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Highland Of Love
[P] by: kiki67859
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Summary: My family and I lived in Romania Europe since 1857, I am Nori, I am 18 year old, I had long black hair which it get curling when I get it wet, had green/ blue eyes, nice plum lips, my skin that this color that it look like peach color that what I think.

[T] by: Britt-chan
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Genre(s): Adventure / Action | Type: Crossover
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Summary: Tomachi is a girl born of Saiyan and Vampire Royalty. She is the Daughter of King Vegeta's mate and Dracula. It is a crossover of Dragonball Z, Hellsing, and Vampire Hunter D. Hint: Reviews inspire me to write chapters. Please Read and Review! Chapter 5 is read more

Proving It Anime Style: Is It A Tail?
[T] by: Kalia_Son
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Genre(s): / Comedy | Type: Crossover
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Summary: HI! SonKalia and Princess Zuzuko here! We are on a mission, welcome to the first in a series to span the Anime Dimentions! The First Episode of 'Proving It', Proving That It IS a Tail!

[My Muse Trinion]-Rated PG-13 for suggestive moment read more
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