Crescent Moon Fan Fiction ❯ A Walk ❯ Hidden In The Shadows ( Chapter 3 )

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“Hello” = talking
`Hello' = thinking
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A Walk
Somewhere Dark and Creepy
When Mahiru woke up she couldn't see anything. Litterally. She put her hand up to her fae and could barly see its outline. She looked around and as she thought… she still couldn't see anyhting.
`How did I get here? What happened to me?' she wondered. “Hello?” She called.
“Hello…” said a calm and creepy voice coming from right behind her causing Mahiru to whip her head around.
“Who are you?!” She yelled backing away from the figure. Just as she seemed to hit a wall several blinding lights came on lighting the room completely.
When her eyes came into focus she recognized the man standing infront of her as Hokuto from the Dawns Venus.
“Oh no…” She whispered.
At the Moonshine Bar
He couldn't sleep. Even though he was tired and deprived from sleep for the last two days, he still couldn't sleep. Maybe if he hit his head than things would clear up or, if he was luckey, than he could knock himself unconcious… than he could finally get his much needed sleep.
*Knok knock knock*
There was a light knock on his door followed by the voice of Akira. “Hey, Misoka? I've gone to everyones room and they're all awake, so I came to see if you are too.”
“What was the point of that?” Misoka asked as he walked up to his door and opened it.
“Perhaps we could get a head start on our search for Mahiru?” Akira suggested.
“Fine… get everyone up and out of bed and I'll meet you in the bar downstairs.”
“Umn… Misoka, everyones already down there.”
That probably wasn't the smartest thing for Akira to say but that was the least of Misoka's problems.
“… than… just… make breakfast or something for everyone I'll be down in a bit!” Misoka growled.
“Hey, Misoka? Do you have… feelings for Mahiru? I mean not likeing her as a friend but like likeing her.”
Misoka paled. “O-of corse I don't!” He snapped “Don't-don't be rediculase, the Princess and I are meerly two people who work together to regain the `Teardrops'” He studdered.
“Alright! Alright… whatever you say Misoka. Completely whatever you say.” Akira said as he waled away towards the stairs.
`Damnit! When did Akira get so… perceptive' His thought as he slid down his now closed door.
Apparently Misoka's day wasn't about to get any better. With or without the help of the Wolf.
Once Again, Somewhere Dark and Creepy
Mahiru was currently not having a day any better than he demonic friends. She was trapped, in a cell, hungry, lonley and not to mention she had no clue where she was. All she knew was that the Dawns Venus was planning something against her friends.
`Maybe Mitsuru or Misoka has already figured out where I am and are coming to get me,' She thought brightly. But than she frowned. `If they even need me anymore… Mitsuru sorta did just leave me alone…'
She felt anger rise as she thought about how this was mostly Mitsuru's fault. But as soon as it came, her anger disappeared leaving only saddness in its place.
`Does he really hate me that much? I thought I had at least gotten him to be nicer than he was before…' Her thought was cut off as she heard a door violently slamed shut.
`Keiko?' she gasped as she saw the young brunett start to fume at Hokuto.
“HOKUTO!” Keiko screamed “You kidnapped a girl from my school?! Mahiru! That's the girl you said you needed? What the fuck are you thinking?!”
“Keiko, calm down. Yes, the girl was from your school. I don't see why you are so stressed out. This girl has a conection with the cretures… I need her to lure them so this plan will succeed.”
“Than what is your plan, smart-ass?!” She growled back.
“You know very well… about how we are going to trap those bakemono. We already have everything prepared at the Lakeshore. All you need to do now is go and get them. Make sure that they are there tomorrow morning.”
“And you called them monsters…” She breathed “You're the monster!” She screamed as she flung her hand a Hokuto.
All Mahiru could do was stare as Keiko's hand connected with Hokuto's face.
Hokuto looked her dead in the eye which caused Keiko to whimper pittafully. “You should not be so ungreatful you bitch!” He bellowed with rage as he punched her in the face.
“Keiko-san!” Mahiru screamed as Keiko hit the ground with a loud crash.
`Mahiru!' Keiko winced
“Go now!” Hokuto yelled.
Keiko scrambled up but before she left she turned to Hokuto and whispered “What is going to become of Mahiru?”
“That is none of your concern…” He warned.
Keiko nodded and turned to leave, but not before she gave a dreading look to Mahiru.
`Whats going to happen? Keiko… what are you going to do?I… I'm scared'
“As for you, Princess, we are going on a little trip.” Hokuto sneered as he opened up the door to her cell and stepped inside.
Mahiru's eyes had long since grown used to the dark and Hokuto had also lit up a few lanterns so she could see his menaceing smile as he walked towards her. Although she tried to crawl backwards she failed to get too much farther away from him since she had pressed herself against the cold and moldy wall of her cell already.
“Please… leave me alone…” she whispered `Mitsuru… Misoka… somebody… please help me…'
“I'm afraid your going to have to come with me, as you are the bait to lure the creatures to the Lakeshore. Now come on! We don't have much time to loose.” He growled in annoyance.
Mahiru screemed as pain shot through her arm when he pulled her away from the wall and out of the cell door. She struggled and tried to pull away from the horrible man, her kidnapper, Hokuto. All her attempts prooved useless as he only tightened his hold but before he opened the door to lead them to the outdoors, he violently turned her towards him and pulled out a gag to keep her from attracting to much attention with her pleaes to be let go.
She whimpered softly as he tied the gag as tightly as her could without cutting of her air supply.
`What is he planning? I don't want anyone to get hurt… please… I just want time to stop.” Mahiru thought as time seemed to move in slow motion and no sounds could be heard as a lone tear made its way down her face. `Please… just stop…'
She was shoved into his car and the door was shut behind her with suh force that the car shook, but all this went un-noticed by the young Decendant of the Princess as the car sped off into the darkaning night.
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