Cowboy Bebop Fan Fiction ❯ Poisoned Minds ❯ Failed ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Red and Gold. Green and Silver. Silver created me to destroy Green so he could be with Gold. But Gold herself is dead. And how can I kill Red, when I am her?

Faye rush to ship, and took off giving the hatch barely enough time to open. Edward had tracked the Swordfish to an abandoned warehouse in the more dangerous section of the city on Venus.
When she had detected another ship landing nearby, yet discreetly, Faye and Jet both decided there was no time to lose. Faye looked back to see Jet take off shortly after she cleared the Bebop's bow, and take off for the middle of town. Jet would pick up supplies and much needed ammunition before joining her.
Cursing her ship Faye tried to urge it faster as the warehoused came into view. She spotted Spike's ship perched on the roof, and the stray ship carefully hidden behind another warehouse where it could be gotten to quickly.
A bad sign for her and Spike.
Landing next to Spike's ship she rushed forward, and shot out the lock on the roof entrance. Then, charged down the steps where she spotted Spike, and Ashina.
Spike sat on the ground holding his injured arm as blood seeped through his finger. Ashina stood several feet away with gun trained on him. Her eyes resting on him with indifference as she stepped closer.
“Stop!” Faye shouted closing the distance, and standing between Spike and Ashina. Faye's attention was drawn to Ashina's throat were a it was slightly red as if someone had tried to choke her, and her leg were a bullet had grazed the flesh just enough to draw blood. “Why are you doing this?”
Ashina took a deep breath and scowled at Faye before lowering her weapon to her side. “He has committed murder, theft, rape, and has been an active member is several syndicates. While there are also several minor offenses they don't matter to me. Why do you protect this monster?”
Faye listened breathlessly as Ashina spoke. Ashina's gaze, posture, and tone had never changed to seem like a nervous liar, but she seemed honest.
“He hasn't done any of those things!” Faye defended. “He's a jerk and many other things, and I'll believe he's got minor offenses against him, but not any of those other things!”
Spike stood slowly using the railing to help balance himself. “Faye is right, I'm innocent of those charges.” His face twisted into a cruel manipulative smile as he stood behind Faye discreetly using her as a shield. “Hunt your master if you want to take care of someone with such crimes against their name.”
Ashina's eyes widened as she stepped back in shock. “I would never hunt my creator!”Spike shrugged while tenderly picking up his gun and aiming it toward her. “Then you can die just as he will.”
Shaking herself out of her shock she raise her own weapon, but found herself too slow as his bulled pierced through her shoulder. Stumbling back against the wall for support she stared at him wide-eyed. “I've never felt pain before.” Touching her shoulder she stared at the blood on her fingers.
Then, breathing hard, she spun around and leapt over the railing, moving into a roll as she hit the ground. Quickly getting to her feet beneath her Ashina ran out to ship, and quickly flew off as Spike and Faye appeared as small dots on the ground.
“Pain?” Ashina glances at the blood on her fingers again and then to her arm that complained at her every movement. Now, she also took notice of the blood across her leg where Spike had just barely missed. Something bothered her though; when Spike had tried to choke her she had been afraid? It was an emotion she'd never experienced.
Emotions besides loneliness, her attraction to Vicious, and the desire to please him had never occurred before. The fierce pain in her arm, the burning in her lungs when she couldn't breath, and the light throbbing in her leg were all new.
Ashina suddenly longed to be in her glass tube again. Where she had listened to Vicious' voice while enveloped in the warmth of her liquid cocoon.
Except, Vicious had created her to kill. Her first target was Spike, and then someone who had been labeled Red.

Opening her eyes Ashina stared at the ceiling blankly. Vicious lay beside her, and the even rise and fall of his chest gave testament that he was still asleep.
The blotted scar over his heart told anyone who saw it how close he had come to death. Spike had left that scar there in their last battle. Vicious would not have survived if he hadn't awakened her sister, Shine.
Shine had helped Vicious escape, and taken him to a syndicate doctor that was well trusted by everyone. Unfortunately, she had been awakened to early, and had died shortly after getting Vicious to safety as her programming and body broke down.
Ashina herself had failed him though, but he had still come to her that night. Why? Four years now, and she had never failed him before. Was it because she now understood he was simply using her?
Glancing at the clock she rolled over closer to him, and snuggled up against him for warmth. Sleep came surprisingly quickly as he wrapped his arm around her. It was in the instant before sleep she decided she no longer cared. Until she had reason to do otherwise, she'd gladly accept him at night, and do as her asked of her.