”
“Nothing much.” Sissi stops in front of Samantha.
“If you're looking for another pet you're looking in the wrong place!” Samantha swings at Sissi who dodges is and knees Samantha in the gut.
“My orders were simple.” Sissi punches Samantha in the back knocking Samantha down. Sissi leans down until her lips are close to Samantha's ear. Sissi whispers. “To kill Samantha Knight.” Sissi morphs into Xana Sissi. “I wonder what they will make of the scene.” Sissi tears an arm off easily and tosses it into a dumpster. Samantha screams in pain as Sissi hurts her again and again until Samantha is torn into pieces, some left in the alley others turned into ash by Sissi.
“Where the hell is she? I'm not paying her to not be here!” The three songs Samantha loaded while she went for a cigarette ended and the party was interrupted. The owner of the club is yelling at three of his minions.
“I saw her go out for a break.”
“Go get her then!” The minion nods and goes out to look for Samantha when he finds a gruesome scene. “Oh my God, what, what is this?” He sees blood and then finds part of a leg. “Oh fu…” He is hit from behind.
“Hmmm, you'll make for a nice scapegoat.” Sissi licks the blood off of her hand. “Roll you around in it a little.” She uses her Xana powers to move the guy around in Samantha's blood. “That should do it.” Sissi morphs back into her normal self and walks away.
Aelita and Sanne with Jeremie and Jim are at the Hermitage. They are watching a made for TV movie while talking about Ulrich and how to get him back. Well, three of them are, Jim is lost by the conversation and concentrates on the movie when a news break comes in. “Teenager Samantha Knight has been identified as the victim of a brutal murder. Police already have a suspect but the name has not been released. Samantha Knight was working as a DJ at the Techfest Club when sources say she went out for a break and didn't come back.”
“Jeremie, what, what was Samantha's last name?”
“What? Jim, you lost me.” Jeremie and the others did not hear the news break.
“What was Samantha's last name?”
“Knight, why?”
“Xana got her.” Jim wasn't positive Samantha's last name was Knight but Jeremie had confirmed it. Unless there was another Samantha Knight that did work as a DJ in the city.
“What?” Jim points to the TV.
“I was able to find someone who said they saw the scene before the police escorted them. I quote, `There was blood everywhere, pools of it, but all I saw was a hand and an arm that was in the dumpster.' The hand was used to identify the body as the fingerprints were on record for the Clay Boarding School's Identity Program. Samantha Knight was sixteen years old and considered a drop out after she disappeared from school earlier this year.”
“Damn.” Aelita pushes Jeremie a little. “Sorry.” Aelita didn't like Jeremie to use curse words. When Jeremie reminded her of the times she used them she said she was sorry and would try to stop. “But the Super Scan, it never went off.” Jeremie leans over the side of the loveseat and pulls a bag up. He gets his lap top out. “Super Scan is working so there is no way it was Xana.”
“What about Sissi? Or, or, Ulrich?” The gang had avoided Ulrich at all costs. Ulrich tried to talk to them a couple of times but they couldn't trust him.
“If they were given orders by Xana they might have but why now? And if they do have this kind of power why haven't they killed all of us?” Sanne is sitting at one end of a couch while Jim sits on the other side.
“We don't know if it was them. Samantha she, she didn't lead a crime free life. She could have gotten involved in something that got this, this, done to her. They said they have a suspect.”
“How much do you want to bet it is one of us Jim? Sissi plants evidence and one of us is in trouble.” Jeremie looks out of the front windows wondering if he went back what he would find. Police leading Odd or S.S. away, or maybe Yumi at home getting arrested.
“If she does, if she did do this, what do we do?” Aelita is scared for her friends. She never got to know Samantha, she was either Xana or gone when Samantha was a Warrior.
“We make her pay. Eye for an eye.” Sanne stands up and walks over to a bookshelf. She gets a large book out, the Bible. “I know this is complete crap but eye for an eye works for me.”
“You don't have any faith?” Jim didn't know about Sanne's faith, or lack thereof.
“How can I? What God would allow someone like Xana to exist? What God would allow a man to use his wife and daughter to make a damn computer! I had to punish Franz for that and Xana still exists! I have faith in what I do not that.” Sanne throws the Bible onto the coffee table.
“Mom calm down.” Aelita is already scared by what happened and now her mother's reaction scared her. “Killing, we, we can't kill her.”
“Yes we can.” Jeremie was not going to lose anyone else. “If it was her Sanne is right eye for an eye. But we don't know if it was Sissi so I won't make any judgments.”
“Jeremie, Aelita, go back to Kadic Academy. Find the others if they haven't already been arrested.” Sanne leaves the living room.
“Mom wait come back.” Aelita gets off the loveseat and goes after her mom.
