Crescent Moon Fan Fiction ❯ A Walk ❯ Revealing Emotions ( Chapter 2 )

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“Hello” = talking
`Hello' = thinking
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A Walk
That night had not been good. And that was to say the least. All night everyone had been yelling at Mitsuru, ither telling him that he was an idiot or that this was all of his fault. To say the least this had gotten them no where. Mahiru had still yet to be found, they had no idea how to find her, and Mitsuru had yet to stop starring at a wall since everyone had been told to go to sleep.
It was than at about five in the morining and Mitsuru was about ready to smash his head against the wall just to see if anything would clear up in his crowded mind. Of corse he would not do that, because he refused to show that he was confused, even if nobody was in the room with him.
`How could she have disappeared in the five minutes I was late in?' He thought.
*Knock knock knock* Nozomu knocked on Mitsuru's door snapping Mitsuru back to reality.
“Mitsuru get your ass out of bed… were going to Mahiru's school to see if there was any clue as to where she has been taken too.” Came Nozomu's faint voice through the door.
`This day was going to get a lot better' Mitsuru thought sarastically
At Mahiru's School
It had been about three hours, and not a single clue had turned up. As well as currently evryone was standing at least six feet away from the Kitsune. (A/N: a.k.a. Misoka)
And to not improve Misoka's mood everyone was starring at him. To say the least he was even more unhappy than last night. If that was possible.
“Maybe his head will explode if we poke him…” Mitsuru whispered to Nozomu who only rolled his eyes.
“That… is very unlikely, Mitsuru.” Misoka hissed and smiled as Nozomu and Mitsuru flinched at the tone in his voice.
“Hey… umn… Mi-misoka? Are you all right?” Akira asked somewhat hesetantly.
“All right? Am I all right? The one person who can help us get beck our former power is missing thanx to a certain tengu who was late to pick her up! How can I be all right!!!!” Misoka exploded.
`I think that the calm, collected Misoka has feelings for Mahiru' Nozomu smirked.'That's probably why he's so stressed and more uptight with Mitsuru since he was sapposed to pick her up. This is gonna be entertaining.'
Misoka turned to head back in the direction of the moonshine when he heard Mitsuru snicker.
“What do you find so funny, Mitsuru?” Misoka snapped.
“Nothin'” Came Mitsuru's lazy answer.
“Whatever I don't have time to deal with idiots like you.” Misoka started to walk again while Mitsuru glared daggers into his back.
`Your not the only one who wants her back…' Mitsuru thought, saddness coming into his normally cold and hard eyes.
Flash back!!! ( A/N: don't you just love these things?)
It had just been after a fight against the Dawns Venus to get a “Teardrop” and the demon group came out on top with both the “Teardrop” and all of their lives, but quite a bit damaged all the same.
Now they were walking in the door to the Moonshine bar when Mitsuru shuddered and dubbled over gasping for air on his knees.
`Mitsuru!' Mahiru yelled as she rushed over to his side.
Nozomu and Akira grabbed one of his arms to help him into the house. Once they got him into his room they had began to reilize that he had a cut in his side that was bleeding a fair ammount.
`Mitsuru you idiot… we may be extremley strong but we're not invinceable!' Akira yelled.
Mitsuru scoffed. Hadn't Akira told him something like that when Mahiru rivived him?
Just as he thought that Mahiru came rushing into his room with bandages and a first aid kit in her arms. But what really caught his eye was that she was crying as well… just like she had after he woke up after he had “died”.
Everyone left the room as Mahiru began to wrap his wounds. Her touch was as light as a feather thinking that any pressure on him would kill him.
`I'm not that weak you know. Why are you being so carefull?' Mitsuru growled at her.
`I know that your not weak but still… I'm afraid that I will hurt you, it looks like it hurts. So I'm just being carefull.' she whispered bak to him.
`Your so stupid you know! You should know at least that I have NO weaknesses!'
But as he said this she lifted her head and looked at the floor with sad eyes as tears cascaded down her cheeks.
`I know, Mitsuru.' She said, her voice barly above a whisper `Ki o tsukete… ne? I don't want to come bak to hear you are dead…' She said the last part so quitely that he had to strain to hear it.
They sat in silence for a few minutes and he couldn't tear his gaze away from her teary face. He could only stare as she sighlently stood up and walked to his door opening and closing it behind her. As he stared at his door where she once stood, he couldn't help but think… Maybe he did have a weakness…
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