Crescent Moon Fan Fiction ❯ A Walk ❯ Mahiru's Disappearance ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

“Hello” = talking
`Hello' = thinking
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A Walk
Mahiru had had a normal day filled with bad luck. For three reasons.
She slipped and ripped part of her skirt while dropping all of her books
She forgot her binder with all of her paper and notes in it which she had to hand in and
She got pushed into the pool with all of her clothes on.
Now she was standing outside of her school, freezing cold and soaking wet, waiting for a very late Tengu. To say the least, she was not happy.
`Stupid Mitsuru… he couldn't have been late on a worse day than this! Just my luck!' She sighed and counted to ten, calming her nerves so she wouldn't verbally abuse the tengu.
She suddered and shrugged deeper into her sweater trieing to seek warmth to the suddenly colder air around her.
“Hurry up Mitsuru, its starting to get really cold.”
Just than she noticed that slowly black lines were appearing in her vision. She blinked but they were still there and growing bigger.
`This can't be good,' She yawned and started to swerve back and forth `I feel so tired all of a sudden.' Was her last thought as she hit the ground.
Somewhere close by
`This is just great… Misoka is gonna have my head because I'm late picking up Mahiru… Just great.' Mitsuru thought as he flew towards and alley close to Mahirus school.
As he walked towards her school he started to get a bad feeling, and soon his sences were prooved correct. Mahiru was no where in sight. This was not a good thing.
`Where is she?' “Mahiru! You stupid girl ome on we've gotta go!” When he got no answer he knew something was wrong.
`Shit this is not good.' “Mahiru!” He called as panic started to rise in his voice. `Damnit, where is she?! Great now I have to go back and tell Oboro about this.' He turned around and took off towards the Moonshine.
At the Moonshine
Mitsuru burst through the door and got a few startled looks from the other members of `The Moonlight Bandits'.
“Mitsuru,” Misoka began “Where is the Princess?” He asked calmly
“I went to her school and she wasn't there I have no clue where she is…” Mitsuru gasped out of breath.
Nozomu exploded “What?! What do you mean she wasn't there?!”
In a blink of an eye Misoka had Mitsuru pined against the wall by his neck. “Why don't you know where she is? Why was she not there if she is not one to wander knowing that one of us were to pick her up?” His voice bled with vonom.
“I don't know what happened I told you!”
Misoka dropped Mitsuru on the floor. He may be short but no one was to question his strength.
“You were late, weren't you?” Nozomu said. “You were late and Mahiru payed for it. Your such and idoit Mitsuru! What if the Dawns Venus found her? What would happen to her?!” Nozomu yelled
Nozomu! Quiet down. We shall inform Oboro of this… mishappaning and decide on what to do next.” Misoka said his voice low and comanding.
Everyone knew that this was going to be a very long night as they had never heard Misoka's voice so sirious.
`I am in for a night of pain…' Was Mitsurus thought as he followed everyone to Oboro's office to share the horrible news.
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Authors Section!!!
Hello! `Tis me! I thought this chapter was ok… I guess it could have been better `cause towards the ending I couldn't think of anything (-.-“) Please Read and Review! This is my second story and I hope you like it! If you have any suggestions on what I should do next please feel free to suggest it to me! Ja ne!