“Jeremie I can go with you. If Sissi is on the hunt she might go after you next.”
“Stay here. I'd feel better that Sanne has you here to protect her.” Jeremie waits for Aelita to come back from talking to her mother before leaving for Kadic Academy. It had been twelve days since Aelita was brought back and she was back in school. She had trouble catching up with homework but Jeremie and the others helped her when they could. They leave the Hermitage for Kadic Academy.
Except Yumi, she had not been the same since what happened. She wanted to go to Ulrich, to yell at him, to hate him, to love him, but couldn't. Her school work was suffering, she was crying all the time. Her parents tried to find out what was wrong but Yumi shut them out.
At Kadic Academy Jeremie finds Odd on a cot in his room. Odd had moved in unofficially since Ulrich had become the enemy. “Odd, Samantha, her last name is Knight right?”
“Yeah. Her birthday is coming up not sure what to get her that isn't to boyfriendish.”
“Um, Odd, we have bad news.” Jeremie tells Odd what had happened.
“No, it's a mistake. She, she wouldn't, no.” Odd is shocked by the news. “Sissi, if she did this I'll kill her myself!”
“Wait Odd we have no idea if it was Sissi. Well, we have an idea but we don't know. What if it was Ulrich? He wouldn't have a choice would he if Xana used him to do it.”
“I'll, Sissi is the one who tricked him!”
“She made a deal power to save Aelita but he joined her.”
“He betrayed us to save your girlfriend! Why didn't you wait until we defeated Xana? If you had Ulrich wouldn't have had to do that!”
“You do not understand me Odd. If she did it or Ulrich did it I don't care. I feel bad for feeling this but we have to fight back for once. Hell, if it turns out a meteor fell and killed Samantha I'd still want to fight back finally by killing Sissi. We've let her live long enough.”
“But how?” Jeremie shrugs. “Who, how did you, how?”
“I was at the Hermitage and the TV was on. During a news break they had it on. Jim, Aelita, Sanne, and I know and now you do.”
“I'll call S.S.” Odd does and tells her the news. A minute later S.S. comes to Jeremie's dorm room crying. She closes the door behind her.
“I'm so sorry Odd.” She hugs him.
“I'm not. I want to get back at Sissi.” Odd hugs S.S. as she cries. He would normally be crying but his soul was crushed by what happened with Ulrich and now Samantha. His soul was replaced with rage, anger, hatred, revenge. “S.S. don't cry. What happened to Samantha could happen to any of us. If you cry you won't be able to help get back at Sissi.”
“But how? Odd you, it's ok to cry. She was your friend, she was our friend.”
“She wouldn't want us to waste our tears on her she'd want us to kill the bitch that killed her.” Odd pushes S.S. away and turns to Jeremie. “Where is she?”
“I don't know probably in her room.” Odd goes to leave Jeremie's dorm room when both S.S. and Jeremie grab his shirt. “Odd we just lost someone we can't lose you to.”
“I, I don't want, I don't know.” Odd sits down on the cot. “We just lost Ulrich and now we lost Samantha.” Odd is close to crying when the door opens.
“Hello losers.” Sissi! “Why the long faces?” Sissi had come to announce the news of Samantha's death.
“You bitch!” Odd leaps from the cot and tackles Sissi. He punches her a few times when Sissi uses her Xana powers to blast Odd off of her. “You killed Samantha!” Odd gets up as his rage powers him. He attacks Sissi again but she knocks him away.
“How did you know already? Ulrich has been talking to you has he? Tsk tsk I must punish him.” Sissi gets an idea. “Did he tell you it was him who did it?”
“What, Ulrich didn't tell us anything!” Odd tries to attack Sissi again but she uses her Xana powers to float him up to the ceiling.
“Then how did you know he killed Samantha Knight?”
“It was on the news.” Jeremie walks towards Sissi. “I don't care if it was Ulrich who did it we'll kill you!”
“Oh really? Try it.” Sissi releases Odd who falls on Jeremie. “Ta ta for now losers.” Sissi walks away as Odd and Jeremie get off the floor.
“Damn her.” Jeremie clenches his fist. “We have to kill her before anyone else dies.”
“But Sissi said it was Ulrich who did it.” S.S. is in the hallway. “Xana could make him kill one of us.”
“I don't care, we're killing Sissi. Ulrich joined Xana to save Aelita while Sissi did it for power. Sanne worked out a program to attack Sissi on Lyoko but last time we were working on bringing Aelita back so weren't able to use it. Maybe we can lure her to Lyoko and launch the program.”
“Would it kill her?” Jeremie shrugs. “I'll just kill her. Take a knife from the kitchen and stab her in her sleep.”
