Cowboy Bebop Fan Fiction ❯ Poisoned Minds ❯ Final Chapter ( Chapter 9 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

I am Red. Two shades in one being. I know her past, and I've heard her story. I am Red. . .
Franswas (Edward)

A week had passed since Ashina's death, and a little over two weeks since Spike himself had finally passed on entirely. The strangely branched triangle of enemies and lovers had all been eliminated but one; Vicious.
Edward had found that his movements had easily been traces; as if he had wanted to be found. She's been watching him, waiting. Training and becoming used to the weight of the gun Ashina had left behind had been simpler than she had expected. The gun had been much lighter than it looked, and had very little kick to it. The hardest part had been to find bullets for the unique design of the weapon.
Finally, Ed had traced a man down who claimed to have crafted it, and he'd given her a duffel bag, free of charge, full of various attachments and ammunition. He had claimed that it had all been paid for in advance for when the weapon was handed to another. Ashina had been far more clever than anyone had given her credit for.
Currently the man, or Jim as he claimed his name to be, was doing what he had called “touch-up work” on it. Glancing at the clock on her computer Ed took note that she was supposed to go pick it up in two more hours.
Growling, she slammed her laptop closed and chose to join Faye and Jet for lunch in the common room. “Hey Ed, you got a call from a guy named Jim. Says that he'll be here in a bit to give you back those gun things you seem so fonds of.”
“Guns?” Ed puzzled a moment slurping up her noodles before looking to Faye again. “I only have one.”
“Sorry young one.” Jim walked into the room with a black case and dropped it in front of her before brushing his dark hair back over his shoulder. “I know she never told anyone, but I still had its partner. I was given specific orders to give them both to the person she chose to have them.”
“Oh. . . Thank you Jim.” Ed popped open the case to examine both identical guns.
“There were a few parts that needed tweaking, and then one of barrels were dented so I took the liberty of replacing it with a new one.”
“Thank you so much.” Bowing her head lightly she examine her newly acquired weaponry.
“You know, technically this is classified syndicate information, Vicious is staying at Blue Moon Inn for two weeks.” Jim smiled warmly and clasped his hands behind his back.
“This is you call Ed.” Jet leaned over the back of the couch twitching in anticipation.
“We get him tonight!”

Ed sat silently beside Faye at Blue Moon's bar table playing with her untouched drink. Her usual attire had been discard for a pair of loose multi-pocket pants, and white tank with a blue jacket to hide the weapons she carried at her side.
“Hey Faye-faye?”
“He's here. . .”
Ed twisted around in her chair to find herself facing the said man's chest, and let out a startled yelp as she almost fell out of her chair. He looked down at her with indifference before accepting his drink and walked back to a booth chair.
Growling in anger Ed drew both gun simultaneously, and rushed at Vicious who ducked around her. Standing to take the offensive he was caught off guard as Faye lashed out and kicked him in the chest through a nearby window.
Running after him, Ed found herself chasing him down a maze of alleyways that she vaguely remember Ashina telling her about. The twisting streets interconnected and several time she notice herself to be back tracking. The entire time she kept Vicious in sight even if it was only the corner of his jacket as he turned another corner.
Turning another corner she found herself facing a dead end with no Vicious. Hesitantly she touched the cold brick before her in disbelief. Cursing she spun around the face a very smug Vicious.
“Miss me?”
Glancing about frantically she registered that fact he was much stronger that her, and that she failed to even compare to his skill. Her mind tossed about various options as she tried to find the best way to proceed.
`His left side. . .' The voice startled Ed as an unknown presence seemed to take control. `Loosen up child, I'll help you.'
Nodding numbly she dropped her hand to her side with the gun still in hand. Her body went cold, then warm, as she felt something else take control of her.
“Giving up? That's an intelligent thing to do. I'll make you death quick.”
Vicious stepped forward as she dropped to her knees, and gave herself over completely to the presence within her. The cold metal barrel of his gun rested against her forehead with minimal pressure behind it.
Her body jumped up as her face contorted in rage. Punching the back of his hand, she felt the delicate bones break and saw the gun he held fall to the ground. Pulling back she twisted around behind him as he tried to grab her.
He spun around angrily, and lashed out with his good hand as she crouched down near the ground. Seeing the obvious opening she kicked at his knees with all he strength and winced as they broke.
Vicious collapsed crying out in pain. The harsh cries were that of man gone mad long ago. Gritting his teeth together he tried to silence himself, and failed as another surge of pain shot through him.
Faye and Jet came crashing around the corner and stood in shock at the sight before them. Standing with Faye's help, Ed felt the other presence leave her in control of her body once more, and something pat her on the head.
“Did you seriously do this?” Faye asked sicken by the unnatural position of Vicious' legs.
“With a little help. . .”

Bebop sat silently in the Venus docks, and swayed gently on the waves as its permanent residents sat in the common room. Het's cooking fill the air with the scent of beef stew and fresh baked bread from the market.
Edward sighed in content as Ein curled up next to her on the floor. Lifting the two guns she slide the barrels together until they clicked into place. She's had Jim install a lock on the top of the barrels so they locked together as one. She had found it made her aim slightly more accurate toward moving targets.
Jet smiled as he laid out the bowls for everyone; including Ein. “Brought in a lot of cash, that he did.” He chuckled lightly before taking his own bowl to eat.
“Yeah, the bounty we got for him pain off everything. I'm debt free!”
“See if you could stay that way for awhile; would you?”
Edward laughed lightly around her food as the two lovebirds began to argue.
“You still owe me for all those repairs to your ship! You also owe Ed since she helped out with the work!”
Finishing her strew Ed took several slices of bread back to her room with her. Gazing out the window, she'd it installed herself, she wanted the waves tap against the hull of the Bebop.
Since Vicious had been taken in bounties had begun to go on the rise. No longer were criminals afraid to come out, and the crew of the Bebop were making a name for themselves among the stars.
Stripping off her holsters she hung it at the head of her bed with loving care. Ashina, she hoped, would be proud of what she had accomplished. . .