Untold Knight
[T] by: Wild Nymph
Anime/Manga: Vampire Hunter D Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Adventure | Type: Crossover
Latest Revision: September 15, 2005 18:20 PDT | Chapters: 9 | Words: 21.5K | Visits: 2.3K
Summary: D is forced to kill a vampire that was once a noble lord over human lands, but has seemingly begun to change into a cruel tyrant. Little was known of the Lord's daughter who thought everything of him; who had the talent of a powerful force. Now thrown into read more

Poisoned Minds
[T] by: Wild Nymph
: Cowboy Bebop Fan Fiction
Genre(s): | Type: Revenge Fic
Latest Revision: September 15, 2005 18:09 PDT | Chapters: 9 | Words: 14.1K | Visits: 2.1K
Summary: Spike arises from the ashes again in the final struggle between himself and Vicious. With a new fighter entering the scene will the surviving residents on the Bebop remain innocent of Spike's hidden ways, or will they be forced to face the truth?