“And get caught by the police?” Odd glares at S.S. “Odd we can't just walk up to her and shoot her.” S.S. is flooded with memories of her dream where they had killed Sissi. Xana turned and killed them but now he was trapped on Lyoko maybe they could kill Sissi. “We have to make it look like an accident. Like, knock her down the stairs when no one is looking.”
“Yeah that will work.” Odd rolls his eyes. “Stab the bitch to death in her sleep in new clothes then burn the clothes in the furnace and dump the knife in the river.”
“How Odd?” Odd turns around in the hallway and sees Aelita. “Sissi won't let you walk into her room and kill her not that you should.”
“What? She killed Samantha!” Odd goes over to Aelita. “Ulrich had to sacrifice himself to her just to save you!”
“Sissi gave him the power to save me. If she hadn't I wouldn't be back.” The way Aelita says it implies Sissi wanted Ulrich to stop Xana.
“Why would she do that? Why would she help us?”
“Why didn't she stop him? She could have you know. But no she let Ulrich stop Xana. Maybe, maybe she isn't as bad as we think she is. If Xana gave her a direct command maybe she couldn't refuse. He might have made Sissi kill Samantha to get us to kill Sissi. Xana will punish Sissi for allowing Ulrich to stop him and one of us will have to kill a human being.”
“She's not human! She's, she's a Knight of Xana, and she joined Xana!”
“So did Ulrich, to save me. Maybe, maybe Sissi thought she would be able to fight Xana but if he gives her a direct order she can't refuse. Why else would she let Ulrich stop Xana?”
“I don't know and I don't care!” Odd pushes Aelita out of his way and storms down the hall. “I'll fuc…” Odd runs into someone. “Ulrich!” Odd immediately gets into a fighting stance. “Which one are you going to kill next?”
“Next?” Ulrich had been going to his dorm room when he heard the others. He had to talk to them but they ignored him every other time. “What are you talking about?” Odd goes to punch Ulrich but Ulrich's Xanafied reflexes allow him grab Odd's fist.
“You killed Samantha!”
“No I didn't. Sissi just told me Xana gave her orders and I wanted to tell you guys to warn her. But, wait, you said she's dead? But Sissi said Xana…” Odd tries to knee Ulrich but he blocks it. “She's dead?” Ulrich twitches. “No, no, no, I won't.” Ulrich twitches some more and a spark of energy comes out around his neck. A circle of energy sparks around Ulrich's neck as he continues to refuse. He grabs it with his hands but it continues. “Yes Sissi.” The ring of energy goes away. “Samantha's really dead? I, why didn't Sissi tell me to do it?”
“Why would Sissi tell you to do something traitor?! Xana's your master now!”
“No he isn't. The deal I made was with Sissi not Xana. She's weaker because she gave me some of her own power. I have to follow her orders or…” The ring of energy sparks around Ulrich's neck and he drops to his knees holding in a scream.
“Is she calling you?” Odd has concern in his voice.
“Yes, she makes sure I can't disobey her. She doesn't want me talking to you. She wants me to, to go to her room and, I have to go.” Ulrich runs away from the others.
“Do you think he was telling the truth? That he didn't do it?” S.S. walks over to Odd to make sure he is ok.
“Yeah, he didn't do it. I can tell when he lies and he wasn't. That bastard, he betrays us but I can't hate him for it!” Odd punches the wall. “I would have done the same thing he did.”
“So would I, I'm sure we all would. I'm sure we all trust that Jeremie with Sanne and Aelita's help could beat Xana and free us.” S.S. puts a hand on Odd's shoulder. “Odd is this why you've been so mad? You wish you had done it so Ulrich could be free?”
“Shut up, I, I have to take a walk.” Odd's anger was rising and he knew he'd lose it if he didn't find a way to blow it off.
“Odd wait, if Sissi is…”
“If she comes anywhere near me I'll kill her.”
“I'm so sorry.” Jeremie and S.S. turn to Aelita. “This is all because of me. If you hadn't gotten my messages you wouldn't have tried to bring me back.” Jeremie hugs Aelita.
“This is not your fault it is Xana's fault.” Jeremie squeezes Aelita in his arms then let's go. “We will beat Xana, we will get Ulrich back, but we also need to get rid of Sissi. If you're right and she let Ulrich stop Xana then she isn't as bad as we thought. But if she can't refuse an order then she is a threat no matter what her intentions are. I won't give Xana a chance to order Sissi to kill you. And, if we kill Sissi and Ulrich follows his orders from her then it might free him.”
“If you're going to take a human life, no matter how evil they are, they are still human, I won't help you. I won't hate you but I can't go along with this. Sissi helped Ulrich save me. She, I don't know why she did it but she saved me.” Aelita turns away from Jeremie as she cries. She runs away to her room still crying.
