Cowboy Bebop Fan Fiction ❯ Poisoned Minds ❯ Ashina ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

A/N: Spike, Faye, Ed, Ein, Jet, Vicious, and Julia are not mine. No, I do not hate Spike I just wanted to put a twist in it. Thank you for your patience while I got through my writes block. The sections down at the bottom of some/all chapters are actually tied into the story, and give you a view into Ashina. They are her thoughts that in a book would be at the top of the page at the beginning of each chapter. Boy I have a lot to say. Enjoy!!!

Silence is space was no longer a rare commodity for the Bebop. Everyone did as they wished, and brought in what they could. Enough to survive without trouble but extras were not often afforded.
Faye leaned back over the couch and yawned loudly to draw Jet's attention away from his Bonsai trees. “What's for dinner?” Faye whined in a high pitched voice. “I'm hungry, and you aren't cooking.”
“Food. I can't specify what, because Edward decided to cook again. Don't say I didn't warn you.” Jet growled back as her trimmed another branch and round it off. Faye stood, and started out the door when he slammed his fist down stopping her. “You're not leaving me to eat her food alone. Since you won't cook you will just have to suffer through with me. Won't you?”
“Not if I could help it.” Faye flopped down on the old couch and clicked on the TV with her foot. “At least she talks so she's easier to understand now; even if she has her moments.”
“Supper time!” called Edward balancing three plates on her arm. “It's yummy!”
Five years Spike had been dead, and everyone had changed to cope with it in their own way. Edward had turned eighteen recently, and had taking up cooking along with helping Jet repair the ship. Faye had bought her baggy-multi-pocket pants so she wasn't squeezed in her old short any longer.
“Good?” asked Jet with a light hint of a grin.
“Actually, wither it be because I'm hungry, or otherwise, it tastes delicious!” Faye slurped up the noodles happily, and reveled in the taste of beef which they hadn't had in months. “Spike would love this!”
Silence filled the room as everyone stared at their plates. He'd always complained about there never being enough protein in their diet. Humorous with him around, but a sad reminder he wasn't.
A knock sounded on the hull of the ship drawing their attention out of their separate thoughts. “I'll get it.” Jet stood and left the room, his step slower than normal. Opening the docking bay hatch he looked down onto the dock to find their guest.
“Hello, is this the Bebop?” She called up softly.
“Yes, can I help you?” Jet lowered himself to the dock so they could talk easier.
“Yes, I really do hope you can. My name is Ashina Takara. Word has it that the crew of this odd ship, no offense, knows Spike Spiegel.”
“We knew him, he's dead.” Jet took a deep breath and turned to go back up the hull but stopped when she caught his arm.
“Perhaps we could speak inside. It's a serious matter that I've come to speak to you over.” Ashina motioned to the small black briefcase at her side.
Helping her up the ladder in the hull Jet sat down next to Faye vacating the chair for Ashina. Scowling she looked down at her briefcase before as she opened it, and dug out a photograph. “This is not Mr. Spiegel?”
Faye took the photo of a green haired man in a navy blue over coat ducking into a black sedan. His features were hard and cautious as he seemed to look straight into the camera.
“Jet, I think that is him!” Shouted Faye standing up in surprise as she handed the picture to Edward look at, and compare to the one on her computer she'd gotten from video surveillance camera.
“Faye-Faye, this does not just look like him it is him,” Edward informed smiling.
Ashina smiled happily as she took back the picture politely. “This photo was taken three weeks ago outside the Gryphon Moon Bar. The investigator I hired said that he couldn't get in because it was run by a syndicate. I understood because he's really good at his profession. He is still doing some research for me thought.”
“It's impossible though,” Faye spoke biting her lower lip. “He died almost five years ago, and we had him cremated.”
“Where are his ashes?” Ashina asked quickly taking out a notepad. “I really must track him down. It's very important.”
“His ashes were scattered by the wind on Mars. The last time we saw him he was in a coffin.” Jet informed taking out a cigarette.
“Thank you.” Ashina stood and nodded her head in a polite matter as Edward stepped up to show her the way out.

“Please help me. I'm so alone out here. Space is so quiet. No one around for miles. I long so much to be with crowd.”
Ashina (Original Character)