“Jeremie we have to stop her! What if she kills Jim next? Or Sanne? Or S.S.? I don't care if I get caught by the police I'll slash her throat in the middle of the campus if it saves them.”
“Odd don't say that.” Odd turns to S.S. “I know you're depressed but we all are. I don't like how you're acting or what you're saying. What happened to you?”
“S.S., are you that stupid? How can you not know? I lost my best friend and just found out I lost another! Aaaa!” Odd yells and punches the wall so hard he puts a hole in it. “I'm done!” Odd turns and runs away.
“Odd, wait!” S.S. starts to go after Odd but Jeremie stops her. “Jeremie we can bring Samantha back right?”
“Do you have any hair?” S.S. shakes her head. “Then how can I bring her back?”
“Well, uh, I don't know. You're the genius you can figure it out.” This hits Jeremie hard.
“When? After I find a way to save Ulrich? Or after I get Xana locked in a Tower? Oops, I can't do that unless he walks into one. Maybe I can find a way to lock him into a Tower by forcing him into one but wait I'm working on bringing Ulrich, no, Samantha back. What? Xana attacks I have to stop and help you guys get Sanne or Aelita to the Tower and deactivate it. I can only do so much S.S.”
“I didn't mean it like that. Don't you like, have our DNA or something? Like how you have Sanne's DNA?”
“No I have never done that with you or Samantha or the others. It is dangerous since Xana might be able to break my locks on the Super Computer and could use that data to make dozens of you. What would we do then?”
“I, oh. Well, Jeremie, I can't handle this. After the years of hell I went through with shrinks and pills and stuff I learned ways to handle things but I can't do it anymore. I tried to help Odd but you saw what just happened.” S.S. sits down on the floor with her back to the wall. “I, sometimes I wish I hadn't moved out here. That I was back in Wisconsin and still being pumped with pills and being sent to different shrinks. It sucked but I could handle it. I palmed the pills and poured them down the drain. I made stuff up for the shrink. This, this I can't handle.” S.S. pulls her knees to her chest and hugs them. She rocks back and forth while crying.
It's falling apart. They're falling apart.” Jeremie's mind is clouded by thoughts about the group. Getting Aelita back was supposed to bring hope and strength back to the group and instead it was causing the group to break apart. Ulrich became Sissi's slave to save Aelita. Xana killed Samantha to get back at the group. “S.S. if you have any of those pills your parents gave you take them, give them to Odd. If they will keep you from falling apart take them. We can't let this destroy us we have to fight Xana!”
“Never. I'll never take them again.” S.S. continues to rock back and forth. Jeremie goes back into his room and worries about his friends.
Odd is walking through the woods kicking at a branch that was lying on the ground. “How do we kill her? If I go to jail it will mean one more member missing.” He keeps tears back as he thinks of Samantha by changing his thoughts to Sissi. “I hate her! I never wanted her in the group!” He continues walking not noticing the weird noises. He kicks the branch as he walks deeper into the woods. When there is the loud cracking noise of wood snapping Odd looks around. “Hello?” He notices he has no idea where he is. “If I just walk in a straight line I can make it back.” Odd starts to walk back when a branch from a tree comes down and wraps smaller branches and twigs around him. “Aaaa!” He fights and struggles breaking free. He runs away but another tree attacks him. “Let go!” He breaks free and runs when leaves explode off of the trees and attack him. Thousands of leaves surround him and form around his body into a cocoon. The ground opens up and Odd is dropped into a hole several meters into the ground.
“Not now.” The Super Scan beeps, a Tower has been detected. Jeremie gets off his bed and hits his shin against the cot Odd had been sleeping in. “Ow.” He rubs his shin then leaves his room to find S.S. is still in the hallway rocking back and forth but she had stopped crying. “S.S., a Tower activated.”
“Ok.” She stands up slowly. “I'll, I'll call Odd you call Aelita.” They get their phones out and Jeremie gets Aelita but S.S. can't get a hold of Odd. Jeremie and S.S. run to the bottom of the stairs to the entrance to the dorm building to meet up with Aelita.
“I, I called my mom already.”
“Does she need to come? She's at risk if she loses her points.”
“I know, I'm going but she can run the Super Computer while you come with us.” Jeremie stops as his face goes pale.
“But, I, I, I'm not a, a warrior.”
“We don't have Ulrich, or Samantha, we need you.” Aelita takes Jeremie's hand in hers. “You can do it Jeremie you have before.”
“Ok, we can't get a hold of Odd I think he might be the target.”
“I called Yumi, she's on her way.” S.S. puts her phone away. “If Odd is killed I, I have an idea.” S.S. was reminded of some of the side effects of her pills, especially the ones that caused her to fall asleep, when Jeremie told her to take pills if she needed to.
“Don't talk about that.” Aelita is still upset about all of the talk of killing someone. “We have to get to the Factory.” They run towards the entrance in the woods.
Yumi is running for the Factory when the moon is blocked by something. There were no clouds in the sky and when she looks up she sees a blanket of leaves coming at her! “Got to hide.” She looks and sees a manhole cover and runs to it. She pries it off and gets inside as the leaves attack. Some make it into the sewers with Yumi but she is able to fight them off.
“What's that noise?” As Aelita, S.S., and Jeremie get close to the sewer entrance the noise of rustling leaves is heard. But there was no wind. S.S. takes the cover off and lets Aelita climb down then Jeremie and starts to follow them when something attacks.
“Aaaa!” S.S. tries to fight it off and loses her grip on the ladder and falls backwards. She becomes wedged as she is too tall to just fall all the way down. Leaves attack her cutting her, shredding through her clothes and her flesh.
“Leave her alone!” Aelita yells and this gets the attention of the leaves. They fly down the sewer entrance and attack Aelita. “Aaaa!” Aelita fights with them destroying some of the leaves but it isn't enough.
“I hope this works.” Jeremie shoves his hand forward with a stun gun in it and pushes the button. An aura around the leaves sparks and the leaves burst into flames and turns into ash. “Aelita!” Aelita is hurt. She was cut by the leaves then suffered burns when Jeremie used the stun gun on the leaves. Her clothes also look like they went through a shredder and Jeremie blushes. He hears a thud behind him and sees S.S. lying on the ground. Jeremie blushes even more as S.S.'s clothes also look like they had been put through a shredder. He is stuck, he can't pick up either one and carry them, he's too weak. He gets his phone out. “Jim, I need help, Aelita and S.S. were hurt and can't walk.”
“Where are you?”
“I'm at the bottom of the sewer entrance in the woods.”
“I'll be there in ten minutes.” They hang up and Jeremie waits with his back turned to the girls. For a teenage boy it is very tempting to look but he knows it is wrong and loves Aelita and S.S. was a friend, he wouldn't `violate' them like that.
“Ok, no leaves.” Yumi had stuck her head out of the sewer entrance to the Factory to make sure she wouldn't be attacked. She runs to the Factory and swings down then runs to the elevator. She takes it down to the Control Room and finds Sanne. “Hi, are you going?”
“No Aelita is. I'll be running the Super Computer so Jeremie can go with you.” This surprises Yumi.
“Why is he coming?”
“We need him. With Ulrich gone and Samantha gone we need Jeremie on Lyoko.” Yumi is confused.
“Samantha? Is she the target?” Sanne realizes no one has told Yumi.
“No, Sissi, she, she killed Samantha.” Yumi's eyes get wide. “We're already planning a way to kill her. We can't just stab her since the police could find fingerprints or something else. Unless we killed her then did a return to blank all evidence and make it look like she died of the “disease” that has been dormant lately.”
“Oh, no, Samantha.” Yumi sits down on the floor. “But, no, there has to be something we can do.”
“I don't think there is except to kill Sissi.” Sanne and Yumi wait for the others.
“Jeremie!?” Jim makes it to the end of the sewer path and finds Jeremie sitting with his back to the girls. Jim looks and sees the two girls and looks away. “Maybe, maybe you should have had Sanne and Yumi come.”
“I know but you're here now. Maybe if we take our shirts off and cover them they won't kill us when they wake up.”
“I'll cover S.S. since my shirt is big enough to cover her.” S.S. had been attacked longer and was exposing more then Aelita. Jim and Jeremie take their shirts off and cover the girls with them. Jim then picks both up and carries them down the sewer path with Jeremie following on his scooter.
“They're here.” Sanne sees Jeremie and Jim on the security cameras. “What are they doing?” Sanne and Yumi are confused. Neither Jeremie or Jim have shirts on.
“Uh, they got hot and started to sweat?”
“No, it looks like they covered Aelita and S.S. with their shirts. I wonder why.” Sanne and Yumi hear the elevator run and see through the cameras Jim putting S.S. and Aelita in Scanners.
“Send them! They were hurt.” Jim takes his shirt off of S.S. as Jeremie takes his shirt off of Aelita when the doors start to close. The shirts are covered with the girls' blood so they leave them off.
“What happened to them?”
“Xana got them. Will the Scanners fix their clothes?” Jim asks both Sanne and Jeremie.
“Uh, I don't know.” Jeremie turns to the elevator doors as they open and Yumi steps off.
“Maybe, why? What happened that you had to cover them? Wait,” Sanne starts to laugh as both Jeremie and Jim blush and look away from the camera.
“What happened?” S.S. and Aelita land on Lyoko. “Hello?”
“S.S., Aelita, when you come back make sure to put your arms across your chest just in case.” Sanne's words confuse the two. “Jim, Yumi, Jeremie get in the Scanners.” They do. “Transfer Jim, Transfer Yumi, Transfer Jeremie, Scanner Jim, Scanner Yumi, Scanner Jeremie, Virtualization.” They land on Lyoko as the vehicles appear. “Head straight north you can't miss it.” Jeremie and Jim get on the Overwing while Yumi gets on the Overbike with Aelita sitting behind her and S.S. gets on the Overboard. They take off north for the activated Tower.
“Ulrich!” Ulrich flinches when Sissi yells at him. “I only got a ninety eight on this!” She throws a crumpled up piece of paper at Ulrich. Ulrich uncrumples it and finds it is science homework from three days ago.
“I'm sorry Sissi I got one wrong.” Ulrich goes back to the math homework, Sissi's math homework.
“I know you're not perfect Ulrich but with the boost from Xana I know you can do better.” Sissi is lying on her bed while Ulrich sits at her desk. “If you need a break just say so.” She chuckles.
“No!” Ulrich did not need a break, he hated breaks. What Sissi made him do was horrible. “Sissi I have homework of my own to do why can't you do your own? You have the same boost from the Xana powers don't you?”
“I don't feel like doing it. If you have time to complain you have time to do your homework when you're done with mine.” Energy sparks in the air above Sissi's bed. “Oh it seems King Xana wants us to go to Lyoko.” The portal opens up in Sissi's ceiling. “Come Ulrich.”
“I know, you don't have to order me to.” Ulrich feels the shock around his neck after Sissi's order. They stand on her bed and are soon taken into the portal.
“There it is.” The Lyoko Warriors see the Tower. Yumi revs the engine and goes faster on the Overbike. So far there were no monsters if she could get Aelita to the activated Tower before they showed up they would end the attack.
“And there they are.” Sissi and Ulrich virtualize onto Lyoko. S.S. on the Overboard flies back to Jim and Jeremie. “You two go after Sissi I'll go after Ulrich. If, since he is only under Sissi's control he won't fight us unless Sissi orders him to. So if you two keep her attention she won't be able to give Ulrich orders.”
“Ok S.S. but tell Yumi to slow down.” S.S. flies down on the Overboard towards Yumi but can't catch up.
“Yumi slow down!” Yumi does. “Ulrich only has to follow Sissi's orders so if Jim and Jeremie distract her he won't fight us.” S.S. almost collides into Yumi when Yumi slams on the brakes. “What?”
“He only follows Sissi's orders? What? Why doesn't anyone tell me these things? I didn't know about Samantha until Sanne told me!”
“I'm sorry, I, I didn't think about that. I thought Jeremie or Odd would have called you.” Jeremie and Jim catch up to the others.
“What's going on?”
“Why didn't you guys tell Yumi about Samantha?”
“Oh, I, well, usually Ulrich…” Jeremie stops. “I'm sorry Yumi.”
“No time for that we have to get Sissi.” Yumi looks at Aelita. “Get off, I'll charge Ulrich while Jim and Jeremie go after Sissi. S.S. take Aelita to the Tower.” Aelita gets off the back of the Overbike and gets on the Overboard. Yumi gets her fans out and revs the engine of the Overbike. “Jim, Jeremie, go, now!” Jim and Jeremie take off on the Overwing. Yumi waits for them to get about halfway to Sissi when she takes off on the Overbike.
“Look at that Ulrich they're coming to fight us. Fight Yumi, make her hurt, make her hate you.” Sissi smiles as she hears energy crackle around Ulrich's neck. “Don't say no, you know what happens when you say no. Or maybe you like it when…” Ulrich turns towards Sissi.
“No!” Ulrich is shocked. “I meant no I don't like what you make me do. I'll, I'll fight Yumi.”
“Fight her, hurt her, make you hate her. Those are my orders.” Yumi and the others get closer and closer. “Now Ulrich.” Ulrich does a Super Sprint and knocks Yumi off of the Overbike.
“Ulrich, I know you don't want to do this.” Now. “They, they said you have to follow Sissi's orders. What are they?” Yumi has her fans out but isn't sure if she can fight Ulrich. She still loved him, hell, she loved him even more after what he had done. He had sacrificed himself to save Aelita. He was made a slave to Sissi to save Aelita, he had done something she would have done in an instant.
“I can't tell you.” Ulrich hears more orders from Sissi. Her connection to him allows her to send orders psychically. “I must hurt you, make you hate me, send you back to Earth.” Ulrich gets both swords out. “I love you Yumi.” Yumi freezes when Ulrich says this. Ulrich takes this chance to strike her with a sword across the stomach. “I want…” Ulrich's neck sparks. He was about to defy an order from Sissi. Yumi sees Ulrich is distracted and attacks him. She kicks him back then throws both fans. Ulrich is still struggling with the shock collar Sissi has on him when the fans hit him. This causes the shock collar to stop. “Yumi, I'm to strong.” Ulrich does a Super Sprint and strikes Yumi sending her back to Earth.
“Crap, he got Yumi already.” S.S. and Aelita fly over the fight. At least Jim and Jeremie have Sissi to busy to give him more orders.”
“I could help. If I used my Creativity I could trap her. Maybe long enough to get past Sissi.”
“Or it will let her know Ulrich is done with Yumi and she'll order him to attack us.” S.S. keeps an eye on Ulrich. He doesn't go to attack her and Aelita and he doesn't go after Jim or Jeremie. “Aelita I'll dive towards the Tower. When I get close jump off ok?” Aelita nods. “Geronimo!” S.S. dives forward on the Overboard towards the Tower.
“Sonic Boom!” Jim fires a shot at Sissi but she blocks it with her sword.
“You sad pathetic boys are nothing!” Sissi with her Xana powers is able to move fast enough to block the lasers being fired at her by Jeremie. “What?” She sees S.S. and Aelita diving towards the Tower. “Ulrich, destroy S.S.”
“No, I…” Ulrich is hit with the shock collar. “Super Sprint!” He runs forward at S.S. and Aelita.
“No!” Aelita grabs S.S.'s power pole and throws it at Ulrich. It bounces off of him harmlessly. Aelita closes her eyes and starts to sing.
“No jump!” S.S. pushes Aelita and she falls into the activated Tower as Ulrich destroys S.S.
“Good job honey.” Sanne sees Aelita has made it into the Tower. “Now time for some pay back, eye for an eye.” Sanne launches the program she used before when Sissi was on Lyoko as Ulrich. The black mist moves across the land of Lyoko and attacks Sissi.
“Aaaa!” She struggles to fight it off but can't. “Ulrich, save me!”
“No, I won't!” Ulrich is hit with the shock collar.
“Save me or I'll kill you!” Sissi struggles but feels the pain as her body is being destroyed.
“I won't! I'd rather… Aaaa!” Ulrich entire body explodes with energy. A black aura surrounds him. “Yes Master.” Ulrich does a Super Sprint and hits Sissi sending her back to Earth. The black mist changes targets and goes after Ulrich. But Ulrich is able to fight it off!
“Thunder Clap!” Jim claps his hands together and hits Ulrich with the ring of energy. The black mist hits Ulrich but he fights it off with his swords.
I must go back master wants me.” Ulrich devirtualizes back to Earth. “Whoa!” He lands on Sissi's bed. “What did you do?”
“I sent my power into you so I could control you. How dare you disobey me! Just for that I will make you give me a full pedicure and manicure!”
“I still have homework to do.”
“You're right, MY homework. Get that done while I get my toes and fingers ready.” Sissi leaves the room as Ulrich goes over to the desk to finish Sissi's homework.
Back on Lyoko the Tower is deactivated. “Do we need to do a return?” Aelita watches as the screens fall around her.
“I'm calling Odd.” Sanne uses the Super Computer program instead of her phone.
“Hey guy I'm guessing you deactivated the Tower.” Odd was released by the leaf cocoon when the Tower was deactivated and found himself in a hole. “I'm in a hole, I can probably make it out but could use some help. I see trees so I'm in the woods.”
“I'll use the tracker chip to find you.” Sanne does and finds Odd. “We'll be there in a few minutes.” They hang up. “Ok, Aelita, S.S., I'm bringing you back first.” Sanne brings them back and looks through the security camera. “Good, their clothes were fixed.” She brings the others back. “We have to go get Odd out of a hole.”
“What?” The others take the elevator up to the Control Room.
“Odd, he says he's in a hole. He might be able to get out on his own but he might need help.”
“We can stop by the garden shed to get a ladder. Did he say how deep the hole was?” Sanne shakes her head. “We'll get the tallest ladder then.” The group takes the elevator the rest of the way up and leave the Factory.
At the garden shed Jeremie is helping Jim get the ladder down when he cuts himself. “Ow.” He puts her finger to her lips and sucks on it. “If it hurts when you do that don't do that.”
“What?” Jim has the ladder in his arms now.
“I cut myself, only a little blood…” Jeremie has a flashback to sitting in front of the TV. “There were pools of blood.” Then the flashback goes to him and S.S. in the hall. “I didn't mean it like that. Don't you like, have our DNA or something? Like how you have Sanne's DNA?” “Jim go with the others to find Odd. I have to go and do something.” Jeremie runs out of the garden shed.
“Jeremie where are you going?” Aelita sees Jeremie run off and wants to follow him.
“He said he had to go do something.” Jim comes out with the ladder. “Ok Sanne where do we go?”
“This way.” Sanne leads Jim and the others through the woods to where Odd is.
As Odd is being rescued Jeremie finds out where the murder happened. The news had spread and there were a bunch of people milling around the scene hoping to see something. Jeremie gets a good look into the alley and sees the police have it taped off and some crime scene analysts are working the scene. Part of the scene was a pool of blood with a foot print in it. “I need that.” Jeremie backs away from the crowd and goes to a manhole cover. He goes down into the sewer and follows a smaller path that leads to the maintenance room of the club. Climbing through the pipes and a large water heater he gets out of the room. He finds a paper bag and punches eye holes with his fingers. He puts it on and goes up the stairs then to the door leading out into the alley. “One, two, three!” He runs out of the building into the alley stepping in the blood. He stomps on it getting as much blood on his shoes and pants before running back into the building.
“Get back here!” Two officers run after Jeremie. Jeremie moves through the pipes into the sewers and he runs in the direction of the Factory.
Jim and the others Find Odd in a hole about four meters deep. “I guess I could have gone with a shorter on.” Jim puts the ladder down the hole and Odd climbs out. “Are you ok Odd?”
“Yeah, I think, I'm all here anyways.” Odd pats himself down. “Where's Einstein?”
“He said he had to go somewhere.” Jim looks around. “I think you need to get back to the school. I'll take this back then escort Sanne home.” Sanne and Jim walk in one direction while the other head back towards the school.
Seventeen minutes later Jeremie is back at the Factory. “Ok, I still have some wet blood.” He holds a shoe over the floor of the middle Scanner. Blood drips off of his shoe. “That's enough, that's more then enough all I needed was one strand.” Jeremie leaves his shoes off and takes the elevator up to the Control Room. “Come on, Transfer, Scanner, and Virtualization.” Jeremie watches on the screen and no red exclamation point comes up. He watches the screen until he hears a beeping noise. “Samantha?”
“Yes Jeremie?” Samantha is on Lyoko. “What the hell happened? I went out for a smoking break then that Sissi bitch came up and attacked me!”
“You were killed.” Jeremie had already decided to be blunt and tell Samantha the truth. “Sissi killed you and I had to use blood from the scene to bring you back.”
“Well hell who knows I'm dead, just you guys?”
“No, you're murder was reported on the news. I'm sorry Samantha but you can't go back to wherever you were staying.”
“Can I at least get my money? I'm not letting 2,200 Euros get stolen by some punk.”
“Samantha I don't know where you can go. If someone sees you there will be questions we can't answer.”
“What you want me to stay here or something? I'm not doing that.”
“Wait, I'm calling the others, ok?”
“Fine.” Samantha waits as Jeremie makes the phone calls. Soon she is materialized back to Earth.
Ten minutes later the other Lyoko Warriors are at the Factory. They take the elevator down to the Control Room and when the doors open Odd runs off the elevator and hugs Samantha. “You're back.”
“I'm front, I'm both here.” Samantha pushes Odd away. “Jeremie says I'm gonna be stuck on Lyoko though since I'm dead to the rest of the world.”
“No, you'll stay at the Hermitage.” Sanne walks forward. “I have a guest room that Jim doesn't use. Odd and S.S. can get whatever things you have and bring them there.”
“Really Sanne? Cool.”
“But you will have rules to follow. I know you are used to doing things your way but I will not let that happen. No smoking in my house. No drugs or alcohol either. You will be staying at the Hermitage at all times. If anyone sees you it will cause trouble.”
“What? Hell worse then, well, no, my parents didn't care.” Samantha looks at Sanne. “We can negotiate on this.”
“Yes, like I will let you sleep in my house, use my water, eat my food, and you will follow my rules. Unless you want to live on Lyoko where you also won't be smoking.” They all leave the Factory. They were glad Samantha was back but Jeremie, S.S., and Odd still have revenge on their mind. Samantha might no longer be dead but Sissi had still killed her. Three go back to Kadic Academy, three go to the Hermitage, and one goes home where her parents were waiting for her.
“Yumi we have to talk.” Yumi sighs.
“I know, I'm sorry.”
“No honey just tell us what's wrong.” Two concerned parents talk with their child. Yumi has to lie but one part is the truth. Ulrich has left her and a friend died. That was why her friends called her, why she left so suddenly.
A/N Ok, first, word usage. I say Materialize when Sanne/Jeremie bring the warriors back. I use devirtualized when they lose their points and are sent back by lasers.
Second, I know it was a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOng lead up to the actual Tower attack but I have a lot to cover that can't be covered by ten seconds of screen time. Sorry if it was slow at first but again I had a lot to cover since the last attack.